Thursday, January 1, 2009

Numerology Predicts False Flag 2009 Terror Attack

One thing appears to be certain, whomever is TRULY behind the phenomenon of Terrorism

is a believer, user and expert in numerology. The attacks virtually always appear to be linked to

some form of number, dates, numerology and so forth. The Year 2009 is of grave note because

the numbers of the year are similar to 9/11. By viewing the numbers it is this writer's hope to

prevent attacks or at least to prove the premise of numerology as an adjunct of "terrorism".


1. 9/11 - - .

2. Madrid 3/11 /7-7 London and 7-11 Madrid: .

Year 2009 A.D. - The Numerology of 2009 Illuminati Terror - See the Past = Know the Future:

A. The number 2009 is in fact 29 without the zeros which have no numerological value. Then,

The number 29 is 92 in reverse. As noted, 29 is II 9 and the reverse is 9 II or 9/11.

B. Likely dates would combine the day , month and possibly number of the day out of the

365 days of an Ordinary (not Leap) Year.

Examples: January 29, 2009. The 29th day of the Year 2009. It will also be 9 days after Barak

Obama becomes USA President. The date = 1-29-2009. 12929 or in Europe 29-1-2009 29129.

9 days is 24 hours times 9 - 216 hours. 216 is Left Behind Series code for the antichrist 6x6x6 =

216. See: and see number of

pages of book calling Left Behind Series an Antichrist indoctrination. Scroll to bottom .

9 Days after Obama is inaugurated - to the minute of the hour - is Prediction 1. 216 hours from the swearing in Ceremony or 666 on "9-11". 1(January) 29(II 9) Year 2009(II 9).

Prediction 2: February 9, 2009 would be 2-9 / 2-9 or in reverse code 9/11 - 9/11. 2929 in a

word. February 9 is the 40th day of the year. The number 40 is always associated with some

form of Trial or Tribulation. It rained for 40 days and nights when Noah fled in his ark. Jesus

fasted for 40 days in Nights in the desert before Satan's temptations. Turning 40 means the

beginning of old age. In fact, "Death begins at 40" . The Jews wandered through the

Desert for 40 years before reaching "The land of milk and honey". scroll down 50% .

Trials and Tribulations are tests. Vice President Joe Biden said publicly that within 6 months of

being in office President Obama would be tested by some manufactured crisis. 4 or 5 scenarios

Biden said were foreseeable. . 6 months? Or first 216 hours?

Prediction 3. This may seem obvious but February 16 or 2-16 or 6x6x6. This would combine the

666 , the Year 29 or 9/11 and it would be the 47th day of the Year which would coincide with

Obama's current age, the number 666 and The 47 cult. See also 47 = 4+7 = 11 and 216 is 2+1+6

equals 9. The II 9 or 9/11. See 47 cult: and See the link

between The number 47 and 666 at .


These are just examples. This writer has no knowledge of any terror nor any psychic powers.

This can be said. There will be a link between any major attack and numerology. The three

examples noted are simply a matter of analogy and analysis. The real question is who is really

behind the evil and why they use numerology. That is unknown to this writer.


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