Friday, April 17, 2009

Pi linked to Beijing Feng Shui Geomancy location

The chinese are possibly the world's foremost experts on Geomancy or the study of psychic

earth energy lines and grids. The best known and popular name for this phenomenon which has

become somewhat popular in western culture is called Feng Shui. See more information on

Chinese Geomancy: 1. 2. 3. .

It is unlikely that the capital of China would be placed just anywhere since the civilization that

its rulers presided over was steeped in belief in Dragon Lines (Ley Lines ) and Geomancy.

Pi is the mystical , irrational and possibly infinite number. See: and .

Recent articles by this article have discovered that the 19.5 Degree (approximate) Cydonia

Mars Angle is a metaphor for Pi. .

Briefly, the reason for this is that 194 minutes would 3 hours and 14 minutes. The actual 19.5

Degree Angle is 19.47 or so degrees. In this time frame are 11640 seconds.

The Chinese revere dragons. Their leaders were the dragon emperors. They believe 666 is a

good luck number. Dragons at and

Dragon Emperors at . 666 is lucky in

China at .

The Ouroboros is a giant world serpent or dragon that has been linked to a dragon. .

The Ouroboros has been linked to Pi since both deal with THE CIRCLE. .


China's Capital City, Beijing , formerly Peking , is located at Longitude 116.40. See - /

Also the Geographic Center of China is Longitude 116. . These are basically the same

numbers that cryptically and symbolically are code for Pi. Coincidence or Destiny?

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