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1134 Hell links Maya ritual to Transamerica Pyramid

The following numerical connections appear to show a connection between the so-called

Nineveh Constant, a unit of measure found in the ruins of the ancient capital of the Assyrians

and the number 378 , which constantly appear in Mayan architecture.

The real root or basis to this connection appears to be the number 666 and 1134 which is hell

when written upside down (try it and see). What this writer would then propose is that prior to

the Great Flood, there was a global nephilim (The fallen angels) culture. The reemergence of this

culture is what the illuminati and their servants seek to recreate.... 1134 hell on Earth led by

666 , the antichrist, otherwise known as The Man of Sin.


1. The Mayan number 378 divides evenly into 2268, the Nineveh Constant , six times. Try
this on , insert 2268 divided by 378.

See also: Teotihuacan, the Temple of the Sun of the Aztecs in Mexico City, is associated with

2268 Hunabs ( mayan unit of measure). scroll down 80% .

See also: scroll down 80% .

Scroll down 60% - " ... The factor "37"

repeats in many dimensions at Teotihuacan (111, 148, 222, 333 ; 1,184, 1332...) These data

suggest the Mayans understood the concept of multidimensionals, and expressed many forms

of measurement with the same number, particularly "378" ..."

The Number 37 is the largest prime factor in 666, The Number of the Antichrist, also known

as the Man of Sin. .

2. Nineveh Constant 2268 background: / and
scroll down 50% / also

"The precision of the Nineveh Constant is summarized in one all-important quote from

...Every period of revolution or conjunction of all solar system bodies calculated by the Constant
of Nineveh corresponded exactly down to several decimal points with the values given in the
modern tables of United States astronomers...

... ... I have not been able to find even a single period of revolution, or conjunction
of a solar system planet or satellite, that would not be an exact fraction down to
the fourth decimal point of The Great Constant of the Solar System. " .

AGAIN - 1134 is hell and doubled it happens to be the Nineveh Constant. See - / and .

What is Heaven? It is the abode of God. The opposite of Hell. Lucifer tried to take Heaven by
Storm and failed.

What is the opposite of H E A V E N ? ...N E V A E H . Almost spells NINEVEH of the Nineveh

Constant 2268 half of which is 1134 hell. Is this a coincidence or not?

3. The Great Pyramid of Giza plateau Egypt is usually noted as having a base length of 756
feet. This happens to be twice 378, the mayan number noted previously. Scroll down 25% .

4. It has been previously noted that 2268 + 666 + 666 or Hell twice + 666 twice equals the

number 3600. .

5. The Number 36 has a special relationship to 666 = .

6. Go to and insert 2268 divided by 36. The answer is the mirror image of

36 or 63. If one multiplies 3 x 6 x 6 x 3 one gets 216. This happens to be 6 x 6 x 6 or 666 and

is code in the semi-fictional LEFT BEHIND series for the antichrist, the man of Sin , whose day

is approaching - unless we stop it. The 216th Verse of Apocalypse reads: "and they worshipped

the dragon which gave power unto the beast." .

7. The Babylonian measurement system is based on the number 60. We use their system

today. 60 seconds in 60 minutes. 360 degrees in a circle .

"Weights and Measures: 60s Everywhere ! and "The Middle Ages, by a
tortuous route from Babylon, inherit a scale of scientific measurement based on 60." scroll down
50% .

8. If you divide the Nineveh Constant of 2268 by 60.... The answer is 37.8 , the mayan
multidimensional number noted previously. Try the division yourself. More Coincidence?

9. The latitude of the City of San Francisco, California is 37.8 N Latitude. .

San Francisco is the Number One city in the USA which worships Sin. The tallest building is the

Transamerica Building, which is pyramid like in shape. There may be a territorial demon which

rules over 378 San Francisco. .

The Transamerica Pyramid photo - ... compare it to
The Tikal Pyramid of the Mayans - .

10. The Transamerica Pyramid is 260 meters tall. . The Nineveh Constant of 2268 may be

connected to the idea of a 260 degree circle and the Great Cycle of the Sun which uses a fractal

of 260. scroll down 50% . More happenstance?

11. The number 260 figures prominently in the cycles of and travel to Mars. and The Mayan Ritual Year was 260 days

in length . See also Mayan Mars .

What are the odds that the Mayans built pyramids , had a 260 day ritual calendar and used

extensively the number 378 AND that the Transamerica pyramid is 260 meters tall located on

latitude a coincidence? You decide.


The bottom line is that many of these global ancient cultures were connected and had a

common denominator - the Nephilim Culture of the offspring of the mating of fallen angels with

human females. If this is not coincidence - it is a design. The handiwork of evil. The assyrians

and the mayans and the ancient egyptians all came from this source. The Illuminati seek to

bring it back....1134 hell on earth .... Nineveh , not Heaven. God help us all.....

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