Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Titanic time links YHWH Pi 19.5 Cydonia Pentagram

The illuminati go overboard , no pun intended , in trying to use numerology in their evil works.

This appears to be a ritual aspect of their behavior that is predictable , if little understood.

The sinking of the Titanic was linked to the Illuminati.

The movie Titanic and actor Leonardo DiCaprio have been linked to the Illuminati. and .

The Titanic movie was 186 minutes in length. Some versions have it at 194 minutes.

The number of steps going underground in a Nazi Death Camp mine were 186. Better said"

186 stairs of death". .

THE NUMBER 186 is linked to The name of G-D :

Could the Nazi SS have specifically used the number 186 in the steps for ritual murder? This

is particularly noteworthy since the name YHWH is the Jewish code name for G-D.

Further: The Number 194 as in 194 minutes links Pi to the 19.5 degree Cydonia Angle. 194

minutes equals 3 hours and 14 minutes. These numbers are symbolic of Pi. 3.14 . See and .

In Sumerian numerology the number 306 is linked to the upside down Pentagram or Pentagram

with two points up. .

186 minutes is 3 Hours and 06 Minutes.

CONCLUSION: LEONARDO DicAprIo is the reincarnation of Priory of Sion GrandMaster

LEONARDO DAvIncI. When he reaches the age of 40 , the earliest age when one can begin to

study the Kabbalah , he will be formally invested and inducted in the Highest Illuminati post.

Could the length of the movie being linked to Pi , YHWH , 19.5 Cydonia and the upside down

Pentagram be a coincidence? You - reader - must decide. Titanic - a movie about an illuminati

created disaster , starring an Illuminati "Rising Star" and running a length of time riddled with

Occult numerology wins record numbers of Oscars , which come from Freemason created

Hollywood. ... THINK ABOUT IT. The movie length combines YHWH with the upside down

Pentagram. The meaning is clear - but it hides in plain sight. The lambs of God can see it but the

Sheeple are as always....... Blind.

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