Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tom Cruise Valkyrie link to Holy Blood Holy Grail

The recent Scientologist Tom Cruise blockbuster movie is named Valkyrie. He plays the one-

eyed Col. Von Stauffenberg in a failed plot to kill Adolf Hitler during WWII. The movie has some

unusual illuminist aspects to it:

The Timing of it's Release: It is part of a group of 6 Holocaust related films that happen to be

released at the same time, at Christmas and just prior to Israel re-invading and occupying Gaza.

See: and Invasion of

Gaza at:

Tom Cruise is a Scientologist: or google Tom

Cruise Scientology at .

Col. Claus Von Stauffenberg was the leader of the Kreisau Circle. He had links to Alpha Galates

and the PRIORY OF SION . Scroll down 30% .

The Priory of Sion is the actual ? or mythical ? organization that allegedly protects the bloodline

or offspring of Jesus and Mary Magdalene made famous in the DaVinci Code. .

The DaVinci Code movie and book which claim to be fiction have much in common with Holy

Blood, Holy Grail, a book on the same theme which claims to be fact. .

The Holy Blood, Holy Grail book is written by Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh as noted in the

previous link. It just so happens that Michael Baigent is the editor of Freemasonry Today. .

Finally, it may be no coincidence that the same Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh wrote a

book titled Secret Germany - which features the very same Col. Claus Von Stauffenberg as

noted in Valkyrie and portrayed by Tom Cruise. .


Secret Germany is published by Arrow Books which is owned by Random House which is

owned by Bertelesmann. .

Bertelesmann was the largest book publisher for the Third Reich. .

Today Bertelsmann is linked to Zionist interests. .

This provides further proof that the release of 6 Holocaust related movies at Christmas is no

Coincidental or random happenstance, but a zionist psyop.


Both Scientology and Zionism adherents have a right to believe what they wish. This writer

does not argue with their beliefs nor seek to change their mind. This article is not even a

criticism of the belief systems. It merely shows that to Scientologists, Jesus is "an implant" , a

false memory. To Zionists he is a false messiah that received what he deserved under the laws

of the times. To both groups his story is fiction. This link. This common cause, may explain the

common purpose in having the movie Valkyrie join the other Holocaust films at Christmas time.

This also explains the link to Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh and their Holy Blood Holy Grail.

See Jesus in Scientology: .

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