Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pythagoras Mystery Tablet links Manhattan Project to Montauk Time Portal

Additional discoveries have been made regarding the hidden numerology of the Pythagoras

mystery tablet. Pythagoras , himself, said that nothing happens by coincidence and that all

things happen according to Divine Will. That being the case, there is an interesting link found

between the answer to his mystery tablet numbers sum when multiplied and atomic bombs

and alleged dimensional portals. It leads to New York City and its environs.

Whether or not the connection is coincidence or not is up to the reader, but Pythagoras says

it must be by design.


1. The Pythagoras Mystery Tablet was discovered by archaeologists on Samos, the home isle

of Pythagoras - one of the greatest minds that ever took on human form. The Tablet has a

series of numbers and fractions. They are the following:

4 - 5/36 - 3 - 1/9 - 2.25 - 9 - 2 - 25/16

When one multiplies them together in http://www.google.com/ the answer is 11.71875.

insert the previous numbers with x replacing - and = after 25/16 .

2. 11718 is the zip code for Brightwaters , Long Island , New York City. www.weather.com/weather/local/11718 .

3. Brightwaters is near Babylon village, Amityville and Montauk Point and beach. www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brightwaters,_New_York .

Montauk - Babylon - Amityville are all on Long Island as well. www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amityville_(LIRR_station) .

4. Montauk is associated with Nazi experiments conducted on an old US military base using

Time Portals. www.lightnet.co.uk/frontier/montauk/portal.htm .

5. Babylon under the reign of Nebuchadnezzar also associated with Time Portals. The

babylonian ruler allegedly saw "The Son of Man" 500 years before his birth. The war in Iraq

has really been about control of super advanced ET technology which includes portal devices. www.strayreality.com/Lanis_Strayreality/iraq.htm and

"an ET transportation device ... may lie buried on the sands of Iraq..." www.exopolitics.org/Study-Paper2.htm . scroll down 50% .

6. Amityville is best known for a mega-haunted House known in movies as the Amityville

Horror: It lies at latitude 40.666 which runs through Long Island. www.scoreboard-canada.com/babylong-666amityville.htm . A portal to Hell , if there ever was one.

7. Brightwaters name linked to the Atomic Bomb Manhattan Project: Ernest Rutherford, the

father of western nuclear physics born in Brightwater, New Zealand. www.answers.com/topic/ernest-rutherford-1st-baron-rutherford-of-nelson?cat=health .

As noted in 1919 , he became the first person to disintegrate an element artificially. His research

was instrumental in the convening of the Manhattan Project. www.atomicarchive.com/Bios/Rutherford.shtml .

8. Nuclear Blasts are said by some to interfere with the guidance systems of UFOs. an "atomic

explosion is a foray into the space-time continuum that they occupy." www.exopolitics.org/Exo-Comment-42.htm .


Nothing is by coincidence. Then the fact that the sum of the pythagoras mystery tablet numbers

when multiplied together equals the zip code or location associated with : Brightwater i.e.;

Sir Ernest Rutherford, first human to split an element; Amityville Horror Portal, Babylon

Tower, ET Transportation device, The Montauk Time Portal and the Manhattan Project IS NOT

BY CHANCE BUT BY DESIGN. The fact that a man living 500 years before Jesus gave us the

key to understanding this is amazing. The common thread is other dimensions and contact,

communication and utilization of a technology based on another dimension of space-time.

Pythagoras was warning us of the contact with other dimensions. He was also providing us

with the key to the ignition of how to do it. That is the purpose of the tablet. The question now

is HOW to use it and SHOULD WE. This writer says we should leave well enough alone. That

idea will land on deaf ears. The future therefore is cloudy, like a mushroom cloud, in fact.

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