Monday, December 1, 2008

Obama must save Tanzania Albinos from Witches

President-elect Obama is half white and half african. Much has been made of the strides made

by african americans and other minorities and the gains achieved by other minorities as a result

of his election. But one minority group - oppressed white skinned people need protection from

a far worse evil than discrimination. They are the white-skinned albino minority of Tanzania.

This group of human beings is being hunted , killed and mutilated for a thriving trade in their

body parts for use in sorcery, witchcraft , ju-ju, and voodoo.

This horrible evil goes unnoticed and unremarked in much of the world that loses interests in

the civil rights of white or light skinned people. WILL OBAMA ACT or WILL HE LOOK AWAY?

SEE info on Tanzania Albino Mutilation / Genocide:

Also: Genocide of White Farmers in South Africa:

Also: Whites in USA are likeliest victims of so-called Hate Crimes: .

Will President Obama bring hope and change to these minority victims? Or will it be more

loose change for the hopeless////?

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