Saturday, January 31, 2009

Square root e links Mecca to Madonna on the Rocks

It is becoming ever more clear that much of what the masses are told is 'reality' is in fact a vast

superstructure of lies , psyops and cradle-to-grave brainwashing. We appear to be living in some

sort of computer program, hologram or flesh-and-blood version of The Matrix movie.

The Illuminati control this reality. They create wars , genocide and mayhem to generate fear,

hate and other negative energies upon which their beyond-3-dimensional infernal masters feed.

This blog is dedicated to exposing this lie. It is dedicated to the words of Jesus when he said

Seek the Truth.....and it shall set you Free

1. The Euler Number or e (not to be confused with the Euler-Mascheroni Constant).

e is the base of natural logarithms. It is a famous irrational number. Possibly infinite in scope. .

2. The controversial 2 paintings by Leonardo Davinci known as the Madonna on the Rocks.

Leonardo had his first version rejected because it was deemed blasphemous in that it showed

John The Baptist in a greater position than Jesus. and scroll to bottom , also - .

3. The Knight Templars and others were suspected of Blasphemy because it was alleged that

they worshipped John The Baptist as the true Messiah. . This was also

known as the Johannite Conspiracy. .

4. The ratio 1.64 appears in the first version of The Madonna of the Rocks. This is close to the

so-called Divine Ratio of 1.618 or 1.62. Scroll down 50% and .

5. If you go to and insert - Square Root e -. The answer is : 1.648...

Therefore, the square root of an irrational number and natural logarithm discovered hundreds

of years after Leonardo, happens to be embedded into a controversial Gnostic painting by him.

Could this be coincidence? Further, the number 648 + 18 = 666. 18 is 6+6+6. The number 648

also has other links to 666. Scroll down 50%. . This allegedly is

in the Koran. Euler wrote a book about the phases of the Moon which is linked to Mecca a city of

the religion of the crescent moon. and .


There appear to be links between the Johannites and the illuminati. No suprise here. What is of

interest is that Leonardo Davinci may have known about the Euler Number before Euler is said

to have discovered it, much less been born. This would be news. The reader must determine if

it is a numerical conspiracy or just numbers at random. . ...

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