Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lipstick Building links Bernie Madoff to SEC Cox

No one in their right mind believes that Bernard Madoff pulled a 50 Billion Dollar Ponzi scheme

all on his own. There is a curious coincidence in this drama. It revolves around the illuminati

architecture skyscraper known as the Lipstick Building in NYC. This is were the scamsters

created their pyramid scheme of smoke and mirrors. Possibly the largest such fraud in world

history since the end of the Gold Standard left the dollar's value to "The Good Faith and Credit

of the United States Government". Here are the details:


1. .

Another link provides an article "Where was the S.E.C.?" This is a good question. Where was the

toothless , bark-free , "watchdog" of the Wall Street markets? Clearly, MIA - Missing in Action.

There are some who wonder if that was by design.

"Failure to uncover Bernard Madoff's alleged massive fraud should be the nail in the S.E.C.'s
coffin. It's time to start over." .

2. The SEC Chairman is Christopher Cox. "From 1978 to 1986 , he specialized in venture

capital and corporate finance with the international law firm of Latham & Watkins..." . Scroll down to near bottom.

3. Bernard Madoff is linked by some websites to the Mossad. There is no proof of this. The reader must do his or her own investigation.

But the fraud is mostly related to jews. That cannot be denied and someone somewhere must
have a link to the Israeli Intelligence services. This is not an accusation. It is common sense. and Scroll down 20% .

4. The largest tenant in the NYC skyscraper known as The Lipstick Building is Latham and

Watkins law firm. The one time employer of SEC leader Christopher Cox. He was on their

National Management Team. The building, in floor 17 housed the Beehive of evil and

fraud known as Bernard Madoff Securities. People from both offices must have rubbed shoulders

on the elevator. .

5. Just prior to the scandal breaking, the top Legal Counsel or Lawyer for the SEC announced

he was returning to private practice. He also, like Cox, was a former partner in Latham and

Watkins. He graduated from Yale in 1967. .

Could he be a member of Skull and Bones or another secret society from there? No one says....

6. A year earlier, the Lipstick Building had been sold to new owners which included several

Israeli investment firms. . Latham and Watkins

occupies the floors above and below the former lair of Mad , Mad, Madoff....

7. The firm Greenberg Traurig also offices in the Lipstick Building. They are the former firm

of Neocon Abramoff now in jail. The firm has ties to the Bush family that some believe are

extensive. No wrongdoing is alleged by this or any other negative activity either. .


This is information is provided to the reader in neutral format. Any further connections beside

coincidence are unproven and currently not even alleged. The reader must do their own

further research for any possible answer.


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National Management Team. The building, in floor 17 housed the Beehive of evil and
fraud known as Bernard Madoff Securities.
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