Saturday, April 18, 2009

Paul McCartney Birth links Golden Ratio to Wicca

There are many who suspect that Paul McCartney, and The Beatles are integral components of

an illuminist plot to destroy the morals of American and Western youth. This plot, as you can see

today all around you - - has succeeded. There may however be a previously undiscovered

numerological element that goes back to Sir Paul McCartney's birth. Like Pythagoras said:


1. Background on Illuminati member Sir Paul McCartney and The Beatles:



c. and the mindboggling info on .

2. Paul McCartney Birthday is June 18 -

This of course is 6-18. The number is interesting for a few reasons. 18 = 6+6+6. So June 18

could be 6666 which is the number of INFERNAL LEGIONS comprised of the Fallen Angels. and also .

3. The Golden Ratio or Phi is best described as .618 , the same numbers as Sir Paul's birth. and and also related to MUSIC .

Sir Paul of course used music to become a "Sir" and a Billionaire.

4. June 18 is the 169th day of the Year (Ordinary Year). .

5. The unlucky number 13 is the number of Wicca. and a 13 week e-class to learn it. also .

6. 13 squared or 13 x 13 or 13 Thirteens = 169. The Day Sir Paul entered our plane of earthly

existence...from hell. The number 13 is huge in Freemasonry. Scroll down 90% and to the illuminati in general - .


Sir Paul intermingled the Beauty of the Golden Ration in Music with witchcraft to seduce the

feeble and fragile mind of western youth into the path to hell. He is The Pied Piper with a Bass

Guitar instead of Pan's flute.


jarsmom said...

dThis is all very interesting, must
say the math elludes me completly
All this pi and the radius of a
circle??? HUH??? I do understand
that pi somehow relates to martian
geometry. I used to listen to
Richard Hogluand on Art Bell many
years ago, pretty tripy stuff.
But you are saying that the nephilim were the inhabitants of
Mars.?? I have personally wondered
this before I really heard it pro
posed. Ive wondered if the fallen
angels hung there for a time or
possibly a pre adamic race. There
is so much we reallhy dont know.
Just curious, do you belive in a gap theory????

James said...

Like Dude, Don't you know that Paul is dead! Remember he was the barefoot one walking out of step from the other band members across Abbey Road. Listen to All you need is Love backwards while standing on your head and you will hear the words Natas Natas (Satan backwards)or the song off the White(Black) album- Number 9, 6+6+6=18 and 1+8=9 the Beast with 9 holes. Whoa, the acid is starting to kick in and there goes the neighborhood. Pray for better pyschotropic medication for paranoid schizophrenia

Andrew Kenneally said...

My brother is born on June 18th alos. He must be an anti-christ also. The Beatles spread love and opened up the human consciousness that was ensnared within teh Brave New World & other forms of servility that led to the unquestioning subservience to rulers and the State; i.e. the Skull & Bones type people. As John Lennon said himself, if you get too immersed within an all-embracing worldview, then everything will fit into that view. Noone has to pretend the Beatles were perfect but if spreading optimism, helping release people from servility to murderous, hypocritical political regimes, encouraging love of oneself and one's neighbour all count as being messengers of the evil forces, then The Beatles were of course guilty.

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