Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quaker Hypocrisy regarding Father of RFID exposed

The RFID microchip is believed by many to be either the actual "Mark of the Beast" which

will be implanted on humanity on pain of death for refusal, or a prototype of the actual item.

The Mark will be required for anyone to either buy or sell or engage in any type of commercial

activity. This theory of a hypothetical future comes from the biblical Book of Revelations.

SEE: and also .

Where did the RFID chip come from ? Who is it's "Father" ?

Charles Walton... The first patent for RFID technology and 32 to follow : / and scroll to near bottom - .

The number 32 is linked to the 64 Keys of Enoch and Metatron as well as the 32 paths of the

Cabala or Kabbalah. .

See: .

Charles Walton is a Quaker: Scroll down 90% .

The Friends Committee on National Legislation (Quaker) opposes officially the REAL ID Act
which is ultimately based on RFID technology. Scroll down 70% .

REAL ID Act and RFID = .


scroll down 30% - "Also in May, we Harrises drove the 54 miles across Bucks County to attend
an address by Charles Walton before the student body of the George School, where he boarded/
prepped 67 years ago. In the intervening aeons he invented RFID, which begot the electronic
hotel key, and is now rapidly replacing bar-coding. Next time you glide through the EZ-Pass
lane, nod gratefully in the direction of Los Gatos, CA. What did Charlie tell the assembled preppies? Be sure, as he had not, to make a lot of money before their patents run out". .

The Quakers cannot dodge this hypocrisy. You cannot oppose the RFID REAL ID 666 beastchip
AND honor its "Father" by allowing him to give a speech at a Quaker School to preppies.

What does this faith teach the preppies they should do when the hour of choice comes.... to
accept the mark or die....? This is a question they should attempt to answer or be exposed as
hypocrites. The choice is theirs.....


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