Sunday, December 7, 2008

337 Babylon Demons link Obama to Pakistan War

The demons of ancient Babylon will be unleashed during an upcoming war that will pit the

NATO led forces deployed by voodoo-elected President Obama and the Pakistan regime based

in Islamabad. The numerology that predicts this seems inescapable. The illuminati that Obama

serves cannot allow wild tribal areas to exist populated by savages that refuse to accept central

rule. To do otherwise is to not allow the entire Earth to come under the rule of the One World

Government. That they cannot do since that is their core mission. No more lawless frontiers or

places where the population has not been reduced to sheeple fitted with RFID chips and begging

the Government for their sustenance as is soon to be the case in the USA, with the Bush created

artificial collapse of the US economy.


Pakistan , with its capital Islamabad is essentially a Frankenstein Country created for religious

purposes in the aftermath of the collapse of the British Empire. The existence of this artificial

land has led to endless war with more populous India. Israel followed the same model with the

more populous arabs surrounding it. Both countries are touched by the 33rd Parallel and both

have Atomic Weapons whose origins are shrouded with mystery and secrecy.

Islamabad Masonic Design: .

"A look into the masonic underworld of retired generals holding grimly on to top positions in
government and semi-government positions would make a fascinating subject for a doctoral
thesis." scroll down 70% .

More - scroll down 45% .

Obama accepted the election victory "from hell" at an address numbered 337. The number of

demons on the gates of Babylon as recounted by the captured jews. .

Islamabad is located at Latitude 33.7 N. .


Obama has the backing of Voodoo masters from across the globe. The die is cast. The deal is

set. There will be war. Who will win? .......we shall see. .

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