Sunday, May 17, 2009

Comcast Center links JFK Murder Ritual to 666

There is an increasing body of evidence, no pun intended , that indicates that JFK was killed as

part of an illuminati mega-King-Kill ritual. This hypothesis is not new. What may be new is the

information being provided to the reader.

See Background:

1. Illuminati Ritual Human Sacrifice of JFK at: and .


2. The Comcast skyscraper in Philadelphia is located at 1701 JFK Boulevard. It was topped

with a pyramid prior to recent renovation.

It previously was the tallest building in the City of Brotherly it city of the brotherhood

of freemasons?

3. 1701 is a number linked to 666. "The 666th non square-free number is 1701"

4. JFK assasssination has other links to number 666:

and .

CONCLUSION : The number 1701 is unusual. No other building of note has that address and

no building has that number for a height. It is linked to JFK. It is linked to 666. Coincidence?

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