Friday, May 15, 2009

Carlos Santana Illuminati shows begin in Las Vegas

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is currently promoting hispanic rock legend

Carlos Santana for a series of concerts and music shows at its venue beginning this summer.

The theme is clearly linked to the Illuminati and "The Supernatural". This is obvious by looking

at the website. This writer saw a full page advertisement in the Los Angeles Times , Sunday

edition , dated May 3 , 2009 , on page A 13.

The ad clearly shows Santana standing in front of what looks like an Aztec-style Magick circle.

Over his right shoulder is a grotesque fanged monster with one eye. The website does not show

"The Beast" as clearly as the newspaper page. One must really see it for full effect. The creature

appears to have blonde-red hair. SEE: . The name of the

concert series is A TRIP THROUGH THE HITS. A clear reference to an 'acid' or LSD 'trip'.

1. The One Eyed Beast is clearly reminiscent of the ALL SEEING EYE OF THE ILLUMINATI- .

2. Carlos Santana has long been linked to the occult with songs like Black Magic Woman and

albums named Supernatural and Abraxas. This is nothing new. "Carlos Santana claims he's been

communicating with a demon named Metatron since 1994". .

3. Scroll to the Bottom to see what may be "The Eye of Metatron"

4. Who owns the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino? Morgans Hotel Group and DLJ Merchant

Banking Partners. .

5. DLJ Merchant Banking Partners has links , at least in the past , with Yale Skull and Bones

Society and the CIA. See first ,

then,_Lufkin_%26_Jenrette . Then compare the

relatively benign previous information with the following which is notably missing from the wiki

sites above. and and very very odd info at the

following link : Scroll down 50% (information unconfirmed and unproven) .

6. Santana himself believes that Metatron is in fact the eye inside the triangle on the dollar

itself. The beast on the website has one eye as well. Could this be coincidence? .

7. Page A 13. As we know, A is the first letter of the alphabet. A is the numerical equivalent of

the number 1. This could then be 1 13. This happens to be a number associated with Pi - . 355/113.


The sound of music will play to a voodoo beat in the Sin City in the desert. How fitting, don't

you think? Between a Hard Rock and Hard Place. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

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