Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hell links Edmonton to Nazca line and Giza Plateau

The illuminati created the USA as a so-called New Atlantis. This apparently also included the

nation of Canada. An odd numerical coincidence has been discovered recently which links the

northern city of Edmonton to a Hell Ley line , the Nazca lines in Peru and the pyramids of the

Giza plateau in Egypt. The evidence is there. It is real. The reader must determine if it is mere

happenstance or ancient conspiracy of the nephilim kind.


1. The number 1134 upside down spells hell. Try it and see. www.scoreboard-canada.com/babylon-1134hellandmunich.htm .

2. Edmonton is located at Longitude 113.4 West. www.odyssium.com/sun_2006.htm .

3. Edmonton has large pyramids like Giza Plateau in Egypt. The Muttart Conservatory www.worldofstock.com/closeups/TAW3519.php .

4. The 11.34 numerical value has been found in the construction of the Pyramids of the

Giza plateau in Egypt. "The 1701 value recurs constantly in various lunar progressions,

generated from foundation lunar numbers like 11.34, which is incorporated into the Great

Pyramid dimensions (11.34 - inches X 800 = 756 - feet)." * 756 feet happens to be the length

of each of the four sides of the Great Pyramid. www.celticnz.co.nz/Nazca/Nazca10.htm scroll to


5. Another article which notes the occurrence of 11.34 and the Great Pyramid is found in the

following link by scrolling to near bottom. www.sirius-rising.com/gpdp/gpdp-part-6.html .

6. The mysterious Nazca lines in Peru also have the 1134 hell number imbedded in them. This

includes references to Stonehenge and again the Great Pyramid design. "Greek historian

Herodotus was told by Egyptian priests that one of the ways of reading the length of the Great

Pyramid was in 800 increments. This would infer a ruler of 11.34 inches. ... Essentially, taking

readings of the base dimensions of the Great Pyramid with a rule of 11.34-inches meant that in-

built lunar codes could be extracted." Scroll down 70% www.mondovista.com/nazca/nazca2.html .


The global nephilim culture that once straddled the Earth was destroyed in a cataclysm. Small

groups of Illuminati elites use the magick based technology of that culture to enslave mankind

and rule the Earth. They do this while laughing up their sleeve and hiding in plain sight. Anyone

who exposes their works is deemed "crazy". Are all of these "coincidences" in hundreds of

articles "crazy" or are they evidence of an ancient , elaborate conspiracy? This the reader alone

must decide.


Terrie said...

There are even more pyramids in Edmonton. Check out the city hall.
City hall

jack said...

Your logic is garbage. Hell is a modern english word, deriving from Gehenna, which was the early Jewish and Christian word for the destination of the wicked. Even the word Gehenna was used THOUSANDS of years after the pyramids were built. English as we know it today didn't even exist when your pyramids in Egypt were being built. your entire 11.34 upside down is hell sounds like something a grade-school child could have come up with. You're really reaching there.

Good luck on being a fool. Let me know how that works out for you.

saint bennett said...

Edmonton is EAST of Lake EDEN and has Church street - which is in the Guiness Book of Records - having Churches from the great christian"" denominations all lined up in a row - there is aswell now a buddisttemple a bahai fiath and even a gay pride center there or near now - 2 catholic churches right across the street from each other etc. etc.

The area was settled by early settlers because of the protection of the are by 3 major crosswinds thta form a triangle and provide an easier winter.

The city is called the GAETWAY TO THE NORTH - Zion is on the SIDES OF THE NORTH - The CITY of the KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS.

The World Trade Center has cropped up there and a number of NEW Builidings have been built with names Like Illuminata, Icon, Aurora I II III IV V & VI, Mira, Opus etc the list goes on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tallest_buildings_in_Edmonton

The CITY has been a place o much BATTLE betweeen God and Mammon - with both positive and dire prophetic utterence regarding it.

Many people and historically have deemed it a place of great Supernatural energy and the University there has made some pretty amazing discoveries - including new treatments to cure such things as diabetes mellitus.

A friedn recenly noted that if you go to St. Joseph’s Basilica - you will see standing room only and folks in $3000 suits decked out with jewlery - eliteist looking folks and one has porported seeing in the Spirit where the THRONE Chair is - The Pope/ArchBishops chair - a WOLF standing there(as one looking like the ones you see in Ancient Egypt drawings - all decked out in a Golden robe having a Golden Rod and Golden Staff.

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