Tuesday, January 8, 2008

666 Cubed links Alexandria Mystery Schools to Rwanda Genocide

The purpose of this article is to provide additional evidence of a numerological phenomenon

that appears when one extrapolates Illuminati-linked numbers such as 33, 666 and so forth on

lines of latitude and longitude. Many odd "coincidences" occur that seem to indicate the

presence of an energy grid or ley / dragon lines that cause certain evil events to unfold. Like

certain Holy places may exist, likewise unholy places exist along the energy grid. These hot

spots of evil are used by black magicians for their works and seem to form what can only be

described by this writer as "incarnation portals or paths" for qlippothic, atlantean and evil

souls to be born into our realm of existence.

The present article notes what appears to a connection between the birthplace of the gnostics

in the Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt in the city of Alexandria and the Rwanda Genocide.

Conspiracy or Coincidence? As always the reader must determine this.


1. 666 Cubed is 295 408 296. http://www.google.com/ insert 666 cubed - .

2. Using previous methodology one then extrapolates the number 29.54 into either Longitude or Latitude.

3. The longitude of Alexandria , Egypt is 29.54 Longitude. scroll down 60% www.messagenet.com/myths/ppt_a1004.html .

The city was founded and named after Alexander the Great. The Library of Alexandria held

many treasures of the ancient and even antedeluvian world. Many books and works involved

the occult and magic. www.altreligion.about.com/b/2004/05/17/library-of-alexandria-discovered.htm .

Although the masonic temple is Alexandria's most visible landmark- and one of Washington's

most intriguing and grandiose shrines- few Washingtonians know what goes on inside the

ornate building or what the organization behind it is all about. www.aftermathnews.wordpress.com/category/illuminati/ scroll down 10%.

4. The lighthouse of Alexandria or Pharos is extensively linked to the Illuminati which as may

be obvious derive their name from the idea of Illumination. It was one of the wonders of the

world. www.towerweb.net/alt-lib/histgeo/seven_wonders.shtml .

5. The city of Alexandria , Virginia is filled with Illuminati and masonic symbolism including the

Masonic Monument to George Washington, which stands 333 feet tall which happens to be

designed after the Pharos Lighthouse. scroll down 70% www.jesus-is-savior.com/False%20Relgions/Illuminati/dc.htm .

The masonic temple of Alexandria , Egypt is a hotbed of masonic activity. scroll down 70% www.rense.com/general30/illuminatidefector.htm .

6. The City of Alexandria , Egypt in the ancient world going back for centuries has been heavily

linked to the occult. see: http://www.occulthistorycycles-secretorders.blogspot.com/ scroll down 50%.

It was in Alexandria that a greek speaking jew first described God as Trinity. www.jesushistory.info/alexandrian_judaism.htm .

and www.groups.msn.com/Dawnofthemasteradepts/greekandroman.msnw .

Alexandria was a mixing bowl of philosophies and religions and occult practices and sorcery.

scroll down 15%. www.geocities.com/alandwpeters/hermetcisim.html .

7. Alexandria was the birthplace of the heretics or gnostics as well. This is linked to the evil

Gospel of Judas. www.biblefortoday.org/Articles/judas.htm . Neoplatonism which is linked to

Gnosticism was born in Alexandria. www.sullivan-county.com/id3/neoplatonism.htm . www.colba.net/~drmcb/Egyptian%20Gnosis/page%201.html .

8. Alexandria Mystery School: www.poweredbychrist.homestead.com/files/history/Timeline.htm /scroll down 50% www.hiddenmeanings.com/explanation.html / www.mirrorofisis.freeyellow.com/id140.html .



Alexandria , Virginia modeled after the same has a 333 foot tall masonic memorial named for

George Washington. 333 is half of 666. This may be indicative of the satanic roots of the

mystery schools, the pharos, the gnostics and the masonic cult that founded the USA itself.

What else is on longitude 29.54? RWANDA - the scene of the brutal genocide that occurred

while the world watched and did nothing. Longitude 29.54 or 666 cubed runs right through the

middle of the Country. www.mapsoftheworld.com/lat_long/rwanda-lat-long.html .

The traditional capital of Butare is directly on 29.54 much like the mystery school hive of

ancient Alexandria in Egypt. www.airportfact.com/c11595-BTQ-HRYI-butare.html . More on

the genocide: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rwandan_Genocide . The same line of evil goes

through Zimbabwe , devastated by the madness of Robert Mugabe and South Africa of the

apartheid system and the endless crime and racial strife.


It is interesting to note that the first four numerals of 666 cubed form the numerals for the

line of longitude for Alexandria , Egypt. This has gone unnoticed until now - the question of

whether the mystery schools were good or evil has been answered. Do the math the sum is 666.

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