Saturday, January 12, 2008

Unlucky 13 Pi links CairnGorm Yeti to Cydonia Mars City

This article continues along the theoretical theme that many of the numbers utilized by the

illuminati such as 666 and the unlucky 13 form a hidden code that when discovered shows ley

lines along the Earth and places of psychic energy used for their purposes.

These lines usually go along with the lines of latitude and longitude of the Earth, however this

articles points to a mountain in Scotland, the highest point in the UK - CairnGorm - and the

latitude of the suspected city or "city" on Cydonia Plain, Mars, located near the suspected

Sphinx face and pyramids on the red planet.


1. The first four digits for the sum of 13 pi is 40.84. insert 13 pi - click search.

2. The altitude for Cairngorm in Scotland, UK is 4,084 feet. /

As noted in the previous link, the mountain tops are rocky deserts scoured by 100 mph winds

and sub-zero temperatures in the winter. See also: and .

3. The number 13 is important in the occult and in Freemasonry. / and .

4. Cairngorm Quartz is a dark smoky quartz and the highest peak in the range has a yeti like

creature known as the big grey man. scroll down 90% .

5. The scots Yeti invokes sheer terror in those that come into contact with it. and . .

6. If one scrolls down to the "myth and lore" section of the following link one notes that Smoky

Quartz or Cairngorm quartz is linked to the demoness Hecate, the Samhain satanic festival and

the occultist John Dee that discovered the Enochian Tablets. .

7. It is the national stone of Scotland and one such quartz is in the National Sceptre or kingly

wand of Scotland. See more on Dr. Dee's famous Cairngorm at the British Museum. .

8. The latitude for Cydonia , Mars - in general - 40.8 = scroll down 80% and --

9. The latitude of Cydonia, Mars is the same as or near equivalent to NYC and the WTC . scroll

down 75% / scroll down 50% .

10. The exact latitude for 40.84 in Cydonia runs through "the city" which is south of the sphinx

and north of the pyramid or dead center , really. . .

11. There may be Yeti like footprints photographed by the Mars Rovers on the surface of Mars. . .


The interface between magic and mars continues. It appears that the illuminati numerology

may go beyond ley lines on the earth but actually reach or even be based on events on the

red planet - Mars.

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