Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Titanic time links YHWH Pi 19.5 Cydonia Pentagram

The illuminati go overboard , no pun intended , in trying to use numerology in their evil works.

This appears to be a ritual aspect of their behavior that is predictable , if little understood.

The sinking of the Titanic was linked to the Illuminati.

The movie Titanic and actor Leonardo DiCaprio have been linked to the Illuminati. and .

The Titanic movie was 186 minutes in length. Some versions have it at 194 minutes.

The number of steps going underground in a Nazi Death Camp mine were 186. Better said"

186 stairs of death". .

THE NUMBER 186 is linked to The name of G-D :

Could the Nazi SS have specifically used the number 186 in the steps for ritual murder? This

is particularly noteworthy since the name YHWH is the Jewish code name for G-D.

Further: The Number 194 as in 194 minutes links Pi to the 19.5 degree Cydonia Angle. 194

minutes equals 3 hours and 14 minutes. These numbers are symbolic of Pi. 3.14 . See and .

In Sumerian numerology the number 306 is linked to the upside down Pentagram or Pentagram

with two points up. .

186 minutes is 3 Hours and 06 Minutes.

CONCLUSION: LEONARDO DicAprIo is the reincarnation of Priory of Sion GrandMaster

LEONARDO DAvIncI. When he reaches the age of 40 , the earliest age when one can begin to

study the Kabbalah , he will be formally invested and inducted in the Highest Illuminati post.

Could the length of the movie being linked to Pi , YHWH , 19.5 Cydonia and the upside down

Pentagram be a coincidence? You - reader - must decide. Titanic - a movie about an illuminati

created disaster , starring an Illuminati "Rising Star" and running a length of time riddled with

Occult numerology wins record numbers of Oscars , which come from Freemason created

Hollywood. ... THINK ABOUT IT. The movie length combines YHWH with the upside down

Pentagram. The meaning is clear - but it hides in plain sight. The lambs of God can see it but the

Sheeple are as always....... Blind.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Credit Card Capital of the world sits on 666 ley line

The Illuminati are clever. They hide wheels within cycles...cycles within circles and the number

game , like the mystical number Pi...spins off into eternity , like a bottomless whirlpool.

The present information appears to be newly discovered by this writer. However, the evil

genius behind its creation and effectuation is ancient indeed. Before time was known or counted

by our species, they were The Fallen . A new discovery involving the Pyramid of the Nephilim. .

1. The Number 4973 is connected directly to the number 666:

The 666th Prime Number is 4973. .

2. The sides of the Great Pyramid of Giza are 756 feet in length. and also .

3. When you multiply the numbers that comprise the 666th Prime Number or 4973 the

answer is 4 x 9 x 7 x 3 = 756. Go to and insert the previous formula.

4. Wilmington , Delaware is located on Longitude 75.6. The same numbers as the

side lengths of the Great Pyramid and the 666th Prime Number. It is the Headquarters of 50%

of Publicly traded companies and 60% of the Fortune 500 companies.,_Delaware .

See also and The latitude is

39.6667 .

5. Lines of Longitude and Latitude linked to evil run through New Castle County that contains

the Corporate heart of America and the World. Coincidence?? The longitude line in particular

is significant in respect to THE GREAT PYRAMID whose all-seeing EYE stares at all of us

from the USA one-dollar bill. And...the credit card and corporate capital of the world is all about

those little masonic-symbol filled green dollars is it not?


Money ... Really is the root of all evil, is it not? Can all these discoveries just be chance? Or is

the real currency not chance at all but Nephilim Conspiracy in Fact? Want to bet your hard

earned dollars? The Roulette wheel is spinning...but not for much longer.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kuala Lumpur Petronas Towers reach height of 666

The twin towers of asia that rivaled those of NYC are in the Malaysian capital of Kuala

Lumpur. The Petronas Towers. They have previously been seen as having occult or magickal

significance for the Illuminati.

1. The Petronas Towers are 1482 feet tall.

2. The sum of the divisors of 666 is 1482. .

3. The number 1482 has to do with the Completion of Solomon's Temple. .

4. The Petronas Towers height in Meters (452) has to do with a gateway to Heaven and Hell. and the
Pythagoras Mystery Tablet.

5. King Solomon is associated with the number 666: and or google King Solomon


Another hidden reference to 666 to woo the mind of the sheeple to evil. Remember , Jesus said

I am the gate for the sheep - Question to you is: Are you a Lamb of God or a Sheeple of the

Illuminati? Only you can decide. Think fast...time is short.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Star Trek Enterprise NCC -1701 link to 666 exposed

The Star Trek series of movies and television shows has been very popular for decades. There

are those that are concerned about suspected connections to the New World Order and the

innocent-appearing brainwashing of the public to accept Illuminati government and interaction

with nonhuman entities.



2. The creator of Star Trek was a freemason: .

The Star Trek Enterprise is (fictional spaceship) number NCC - 1701. .

3. The number 1701 is linked to The Number of the Beast 666: .

4. 1701 is the current number of licensed gambling locations in Las Vegas , Nevada also known

as Sin City. The antichrist is also known as THE MAN OF SIN. .

5. The Number 1701 figures prominently in the Lunar Nutation Cycle. .

6. The ancient name of the Moon god was Sin and the primary city of his worship was in

latitudinal alignment with Las Vegas.


It is almost inconceivable that a strange number such as 1701 would have been chosen by

Gene Roddenberry without some research , analysis and calculation. The only known number

of importance that links up with that number is 666. The only known issue of importance with

which that number connects is the lunar nutation cycle. This is not coincidence. It is a game ,

a masonic "joke" - one of many - foisted on the public sheeple. Make them cheer for 666 and the

good guys who travel the Universe getting involved in others' business. Much like the new

imperialists of the capitalist regimes ruled by closet freemasons in the western world.

COINCIDENCE or Klingon Conspiracy? You decide?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Comcast Center links JFK Murder Ritual to 666

There is an increasing body of evidence, no pun intended , that indicates that JFK was killed as

part of an illuminati mega-King-Kill ritual. This hypothesis is not new. What may be new is the

information being provided to the reader.

See Background:

1. Illuminati Ritual Human Sacrifice of JFK at: and .


2. The Comcast skyscraper in Philadelphia is located at 1701 JFK Boulevard. It was topped

with a pyramid prior to recent renovation.

It previously was the tallest building in the City of Brotherly it city of the brotherhood

of freemasons?

3. 1701 is a number linked to 666. "The 666th non square-free number is 1701"

4. JFK assasssination has other links to number 666:

and .

CONCLUSION : The number 1701 is unusual. No other building of note has that address and

no building has that number for a height. It is linked to JFK. It is linked to 666. Coincidence?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

333 Devil's Hour linked to Texas Star Ferris Wheel

This writer awoke this morning and looked at the digital clock. The time was 3:33 a.m. This

number has an ominous significance in this writer's life. A serious problem developed at a 333

address and then continued to a 213 address , years ago , before this writer was aware of the

illuminati numerological phenomena.

A Revelation: After the stroke of midnight....3:33 a.m. is the 213th minute of the new day. This

means that 213 is a filler or code for 333 , a number linked to the Illuminati and the evil guardian

of the Abyss - Choronzon.

See Background on 333: and and .

1. The Tate Modern Museum in the illuminati global center of London will be 213 feet high and

be shaped as a quasi pyramid.

2. What many suspect to be a pyramid in Visoko , Bosnia , near Sarajevo is believed by others

to be a 213 meter tall "hill". Scroll to bottom and see photo. .

3. The (current) tallest ferris wheel in the USA in 33rd parallel Dallas , Texas is 213 feet tall. .

4. Ferris Wheels have been linked to the Illuminati as they form giant "Eye" symbols. This

phenomenon has been previously linked to the Cheops Pyramid. .

5. Go to and insert 213 x pi. The answer is 669.159235 . Turn the 9 upside

down and you have 666.

6. 3:33 a.m. is "The Devil's Hour" and supposedly the hours between 3 and 6 a.m. are when

spirit world manifestations are strongest. This may be due to the presence of unevaporated dew

or water vapor at that time making manifestation easier. .

Therefore , the 213th minute of the new Day is the Devil's Hour. The tallest Ferris Wheel in the

USA in masonic 33rd parallel Dallas is symbolic of the Eye of the Devil and Choronzon.

7. August 1st is the 213th day of the Year (ordinary - not leap year). This is the witches

holiday of Lammas Day. Human or Animal Sacrifices are required on this day for satanists. - .


The evil lies unseen until the witching hour. Can you handle the truth or will you wake up

when it is too late...too late...too late? You didn't listen to the alarm bells ringing while you had

the last chance.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas links Kaprekar to Pi

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas , Nevada contains a very interesting address

from a standpoint of Numerology. 4455 - SEE: 4455 Paradise Road.


1. For information on this number in detail see: .

It is noted that it is divisible by the Freemason Power Number 33. 135 x 33 = 4455.

It is divisible by the mysterious Kaprekar Number 495. 9 x 495 = 4455.

The number 135 has a link with 666: .

The number 135 is ( 1 + 3 + 5) x (1 x 3 x 5). It shares this quality with the number 144 which

also has a link with 666: See .

The sum of the first 144 digits of Pi total 666: .

2. Pi fraction symbol is 355/113. It is interesting to note that the number 135 sequence noted

above contains all the numbers of this Pi symbol - A pair of 1s , A pair of 3s and A pair of 5s.

3. Kaprekar Numbers have been associated with the Illuminati: and .

4. The Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas has 648 rooms.

This is a number also linked to 666 - and scroll down 50% .


Is the real meaning of the numbers mean Paradise or .... Hell. The reader must decide.

Carlos Santana Illuminati shows begin in Las Vegas

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is currently promoting hispanic rock legend

Carlos Santana for a series of concerts and music shows at its venue beginning this summer.

The theme is clearly linked to the Illuminati and "The Supernatural". This is obvious by looking

at the website. This writer saw a full page advertisement in the Los Angeles Times , Sunday

edition , dated May 3 , 2009 , on page A 13.

The ad clearly shows Santana standing in front of what looks like an Aztec-style Magick circle.

Over his right shoulder is a grotesque fanged monster with one eye. The website does not show

"The Beast" as clearly as the newspaper page. One must really see it for full effect. The creature

appears to have blonde-red hair. SEE: . The name of the

concert series is A TRIP THROUGH THE HITS. A clear reference to an 'acid' or LSD 'trip'.

1. The One Eyed Beast is clearly reminiscent of the ALL SEEING EYE OF THE ILLUMINATI- .

2. Carlos Santana has long been linked to the occult with songs like Black Magic Woman and

albums named Supernatural and Abraxas. This is nothing new. "Carlos Santana claims he's been

communicating with a demon named Metatron since 1994". .

3. Scroll to the Bottom to see what may be "The Eye of Metatron"

4. Who owns the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino? Morgans Hotel Group and DLJ Merchant

Banking Partners. .

5. DLJ Merchant Banking Partners has links , at least in the past , with Yale Skull and Bones

Society and the CIA. See first ,

then,_Lufkin_%26_Jenrette . Then compare the

relatively benign previous information with the following which is notably missing from the wiki

sites above. and and very very odd info at the

following link : Scroll down 50% (information unconfirmed and unproven) .

6. Santana himself believes that Metatron is in fact the eye inside the triangle on the dollar

itself. The beast on the website has one eye as well. Could this be coincidence? .

7. Page A 13. As we know, A is the first letter of the alphabet. A is the numerical equivalent of

the number 1. This could then be 1 13. This happens to be a number associated with Pi - . 355/113.


The sound of music will play to a voodoo beat in the Sin City in the desert. How fitting, don't

you think? Between a Hard Rock and Hard Place. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Gold Capital of the World sits on 666 Ley Line

The numerology tool is useful in determining how various "coincidences" are in fact, anything

but that. Research has shown an odd discovery regarding Johannesburg, South Africa. This City

called frequently the Gold Capital of the World is located directly on a satanic ley line.

This may explain the unexpected discovery of gold there as well as the fact that Cecil Rhodes,

the founder of the Round Table of elitists working for a World Government ruled by the demonic

entity known as the antichrist , used that city as his launch platform for the evil project.

1. Johannesburg is the Gold Capital of the World. "Johannesburg is the only major city in the

world whose origins spring from gold" .

2. Digital Gold may be the future world currency. It will replace the dollar and be traded

electronically. Globalists are already speaking of moving in this direction. Control of South

Africa will be crucial for this project to be placed in effect. and and .

3. The number 2583 is the only number known to share certain characteristics with 666. That

number is linked to The Mark of the Beast which is inserted in the right palm or forehead and

without which one can "neither buy nor sell". It makes one dependent economically on "The

System". Could this be a Digital Gold system with the e-commerce taking place in chips inserted

in the body? See 2583 - 666 : .

4. Miami, Florida is located on latitude line 25.8 N. It is the voodoo and witchcraft capital of

America. It just so happens that the square root of 666 begins with 25.8.

5. The Latitude of Johannesburg , South Africa corresponds directly with 2583, a metaphor or

code for 666 and the Square Root of 666. It is 25.83 S. Latitude. .


Gold is Money. Money is the Root of All Evil. Now , you know why...

Angels & Demons links Pi to Nephilim Bloodline

The movie , starring Tom Hanks , named Angels & Demons opens on May 14, 2009. It is the

second movie based on novels by Dan Brown. The first was The DaVinci Code which portrayed

the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene having been married , had children , and the offspring

still alive and walking amongst us today , protected by a Secret Society known as the Priory of

The present movie, Angels & Demons has to do with an Illuminati plot to destroy the Vatican.

Many believe that the previous book and movie , The DaVinci Code , had a hidden meaning and

symbolism and that appears to be true with the new movie as well. This is what has been

discovered at present.

1. The movie Angels and Demons opens on May 14. This would be written numerically 5-14 or

numerologically as 514. SEE:

scroll to near bottom (although article is worth reading entirely) " Angels and Demons is

released on May 14." This is the opening day in the UK and for prescreening views in the USA.

2. What is 514 ? 5 minutes and 14 seconds = 314 seconds. These are the numbers for Pi - 3.14 .

See: Pi - 3.14 at : / .

3. This usage has been provided previously in the movie THE MATRIX in which Neo had 314

seconds to decipher a code. and scroll down 60% .

4. Further research discovered the following: Go to , then insert 514 cubits

and hit search. The result is 514 cubits = 235.0008 meters .

These are the same numbers as the 23.5 Degree Angle Poussin Code. / and .

These are the same numbers as the 23.5 Degree link to the so-called Royal Bloodline: .

This would then allude to the possibility that the bloodline is somehow linked to Pi or that

solving the answer to Pi answers the riddle of what the bloodline is all about.

5. May 15 is the Official opening day of Angels and Demons in the USA. .

6. What is May 15? 5-15 or 515. These numbers refer to the length of Noah's Ark and are

therefore important in Freemasonry which views Noah as The First Freemason.'s%20Ark.htm .

7. Noah's Ark carried with it , possibly in error , the Nephilim Bloodline.

"Here's the shocker, Jehovah's Great Flood failed to eradicate the Nephilim!! Canaan's offspring
mysteriously included families of Giants, Nephilim survivors. (Cannan son of Ham, Ham son of
Noah.) Nephilim descendants must have infiltrated Noah's family, and were saved from death
INSIDE THE ARK. " scroll down 60% .

8. In Europe , the date May 15 would be written 15-5 for the fifteenth day of the fifth month.

155. In military time, 1:55 p.m. would be 13:55 Hours. What is 1355 ? It is again, a coded

metaphor for Pi. 355/113 is a known symbol for Pi. . Reversed it would be 113/355 which

has almost the exact sequence for reverse Pi. As known , the movie Angels and Demons contains

anagrams which are codes in which names are reversed. and .


The opening date of Angels & Demons contains hidden references to Pi. These point to the

theory of a special bloodline , be it Nephilim , Davidic , ... unknown. This is the same premise as

the DaVinci Code. There now appears to be a link to Pi and The Bloodline. More research is

needed to complete any theory of what this ultimately means.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Adolf Hitler Death links Pi and 666 to Harry Potter

This article will connect Harry Potter and Adolf Hitler to Walpurgis Night - April 30th , the

day celebrated in Black Witchcraft or satanism as un Unholy Day of sorts. Adolf Hitler , the

demon-possessed leader of The Nazi movement committed suicide on that day, offering his life

to the dark forces. Harry Potter, the fictional young wizard that entices young people into the

occult and or acts as a gatekeeper to hell for youth, had an Exhibit opened in Chicago on April

30, 2009.


1. Adolf Hitler (allegedly) committed suicide on April 30, 1945. This is the official version of

events. Many believe that he had previously escaped via submarine to Argentina or to another

planet via UFO. Official Soviet Union position until the early 1950s was that he had escaped. The

Truth, as always is elusive. The lies, as always are pervasive.

See: scroll to bottom for Walpurgis - Hitler link.

Hitler escape theories at .

2. Walpurgis Night is a time when The Black Mass is performed by those who serve the forces

of the Abyss. Bram Stoker , the author of Dracula and H.P. Lovecraft believed that Walpurgis

Night is when the devil walks the Earth and Witches hold their Sabbath. .

3. As always , one must look to THE NUMBERS. 4 - 30-09. This is the date that Harry Potter

Exhibition opens in Chicago, the City which has the sinister Sears Tower located in Zip Code

60606. . It opened in the Chicago

Museum of Science and Industry.

4. In numerology, zero is zero. It has no value and is not counted. Therefore the date is 4-3-9.

When you subtract 439 from 666 , the answer is 227. , insert 666 - 439 to get

answer. 22/7 is a well known code or approximation for Pi, the mystical , infinite, irrational

number. and www.ualr.lasmoller/pi.html .

5. Pi has previously been linked to the Birth of Adolf Hitler.

6. If you multiply 4 x 3 x 45 , the numbers of the suicide date for Adolf Hitler you get the

number 540. Since zero has no value it is 54. The Number 7 is used 54 times in the Book of

Revelations. Scroll to near bottom - .

*** Some Believe that 540 is THE REAL NUMBER OF THE BEAST: .

However , others believe the Gematria for ' Christ ' is 540. scroll down 50% .

For those who do not know, Sollog is a controversial but very successful psychic. .

The number 54 has other associations with 666. 666 degrees is 54 degrees short of 720 degrees

which would comprise two circles and more. Scroll down 70%

540 is one of the "Numbers of God" .

180 or half of a circle + 360 a complete circle , total 540.

Valhalla , The Great Hall of the Norse god Odin had 540 doors. Was Adolf trying to enter through one when he died?

Was it coincidence?

7. If you multiply the dates of the Harry Potter Exhibition opening you get 4 x 3 x 9 = 108.

540 divided by 108 is 5. The number 108 has great mystical significance in Asia.

8. 108 + 540 = 648 , a number with significance to 666. 648 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 666. See also Egypt

Air Flight 648 .


The Date of the Harry Potter Exhibit opening in Chicago was on a ' 9 ' . The numbers are 439.

The Date of Hitler's suicide was on a ' 45 ' or 4 + 5 = 9. The size of the Great Pyramid of Cheops

was 439 cubits per side. Scroll down 20% and see .

The Great Pyramid , Pi , 666 , Valhalla , Walpurgis Night , Adolf Hitler , Harry Potter , 60606

linked Chicago all connected. This is happenstance or evidence that evil pervades these topics in

one gigantic spider-web? You, reader, must decide.