Sunday, May 10, 2009

Adolf Hitler Death links Pi and 666 to Harry Potter

This article will connect Harry Potter and Adolf Hitler to Walpurgis Night - April 30th , the

day celebrated in Black Witchcraft or satanism as un Unholy Day of sorts. Adolf Hitler , the

demon-possessed leader of The Nazi movement committed suicide on that day, offering his life

to the dark forces. Harry Potter, the fictional young wizard that entices young people into the

occult and or acts as a gatekeeper to hell for youth, had an Exhibit opened in Chicago on April

30, 2009.


1. Adolf Hitler (allegedly) committed suicide on April 30, 1945. This is the official version of

events. Many believe that he had previously escaped via submarine to Argentina or to another

planet via UFO. Official Soviet Union position until the early 1950s was that he had escaped. The

Truth, as always is elusive. The lies, as always are pervasive.

See: scroll to bottom for Walpurgis - Hitler link.

Hitler escape theories at .

2. Walpurgis Night is a time when The Black Mass is performed by those who serve the forces

of the Abyss. Bram Stoker , the author of Dracula and H.P. Lovecraft believed that Walpurgis

Night is when the devil walks the Earth and Witches hold their Sabbath. .

3. As always , one must look to THE NUMBERS. 4 - 30-09. This is the date that Harry Potter

Exhibition opens in Chicago, the City which has the sinister Sears Tower located in Zip Code

60606. . It opened in the Chicago

Museum of Science and Industry.

4. In numerology, zero is zero. It has no value and is not counted. Therefore the date is 4-3-9.

When you subtract 439 from 666 , the answer is 227. , insert 666 - 439 to get

answer. 22/7 is a well known code or approximation for Pi, the mystical , infinite, irrational

number. and www.ualr.lasmoller/pi.html .

5. Pi has previously been linked to the Birth of Adolf Hitler.

6. If you multiply 4 x 3 x 45 , the numbers of the suicide date for Adolf Hitler you get the

number 540. Since zero has no value it is 54. The Number 7 is used 54 times in the Book of

Revelations. Scroll to near bottom - .

*** Some Believe that 540 is THE REAL NUMBER OF THE BEAST: .

However , others believe the Gematria for ' Christ ' is 540. scroll down 50% .

For those who do not know, Sollog is a controversial but very successful psychic. .

The number 54 has other associations with 666. 666 degrees is 54 degrees short of 720 degrees

which would comprise two circles and more. Scroll down 70%

540 is one of the "Numbers of God" .

180 or half of a circle + 360 a complete circle , total 540.

Valhalla , The Great Hall of the Norse god Odin had 540 doors. Was Adolf trying to enter through one when he died?

Was it coincidence?

7. If you multiply the dates of the Harry Potter Exhibition opening you get 4 x 3 x 9 = 108.

540 divided by 108 is 5. The number 108 has great mystical significance in Asia.

8. 108 + 540 = 648 , a number with significance to 666. 648 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 666. See also Egypt

Air Flight 648 .


The Date of the Harry Potter Exhibit opening in Chicago was on a ' 9 ' . The numbers are 439.

The Date of Hitler's suicide was on a ' 45 ' or 4 + 5 = 9. The size of the Great Pyramid of Cheops

was 439 cubits per side. Scroll down 20% and see .

The Great Pyramid , Pi , 666 , Valhalla , Walpurgis Night , Adolf Hitler , Harry Potter , 60606

linked Chicago all connected. This is happenstance or evidence that evil pervades these topics in

one gigantic spider-web? You, reader, must decide.


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