Sunday, January 13, 2008

Satanic Pi links number of USA counties to Petronas Towers

The illuminati global takeover is ancient in nature. Many seemingly disparate events or things

appear to be disconnected but are not. This article focuses on the number or numerical concept

known as Pi or the number 3.14159265. A connection has been discovered between it, the

number of counties in the USA and the Golden Triangle section of Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia in

which sits the Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest in the world.

The satanic nature of the connection will also be provided to the reader for reference...

The Evidence:

1. The number Pi is 3.14159265. insert - pi - .

2. Add the number of digits together = 36.

3. 36 is a number closely linked in numerology to 666. and

4. The sum of the first 144 digits of Pi is also 666 .

5. Further: If one looks at the number that appears as the answer on Google one has the

number 3 + the following numbers added together after the decimal point = to 33 or 3.33.

This then has the number 33 of Freemasonry after the decimal point and the number 333

for both sides of the decimal point put together. Both numbers are linked to evil:

33 Evil - .

333 is the number of the demon Choronzon: scroll down 25% .

6. Pi is believed to have come from ancient babylon. .

7. Oddly enough, - the total number of Counties in the USA is 3,141 - an unusual number that

only finds a match in the first four digits of Satanic Pi. . .

8. The Petronas twin Towers are located in the so-called Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur,

Malaysia. . It is in the northeast

portion of the city.

9. The line of 3.141 latitude N runs through the northern point of the golden triangle. and .

10. Kuala Lumpur was a british colonial outpost, now the capital of Malaysia. As noted in other

articles, the british seem to pick the location of colonies , towns and places to settle based on a

masonic numerology system only now discovered. KL as it is known has extensive masonic and

occult links. and .

Therefore PI is the number for Kuala Lumpur and the number of Counties in the USA.

11. The Petronas Towers were built by a Yale architecture dean architect associated with the

Skull and Bones 322 number. His office address number in NYC was also 322. . .

12. Oddly enough, New York City, where the other twin towers came crashing down is 322

square miles : .


A 322 Yale architect , home of the 322 secret society builds twin towers in a golden triangle

whose northern apex sits on the number Pi as a line of latitude. The other twin towers in a

322 square mile city come crashing down. The towers that crashed were in a nation divided

by 'coincidence' into 3,141 counties - again the number of Pi. Mystery or Masonry - that is the

question and the answer.

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