Monday, January 21, 2008

452 Pythagoras mystery tablet contains Keys to Heaven and Hell

The ongoing research and exposure project into masonic and illuminati advanced numerology

continues to discover odd "coincidences". The present one has to do with the so-called Mystery

Tablet of Pythagoras. This object was found by archaeologists on the island of Samos and

contains certain numbers that are as follows:

4 - 5/36 -3 - 1/9 - 2.25 -9 - 2 - 25/16 ; .

This writer decided to multiply them and see what the result was using google.

Go to - insert the following:

4 x 5/36 x 3 x 1/9 x 2.25 x 9 x 2 x 25/16 = . The answer is: 11.71875. HOWEVER, for

purposes of this article, when this writer first entered the numbers an error or "error" occurred.

The writer entered 5.36 instead of 5/36. The answer was then 452.25 . This mistake led to

the discovery of some amazing coincidences. Whether it was a mistake or a hidden hand guiding

this writer will be up to the reader to decide.

The Number 452:

1. The super-architect / artist Michelangelo, designed St. Peter's in the Vatican. The original

church was torn down to accomodate the new building. .

2. The dome in particular was left to Michelangelo.

3. Michelangelo was believed to be linked to the secret mystery schools of ancient times and

codes are being discovered in his paintings. .

4. Michelangelo is believed / suspected of being a past Grandmaster of the Priory of Sion. .

5. Michelangelo designed the dome of St. Peter's Basilica to be 452 feet to the top of the cross.

The same as the numbers of the Pythagoras equation with the / of 5/36 exchanged for a . or

5.36 instead of 5/36. Could the other slash marks be a code for decimal points as well? This will

be studied in the future.

6. Coincidentally, in North Carolina at an altitude of 4,522 feet stands a Masonic Shrine which

was of such importance that its dedication caused the largest "group of Cryptic Masons (over

600) to meet outside the General Grand Council." see photos and article:

This of course, again coincidentally, happens to be the first four numbers of the multiplication

of all of the numbers of Pythagoras Mystery Tablet with the one accidental...or guided, change.

7. The City of Venice is heavily associated with the Illuminati , Freemasonry and the Black

Nobility. / / .

It was founded in the year 452. .

8. There are 452 steps to reach the Caves of Heaven and Hell, in modern day Turkey. / see photo of chasm of Heaven /

The cave system has a chapel to the Virgin Mary and is said to be connected to the river Styx

over which all souls of the dead in greek mythology had to cross. The god Zeus, the ruler of

Olympus - the greek Heaven - imprisoned the hundred-headed monster Typhon in one of the

caves according to local legend. .

9. The Virgin Mary ascended into heaven in what is now modern day Turkey. Her remains

initially were placed in a cave. - .

10. Zeus is the ruler of Olympus a.k.a. Heaven: . This is well


The Key to Heaven. St. Peter is always depicted as having The Keys to The Kingdom of Heaven

in his hands. He guards the Pearly Gates. The Virgin Mary ascended bodily into Heaven from

a cave in Turkey. A cave with a shrine for her has 452 steps. St. Peter's Basilica has its dome

designed by a secret society architect to be 452 feet tall. The freemasons set up a shrine at

high altitude - close to Heaven as possible - at altitude 4,522 feet high. The key is an important

masonic symbol. Pythagoras was considered Christ-like and divine. He knew the design of

Heaven and descended and came back from Hades or Hell.

CONCLUSION: The Pythagoras Mystery Tablet is a code that provides "The Keys to Heaven

and Hell." Whoever can decipher it's true meaning and utilize the process therein can enter the

other worlds. It is a formula for inter-dimensional portal travel. The only question is whether

it is still a secret to all or whether the Venetian Black Nobility and the Freemasons have found

it and worse, could be using it for black magic rituals. More inquiry needed............

Pythagoras believed that no such thing as coincidence existed. All things happened in accord

with Divine Will. The discovery of this numerological "coincidence" by this writer was not a



chakaikokwu said...

the key to understand is dimensions and access to them by science or enhancement by certain hallucenogenics,bearing this in mind it has never been the illuminati plan to traverse interdimension portals for even they know that this is barred them by frequencies which exist to souls of low vibration but rather their desire has been to allow the movement of themselves whilst still in this lifetime into lower astral planes, thus their gradual building of heaven on earth, this has taken time transmigration/reincarnation. the balance or status que kept by exterrestials/offworlders whom assist certain humans/aware souls to advance the truth to the masses.........a good place to start is robert monroe institute and its use of hemi synch for it gives a scientific use of sound to enhance expanded awareness in realms we desire........the truth is out there.

audrey lefour said...

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