Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yale Skull and Bones 322 Cubed equals Roswell Crash Site Latitude

For those of you that continue to believe in the existence of the one thing that does not exist in

our Universe - coincidence - this article may give you something to ponder. Yale University is a

coven-college whose most famous or infamous organization is not the Football team but the

secret society known as The Skull and Bones Society or sometimes The Order of Death. This is

well known. The number mysteriously associated with Skull and Bones is 322. .

New Information on 322 illuminati linkages:

A. George W. Bush, the Texecutioner, who as Governor of the Lone Pentagram State of Texas,

sent more people to death from the murder complex located in the Texas Prison in Huntsville,

Texas, known as The Walls than anyone in history was a member of S & B. This is well known

as well. / .

B. Huntsville , Texas is where 322 Skull and Bones Texecutioner Dubya carried out his basic

training in ordering death. Something that would come in handy for Iraq. / .

Never in human history has a US Governor set the record for executions in his own State and

then gone on to execute persons as US President while his brother , as Governor of another

State, Jeb Bush in Florida, goes on executing people as well. . Texas now accounts for 60% of

USA executions , something else also setting a record. .

C. Oddly enough, the Death Rows of Bush Texas and Bush Florida Death Rows seem to be

aligned along their respective lines of latitude with the Giza Pyramid complex in Egypt and each

other - or very close to it. .

D. The height of the new Capitol Building in the Bush - Illuminati fiefdom known as Florida, is

322 feet in height. If it does not look like an Illuminati - Satanic temple ...nothing does. see photo .

E. The Skull and Bones 322 links up with the Longitude of Edinburgh , Scotland, the masonic

capital of the globe at least in times past. .

google 3.22 latitude Edinburgh.

F. The Texas York Rite in Huntsville, Texas has a P.O. box of 322. scroll down one inch. .


G. 322 cubed is 322 x 322 x 322. The cubed stands for the three dimensions. Width, height

and length. see insert - 322 cubed - hit search. The answer is :

333.86,248. --- This connects to previously discovered illuminati numerology regarding the

number 333. and scroll to bottom .

H. Using advanced illuminati numerolgy analyis one comes up with a line of Longitude or Ley

line of 33.38. Doing this with the help of google , one discovers a link to the island of Cyprus.

Whose capital is located at 33.22 E longitude and whose major city of Larnaca is at 33.38 E

Longitude as well. So both numbers appear on this ancient land. .

I. After the fall of the Holy Land to the muslim saracens , Cyprus became the primary

stomping ground of the Knight Templars. / /

In fact, at one point , the Knight Templars owned the whole island. .

J. Cyprus is a largely greek island. It was ruled by Knights. The Skull and Bones society

call themselves Knights of Eulogia. . Eulogia is a greek

word meaning "Blessing".

K. The Roswell incident is the most famous UFO incident in history. Allegedly, an alien UFO

crashed there according to the story or myth. This is too well known to need elaboration.

L. The exact latitude of the Roswell Crash Site is the exact number as Skull and Bones' 322

cubed. This derived by GPS, not guesswork or speculation. .

Also, Roswell, is Rose Well. Water is in a well. Rosewater is used in Wiccan spells -it rhymes.

Rosewater is linked to a satanic role game. .

This game is based on wizards casting spells. .

The game Magic:The Gathering is linked by some to evil- and even an actual exorcist believes the game

may be to aid in evoking evil spirits by children. .

Roswell = Rose Well = Rosewater = Rose Line = Roslyn = Rosicrucians... this link to be studied

in the future.


The Yale 322 appears to be linked directly now to The Knight Templars and to Roswell , New

Mexico's exact alignment for the suspected UFO Crash. The dots of evil are interconnected. It

is this writer's mission in service to the Higher Powers to expose it. What you, reader, do with

the information is up to you and your conscience. Sit back and do nothing or resist. Free will is a

burden, is it not?

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