Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Golden Ratio 666 links Pythagoras to DaVinci Code

The complexity and depth of the Illuminati numerology is truly beyond human calculation and

ability to design. It may be comprehensible once deciphered but even that is unknown since

there are wheels within wheels , circles without end.

This particular article describes a new discovery in numerology... hiding in plain sight as this

mysterious phenomena always does. The Buddhist idea that "Everything is connected" comes to

mind. Here is the evidence:

1. The Chrysler Building is 1077 feet tall. It is connected to the Illuminati. The Number 1077

happens to be the result of the Number of the Beast 666 x PHI (The Golden Ratio) . See www.holyspiritvictorious4ever.blogspot.com/2007/12/golden-ratio-666-phi-links-satanic.html

2. The Golden Ratio also has other links to 666 in mathematics: scroll down 50% www.goldennumber.net/bible.htm .

3. The Illuminati Pyramid known as One Canada Place in Canary Wharf London is 771 feet tall.

The connects to the 23.5 degree Poussin Code which some believe is a metaphor for the royal

bloodline of the offspring of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. www.scoreboard-canada.com/babylon-canarywharf.htm .

4. The number 1077 is in fact 177 since zero has no value in numerology. 177 is the reverse of

771, the altitude in feet of One Canada Place, Canary Wharf . This is also 235 meters. The 23.5

number of the bloodline theory.

5. 625 + 452 = 1077.

6. The Number 625 is associated with Pythagoras Mystery Tablet Numbers. www.scoreboard-canada.com/babylon-625pythagoras.htm .

7. The Number 452 is also associated with the Pythagoras Mystery Tablet and may be linked

to the Keys to Heaven and Hell. www.scoreboard-canada.com/babylon-452ppythagoras.htm .


It is difficult for this writer to accurately determine a conclusion. What is better said is that

this analysis opens the door to further study and inquiry. However, it appears that the number

1077 encompasses The Golden Ratio, The 666 Number of the Beast, The Pythagoras Mystery

Tablets Numbers associated with The Law of Fives and Other World Keys. Included in there

may be the DaVinci Code Bloodline / Poussin Code. Can this be coincidence? You Decide.........


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