Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Golden Ratio 666 links Pythagoras to DaVinci Code

The complexity and depth of the Illuminati numerology is truly beyond human calculation and

ability to design. It may be comprehensible once deciphered but even that is unknown since

there are wheels within wheels , circles without end.

This particular article describes a new discovery in numerology... hiding in plain sight as this

mysterious phenomena always does. The Buddhist idea that "Everything is connected" comes to

mind. Here is the evidence:

1. The Chrysler Building is 1077 feet tall. It is connected to the Illuminati. The Number 1077

happens to be the result of the Number of the Beast 666 x PHI (The Golden Ratio) . See www.holyspiritvictorious4ever.blogspot.com/2007/12/golden-ratio-666-phi-links-satanic.html

2. The Golden Ratio also has other links to 666 in mathematics: scroll down 50% www.goldennumber.net/bible.htm .

3. The Illuminati Pyramid known as One Canada Place in Canary Wharf London is 771 feet tall.

The connects to the 23.5 degree Poussin Code which some believe is a metaphor for the royal

bloodline of the offspring of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. www.scoreboard-canada.com/babylon-canarywharf.htm .

4. The number 1077 is in fact 177 since zero has no value in numerology. 177 is the reverse of

771, the altitude in feet of One Canada Place, Canary Wharf . This is also 235 meters. The 23.5

number of the bloodline theory.

5. 625 + 452 = 1077.

6. The Number 625 is associated with Pythagoras Mystery Tablet Numbers. www.scoreboard-canada.com/babylon-625pythagoras.htm .

7. The Number 452 is also associated with the Pythagoras Mystery Tablet and may be linked

to the Keys to Heaven and Hell. www.scoreboard-canada.com/babylon-452ppythagoras.htm .


It is difficult for this writer to accurately determine a conclusion. What is better said is that

this analysis opens the door to further study and inquiry. However, it appears that the number

1077 encompasses The Golden Ratio, The 666 Number of the Beast, The Pythagoras Mystery

Tablets Numbers associated with The Law of Fives and Other World Keys. Included in there

may be the DaVinci Code Bloodline / Poussin Code. Can this be coincidence? You Decide.........

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tom Cruise Valkyrie link to Holy Blood Holy Grail

The recent Scientologist Tom Cruise blockbuster movie is named Valkyrie. He plays the one-

eyed Col. Von Stauffenberg in a failed plot to kill Adolf Hitler during WWII. The movie has some

unusual illuminist aspects to it:

The Timing of it's Release: It is part of a group of 6 Holocaust related films that happen to be

released at the same time, at Christmas and just prior to Israel re-invading and occupying Gaza.

See: www.scoreboard-canada.com/babylon-sixfilmsmimicgospelofjudas.htm and Invasion of

Gaza at: www.firedoglake.com/2008/12/25/israel-gaza-invasion-a-go/

Tom Cruise is a Scientologist: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFBZ_uAbxSO or google Tom

Cruise Scientology at http://www.google.com/ .

Col. Claus Von Stauffenberg was the leader of the Kreisau Circle. He had links to Alpha Galates

and the PRIORY OF SION . Scroll down 30% www.tracytwyman.com/blog/?page_id=77 .

The Priory of Sion is the actual ? or mythical ? organization that allegedly protects the bloodline

or offspring of Jesus and Mary Magdalene made famous in the DaVinci Code. www.lisashea.com/hobbies/art/priorysion.html .

The DaVinci Code movie and book which claim to be fiction have much in common with Holy

Blood, Holy Grail, a book on the same theme which claims to be fact. www.news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/4886234.stm .

The Holy Blood, Holy Grail book is written by Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh as noted in the

previous link. It just so happens that Michael Baigent is the editor of Freemasonry Today. www.freemasonrytoday.com/public/editorials.php .

Finally, it may be no coincidence that the same Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh wrote a

book titled Secret Germany - which features the very same Col. Claus Von Stauffenberg as

noted in Valkyrie and portrayed by Tom Cruise. www.bokkiden.no/SamboWeb/produkt.do?produktId=1964006&rom=MP .


Secret Germany is published by Arrow Books which is owned by Random House which is

owned by Bertelesmann. www.randomhouse.ca/catalog/display.pperl?isbn=9780099490067 .

Bertelesmann was the largest book publisher for the Third Reich. www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-92641110.html .

Today Bertelsmann is linked to Zionist interests. www.scoreboard-canada.com/babylon-teresabook.htm .

This provides further proof that the release of 6 Holocaust related movies at Christmas is no

Coincidental or random happenstance, but a zionist psyop.


Both Scientology and Zionism adherents have a right to believe what they wish. This writer

does not argue with their beliefs nor seek to change their mind. This article is not even a

criticism of the belief systems. It merely shows that to Scientologists, Jesus is "an implant" , a

false memory. To Zionists he is a false messiah that received what he deserved under the laws

of the times. To both groups his story is fiction. This link. This common cause, may explain the

common purpose in having the movie Valkyrie join the other Holocaust films at Christmas time.

This also explains the link to Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh and their Holy Blood Holy Grail.

See Jesus in Scientology: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesus_in_Scientology .

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

6 Hollywood Holocaust films mimic Gospel of Judas

The number of films whose primary theme is The Holocaust of the jews and others by the Nazi

regime and other fascists to be released at Christmas is unprecedented. The films total six. In a

given year, there may be one , maybe two. Suddenly there is a deluge. It will be nearly

impossible to avoid going to a Theatre and seeing a first run movie without having the menu of

choices focused on this topic. This cannot be a coincidence. This writer will provide what may be

reason for this unprecedented action. Likely, it is the fact that Pope Benedict is on the verge of

turning his predecessor as Pope during WWII into a Saint of the Catholic Church. This is

particularly controversial because of the fact that Pope Benedict was a member of the nazi youth

and served in the German Army for a brief period of time.

For Hollywood , this is part of a long-term campaign to erase Jesus from existence. It is

controlled at present by Zionists. They have been trying to erase Christ since the time of Herod.

They did not succeed then. They will not succeed now. However, The Pope in question set to

become a "Saint" likely did collaborate to some degree with Hitler and The Church operated the

Nazi rat lines that brought many two legged monsters to the USA and South America. How a

person like this could be placed on the same level as Mother Teresa is impossible to fathom.


1. Synopsis of 6 Holocaust related films all coming out at the same time at Christmas. No one

asks why or dares to mention that the film establishment is zionist hived entirely or that this

may be part of a long battle with the Catholic Church or even a counter to the rising anti-zionist

feelings building globally due to the Madoff mega billion dollar Mossad scam.
www.forum.atimes.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14393 and www.iht.com/articles/2008/11/25/arts/scott.php .

2. Pope Benedict is under severe criticism from Israel for his toying with the idea of Sainthood

for Pope Pius XII . www.rawstory.com/news/afp/Benedict_backs_beatification_of_Naz_10092008.html

The previous story notes that Pius XII tried to save some jews and was between a rock and a

hard place. But there may be another side to the coin as well:
Rat Lines - www.amazon.com/Unholy-Trinity-Vaticans-Networks-Intelligence/dp/0312094078 and www.vaticanbankclaims.com/CNS.htm .

Pope Benedict and the Nazi Youth: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Early_life_of_Pope_Benedict_XVI .

There can be no doubt that the timed release of Holocaust movies at Christmas in these

numbers is as planned as the front page articles on major USA newspapers a few years ago

all stating that The Gospel of Judas had been "verified" and that Judas was a great man who was
only helping Jesus commit suicide as he wanted. That happened right before Palm Sunday. www.scoreboard-canada.com/today-ph0804.htm and www.rinf.com/columnists/news/maurice-strong-linked-to-gospel-of-judas-cult .

The movie Tropic Thunder was a comedy. In it, one of the characters portrays himself as

Jesus and calls himself the son of God and then promptly steps on a landmine and is blown to

bits. This is funny or "funny". scroll down 50%. www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/story/2008/08/13/ST2008081300942.html . That happens to be the only scene

in which anyone is killed. It is as if the Director , in portraying or claiming to be the Son of God,

even in jest DESERVED DEATH. Not only that but the desecration of his corpse as a comedy

routine afterwards. No decent burial either. The director is Ben Stiller. He is jewish. His mother

converted to judaism from catholicism. www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Stiller . See wiki on

Tropic Thunder - www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tropic_Thunder .

The movie Religulous pits "Bill Maher vs. Jesus Christ" www.goldderby.latimes.com/awards_goldderby/2008/10/religulous-jesu.html . You already

know, don't you, the background of the director. www.charlierose.com/guest/view/6467 .

Bill Maher who apparently is "... vs. Jesus Christ" has had a zionist moment. His mother is of

zion extraction. According to that tradition he is born zionic. www.wakeupfromyourslumber.com/node/3701 .


The war between the competing Master Race ideologies of Zionism and Nazism continues. One

of the losers is the American People who get brainwashed by zionist propaganda in movies and

television that attacks the religious views of the majority of the citizenry. This does not excuse

the horrors committed in the past in Europe nor make those involved in them Saints, but it also

does not provide an excuse to destroy the mind and soul of America in the present and future for
the sake of a small self annointed "chosen people". The Neocons and the Nazi ratliners should

please, PLEASE -- go home and fight your war elsewhere.

Lipstick Building links Bernie Madoff to SEC Cox

No one in their right mind believes that Bernard Madoff pulled a 50 Billion Dollar Ponzi scheme

all on his own. There is a curious coincidence in this drama. It revolves around the illuminati

architecture skyscraper known as the Lipstick Building in NYC. This is were the scamsters

created their pyramid scheme of smoke and mirrors. Possibly the largest such fraud in world

history since the end of the Gold Standard left the dollar's value to "The Good Faith and Credit

of the United States Government". Here are the details:


1. www.portfolio.com/news-market/top-5/2008/12/11/Bernard-Madoff-Securities-Fraud .

Another link provides an article "Where was the S.E.C.?" This is a good question. Where was the

toothless , bark-free , "watchdog" of the Wall Street markets? Clearly, MIA - Missing in Action.

There are some who wonder if that was by design.

"Failure to uncover Bernard Madoff's alleged massive fraud should be the nail in the S.E.C.'s
coffin. It's time to start over."
www.portfolio.com/news-market/top-5/2008/12/12/SEC-in-Bernard-Madoff-Fraud .

2. The SEC Chairman is Christopher Cox. "From 1978 to 1986 , he specialized in venture

capital and corporate finance with the international law firm of Latham & Watkins..." www.sec.gov/about/commissioner/cox.htm . Scroll down to near bottom.

3. Bernard Madoff is linked by some websites to the Mossad. There is no proof of this. The reader must do his or her own investigation.

But the fraud is mostly related to jews. That cannot be denied and someone somewhere must
have a link to the Israeli Intelligence services. This is not an accusation. It is common sense.
www.dailypaul.com/node/76311 and Scroll down 20% www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1178.htm .

4. The largest tenant in the NYC skyscraper known as The Lipstick Building is Latham and

Watkins law firm. The one time employer of SEC leader Christopher Cox. He was on their

National Management Team. The building, in floor 17 housed the Beehive of evil and

fraud known as Bernard Madoff Securities. People from both offices must have rubbed shoulders

on the elevator. www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lipstick_Building .

5. Just prior to the scandal breaking, the top Legal Counsel or Lawyer for the SEC announced

he was returning to private practice. He also, like Cox, was a former partner in Latham and

Watkins. He graduated from Yale in 1967. www.wordpress.com/tag/latham-watkins/ .

Could he be a member of Skull and Bones or another secret society from there? No one says....

6. A year earlier, the Lipstick Building had been sold to new owners which included several

Israeli investment firms. www.manhattanoffices.com/wordpress/?p=125 . Latham and Watkins

occupies the floors above and below the former lair of Mad , Mad, Madoff....

7. The firm Greenberg Traurig also offices in the Lipstick Building. They are the former firm

of Neocon Abramoff now in jail. The firm has ties to the Bush family that some believe are

extensive. No wrongdoing is alleged by this or any other negative activity either. www.corpwatch.org/article.php?id=13060 .


This is information is provided to the reader in neutral format. Any further connections beside

coincidence are unproven and currently not even alleged. The reader must do their own

further research for any possible answer.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quaker Hypocrisy regarding Father of RFID exposed

The RFID microchip is believed by many to be either the actual "Mark of the Beast" which

will be implanted on humanity on pain of death for refusal, or a prototype of the actual item.

The Mark will be required for anyone to either buy or sell or engage in any type of commercial

activity. This theory of a hypothetical future comes from the biblical Book of Revelations.

SEE: www.blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/09/farmers-decryin.html and www.wired.com/science/discoveries/news/2006/06/70308 also www.lastdaysmystery.info/the_mark_of_the_beast.htm .

Where did the RFID chip come from ? Who is it's "Father" ?

Charles Walton... The first patent for RFID technology and 32 to follow : www.primidi.com/2004/06/14.html / www.eyebeam.org/reblog/archives/2004/06/charles_walton_the_father_of_rfi.html and scroll to near bottom - www.epanorama.net/links/smartcards.html .

The number 32 is linked to the 64 Keys of Enoch and Metatron as well as the 32 paths of the

Cabala or Kabbalah. www.en.allexperts.com/q//Esoteric-Symbology-3874/2008/2/64-keys-Enoch.htm .

See: www.psyche.com/psyche/qbl/32paths.html .

Charles Walton is a Quaker: Scroll down 90% www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_School .

The Friends Committee on National Legislation (Quaker) opposes officially the REAL ID Act
which is ultimately based on RFID technology. Scroll down 70% www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/511_campaign .

REAL ID Act and RFID = www.endgadget.com/2005/05/07/the-real-id-card-the-machine-readable-you/ .


scroll down 30% - "Also in May, we Harrises drove the 54 miles across Bucks County to attend
an address by Charles Walton before the student body of the George School, where he boarded/
prepped 67 years ago. In the intervening aeons he invented RFID, which begot the electronic
hotel key, and is now rapidly replacing bar-coding. Next time you glide through the EZ-Pass
lane, nod gratefully in the direction of Los Gatos, CA. What did Charlie tell the assembled preppies? Be sure, as he had not, to make a lot of money before their patents run out". www.cornellalumnimagazine.com/Archive/2006sepoct/notes/1940to1949.asp .

The Quakers cannot dodge this hypocrisy. You cannot oppose the RFID REAL ID 666 beastchip
AND honor its "Father" by allowing him to give a speech at a Quaker School to preppies.

What does this faith teach the preppies they should do when the hour of choice comes.... to
accept the mark or die....? This is a question they should attempt to answer or be exposed as
hypocrites. The choice is theirs.....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

1134 hell and Munich Birthplace of Nazi Party

Arguably the most evil offshoot or front organization of the Illuminati was the Nazi Party , born

in Munich , Germany. It was here that the rising stars of the Third Reich guided by the Aryan

superman from the star Aldebaran led the world to madness, hatred and total war.

See background of Munich and Nazi Party:

Hitler called Munich "The Capital of the Movement" - www.newmunich.com/tours/thirdreich.htm and

See Numerous photos of Nazi Munich: www.thirdreichruins.com/munich.htm .

Nazi Superman Aldebaran star at: www.absoluteastronomy.com/topics/Nazi_mysticism and

www.experiencefestival.com/a/Nazi_mysticism_-_Early_influences/id/4804381 .

BACKGROUND ON 1134 hell:

1134 spells hell if turned upside down. This may have much more occult significance than being

a mere joke. See: www.spirit-of-metal.com/album-groupe-1134-nom_album_Hell-l-en.html

www.scoreboard-canada.com/babylon-1134helllinksmayaritual.htm / www.themetallyrics.com/1134-1134-hell/ . or google 1134 hell.

BACKGROUND on HITLER BIRTHPLACE link to 666: www.scoreboard-canada.com/babylon-squareroot33.htm .

The previous link notes that The Antichrist or The Man of Sin could have been Adolf Hitler.

1134 + 1134 = 2268 or the Nineveh Constant. A mathematical constant associated with that

Assyrian capital of ancient times. Nineveh is associated with the antichrist: www.tribwatch.com/firstsee.htm / www.beastfromtheeast.org/Assyria.html / www.shalach.org/Antichrist/AntichristArises.htm .

Nineveh Constant 2268 Explanation: www.dprins.demon.nl/convergence/9905.html .

The line of Longitude 11.34 or the 1134 hell runs through the city of Munich. Birthplace and

Capital of the Nazi Movement. www.fanconcert.com:8045/show/concert/2285 . \


Both the Birthplace and Political Capital of the Nazi leader and movement are linked to evil ley

line numerology. Can it really be just a coincidence that 1134 hell runs right through Munich,

Germany and down through Austria , his birthplace and that is just a fortuity? You decide.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

337 Babylon Demons link Obama to Pakistan War

The demons of ancient Babylon will be unleashed during an upcoming war that will pit the

NATO led forces deployed by voodoo-elected President Obama and the Pakistan regime based

in Islamabad. The numerology that predicts this seems inescapable. The illuminati that Obama

serves cannot allow wild tribal areas to exist populated by savages that refuse to accept central

rule. To do otherwise is to not allow the entire Earth to come under the rule of the One World

Government. That they cannot do since that is their core mission. No more lawless frontiers or

places where the population has not been reduced to sheeple fitted with RFID chips and begging

the Government for their sustenance as is soon to be the case in the USA, with the Bush created

artificial collapse of the US economy.


Pakistan , with its capital Islamabad is essentially a Frankenstein Country created for religious

purposes in the aftermath of the collapse of the British Empire. The existence of this artificial

land has led to endless war with more populous India. Israel followed the same model with the

more populous arabs surrounding it. Both countries are touched by the 33rd Parallel and both

have Atomic Weapons whose origins are shrouded with mystery and secrecy.

Islamabad Masonic Design: www.letsrollforums.com/pakistan-and-freemasonry-design-t16299.html?p=141871 .

"A look into the masonic underworld of retired generals holding grimly on to top positions in
government and semi-government positions would make a fascinating subject for a doctoral
thesis." scroll down 70% www.lib.virginia.edu/area-studies/SouthAsia/SAserials/Dawn/2002/mar022002.html .

More - scroll down 45% www.angelfire.com/ok5/estherstar/templers.html .

Obama accepted the election victory "from hell" at an address numbered 337. The number of

demons on the gates of Babylon as recounted by the captured jews. www.scoreboard-canada.com/babylon-337babylondemons.htm .

Islamabad is located at Latitude 33.7 N. www.travelpost.com/ME/Pakistan/Islamabad/Islamabad/2676932 .


Obama has the backing of Voodoo masters from across the globe. The die is cast. The deal is

set. There will be war. Who will win? .......we shall see. www.bahamasissues.com/archive/index.php/t-19442.html .

1134 Hell links Maya ritual to Transamerica Pyramid

The following numerical connections appear to show a connection between the so-called

Nineveh Constant, a unit of measure found in the ruins of the ancient capital of the Assyrians

and the number 378 , which constantly appear in Mayan architecture.

The real root or basis to this connection appears to be the number 666 and 1134 which is hell

when written upside down (try it and see). What this writer would then propose is that prior to

the Great Flood, there was a global nephilim (The fallen angels) culture. The reemergence of this

culture is what the illuminati and their servants seek to recreate.... 1134 hell on Earth led by

666 , the antichrist, otherwise known as The Man of Sin.


1. The Mayan number 378 divides evenly into 2268, the Nineveh Constant , six times. Try
this on www.google.com , insert 2268 divided by 378.

See also: Teotihuacan, the Temple of the Sun of the Aztecs in Mexico City, is associated with

2268 Hunabs ( mayan unit of measure). scroll down 80% www.geocities.com/capecanaveral/hall/3324/teotihuacan.htm .

See also: scroll down 80% www.earthmatrix.com/sothicm/extrac21.htm .

Scroll down 60% - www.hharlestonjr.com/sections/Jordan-Section2.html " ... The factor "37"

repeats in many dimensions at Teotihuacan (111, 148, 222, 333 ; 1,184, 1332...) These data

suggest the Mayans understood the concept of multidimensionals, and expressed many forms

of measurement with the same number, particularly "378" ..."

The Number 37 is the largest prime factor in 666, The Number of the Antichrist, also known

as the Man of Sin. www.primes.utm.edu/curios/page.php/37.html .

2. Nineveh Constant 2268 background: www.earthmatrix.com/platonic/nineveh.htm / and
scroll down 50% www.earthmatrix.com/ancient/pi.htm / also

"The precision of the Nineveh Constant is summarized in one all-important quote from

...Every period of revolution or conjunction of all solar system bodies calculated by the Constant
of Nineveh corresponded exactly down to several decimal points with the values given in the
modern tables of United States astronomers...

... ... I have not been able to find even a single period of revolution, or conjunction
of a solar system planet or satellite, that would not be an exact fraction down to
the fourth decimal point of The Great Constant of the Solar System. " www.divinecosmos.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=74%Itemid=36 .

AGAIN - 1134 is hell and doubled it happens to be the Nineveh Constant. See - www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=1134 / www.metal-archives.com/release.php?id=130782 and www.lyricsmania.com/lyrics/1134_lyrics_49776/1134__hell_-_demo_lyrics_88477/ .

What is Heaven? It is the abode of God. The opposite of Hell. Lucifer tried to take Heaven by
Storm and failed.

What is the opposite of H E A V E N ? ...N E V A E H . Almost spells NINEVEH of the Nineveh

Constant 2268 half of which is 1134 hell. Is this a coincidence or not?

3. The Great Pyramid of Giza plateau Egypt is usually noted as having a base length of 756
feet. This happens to be twice 378, the mayan number noted previously. www.earthmatrix.com/great/pyramid.htm Scroll down 25% .

4. It has been previously noted that 2268 + 666 + 666 or Hell twice + 666 twice equals the

number 3600. www.care2.com/news/member/131978612/968631 .

5. The Number 36 has a special relationship to 666 = www.atschool.eduweb.co.uk/sbs777/prophecy/no666.html .

6. Go to www.google.com and insert 2268 divided by 36. The answer is the mirror image of

36 or 63. If one multiplies 3 x 6 x 6 x 3 one gets 216. This happens to be 6 x 6 x 6 or 666 and

is code in the semi-fictional LEFT BEHIND series for the antichrist, the man of Sin , whose day

is approaching - unless we stop it. The 216th Verse of Apocalypse reads: "and they worshipped

the dragon which gave power unto the beast." www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/216_(number) .

7. The Babylonian measurement system is based on the number 60. We use their system

today. 60 seconds in 60 minutes. 360 degrees in a circle .

"Weights and Measures: 60s Everywhere ! www.galileo.phys.virginia.edu/classes/109N/lectures/babylon.html and "The Middle Ages, by a
tortuous route from Babylon, inherit a scale of scientific measurement based on 60." scroll down
50% www.historyworld.net/wrldhis/PlainTextHistories.asp?historyid=ac07 .

8. If you divide the Nineveh Constant of 2268 by 60.... The answer is 37.8 , the mayan
multidimensional number noted previously. Try the division yourself. More Coincidence?

9. The latitude of the City of San Francisco, California is 37.8 N Latitude. www.greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/usa/california/san-francisco/travel.htm .

San Francisco is the Number One city in the USA which worships Sin. The tallest building is the

Transamerica Building, which is pyramid like in shape. There may be a territorial demon which

rules over 378 San Francisco. www.iclnet.org/pub/resources/text/cri/cri-jrnl/web/crj0111a.html .

The Transamerica Pyramid photo - www.everywheremag.com/photos/26935 ... compare it to
The Tikal Pyramid of the Mayans - www.everywheremag.com/photos/9175 .

10. The Transamerica Pyramid is 260 meters tall. www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transamerica_Pyramid . The Nineveh Constant of 2268 may be

connected to the idea of a 260 degree circle and the Great Cycle of the Sun which uses a fractal

of 260. scroll down 50% www.earthmatrix.com/ancient/pi.htm . More happenstance?

11. The number 260 figures prominently in the cycles of and travel to Mars. www.edb.utexas.edu/missiontomars/bench/rt.html and The Mayan Ritual Year was 260 days

in length www.spiderorchid.com/mesoamerica/mesoamerica.htm . See also Mayan Mars www.maa.org/mathland/mathtrek_3_12_01.html .

What are the odds that the Mayans built pyramids , had a 260 day ritual calendar and used

extensively the number 378 AND that the Transamerica pyramid is 260 meters tall located on

latitude 37.8...is a coincidence? You decide.


The bottom line is that many of these global ancient cultures were connected and had a

common denominator - the Nephilim Culture of the offspring of the mating of fallen angels with

human females. If this is not coincidence - it is a design. The handiwork of evil. The assyrians

and the mayans and the ancient egyptians all came from this source. The Illuminati seek to

bring it back....1134 hell on earth .... Nineveh , not Heaven. God help us all.....

Monday, December 1, 2008

Obama must save Tanzania Albinos from Witches

President-elect Obama is half white and half african. Much has been made of the strides made

by african americans and other minorities and the gains achieved by other minorities as a result

of his election. But one minority group - oppressed white skinned people need protection from

a far worse evil than discrimination. They are the white-skinned albino minority of Tanzania.

This group of human beings is being hunted , killed and mutilated for a thriving trade in their

body parts for use in sorcery, witchcraft , ju-ju, and voodoo.

This horrible evil goes unnoticed and unremarked in much of the world that loses interests in

the civil rights of white or light skinned people. WILL OBAMA ACT or WILL HE LOOK AWAY?

SEE info on Tanzania Albino Mutilation / Genocide:


Also: Genocide of White Farmers in South Africa: www.ilanamercer.com/phprunner/public_article_list_view.php?editid1=105

Also: Whites in USA are likeliest victims of so-called Hate Crimes: www.24ahead.com/blog/archives/004708.html .

Will President Obama bring hope and change to these minority victims? Or will it be more

loose change for the hopeless////?