Friday, January 18, 2008

Skull and Bones 322 exposes Eiffel Tower as copycat of Tower of Babel

The number 322 has been notoriously linked to the Yale secret society coven , Skull and Bones

Society. This is widely known. However, it appears that the number has additional sinister links

that only now have been identified through a connect-the-dots approach. The possibility is

raised that the number is code for membership in what has been known as the Illuminati.

Therefore, it is possible that the 322 is a numerical key indicating authorship of global disaster

by an illuminati bloodline that hides in plain sight.


1. The Skull and Bones 322 has been theoretically associated with the Tower of Babel site's

latitude. .

2. See Skull and Bones 322 : .

3. Woodrow Wilson founded the first attempt at One World Government known as the League

of Nations. He got the USA into WWI and drew the first lottery ticket in the military draft. It

was number 322. .

4. "The First World War was to be fought so as to enable the Illuminati to destroy czarism as

vowed by the International bankers..." scroll to near bottom. .

5. Woodrow Wilson went to Princeton University and has a college named after him. The

address, of course , is number 322. .

6 A successor President was Herbert Hoover, whose name is synonymous with The Great

Depression. Hoover was a tool of the Rockefeller empire and a bootlicker /gofer for the illuminati

and their New World Order. scroll down 50% . .

7. Oddly enough, Herbert Hoover wrote a book about his predecessor in office, Woodrow Wilson,

the book was 322 pages long. or google Herbert

Hoover Woodrow Wilson 322. coincidence...?

8. The number 322 is also the number of steps in the masonic built Eiffel Tower in Paris. scroll

down 50% . The Eiffel Tower is linked to Illuminati star

alignments between Mars and Sirius - the dog star. .

Gustave Eiffel was a mason. Scroll down 60% .

9. The number 322 or 3.22 appears to be linked as well to the masonic alignments of Washington

D.C. scroll down 50% .

10. Further, Agatha Christie, the famous female mystery writer wrote most of her books in

the babylonian city of Nimrud where she accompanied her husband Professor (later Sir) Max

Mallowan. .

11. Her most famous novel, Murder on the Orient Express was 322 pages long. .


Nimrud is a city named , obviously after the mythical man known as Nimrod - the builder of the

tower of Babel or Babylon. and .

The end is the beginning and all things come full circle. The number 322 is linked to Babylon and

on the way it passes through Yale, the Eiffel Tower and now even Princeton University. There is

a reason Iraq was invaded. Oil is only the cover story... the truth is yet to be uncovered. Like

Max Mallowan, the archaeologist, we must keep.........digging.

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