Saturday, January 17, 2009

Illuminati Torch of Life links Pi and World Serpent

It is believed that through the use of numerology it may be possible to discern some future

events linked to the illuminati effort to create a One World Government controlled by the

antichrist. The numerology in this article involves Pi, the irrational mystical infinite number,

the number 2268 which is linked to the Nineveh Constant and PHI or The Golden Ration.

Background on Pi -

Background on Nineveh Constant 2268 -

Background on Golden Ratio -


1. The hell upside down 1134 number sequence first appears in Pi starting at position 758 - .

2. The Great Pyramid of Giza , when first built , had sides of 758 feet. and .

Does this mean that the base of the pyramid is Hell?

3. The Nineveh Constant 2268 number sequence first appears in Pi at position 964. .

2268 is double 1134. The Height of the pyramid is about 482 feet which doubled is 964. .

Could this be Coincidence?

1/2 Pi x 1/2 phi (golden ratio) x 2268 = 111.543828. Go to and insert formula.

The angle between the east- west line and the line from the obelisk to the north-eastern corner

of Khufu's Pyramid is 111.54 degrees..." .

A common fraction for Pi is 22/7. The number sequence 227 appears at 484 digits into Pi .

This is again very close to the height of the Giza Pyramid of 482 feet when built. Some believe

the Great Pyramid may have been as much as 484 feet high. .

Another odd coincidence in number sequences between these mystical numbers and the

pyramids ? Perhaps. The Reader must decide.

4. Another fraction for Pi is 355/113 see: .

5. If one inserts the number sequence 355113 into the Pi calculator one gets a large number

that begins with 1352. .

6. It turns out that the number 13.52 has deep mystical significance. .

It is "The number symbol of our Temporal World" scroll down half way on previous link. This is

associated with a Circle. Like Pi. It is also associated with the Norse Galdrastafr or Torch of Life

"its outer circle is symbolic of the world serpent" See article above. For more on the Torch of

Life see: .


The Torch is the symbol of the illuminati. Enlightment by the dark light of the fires of hell.

1134 hell four-squares the Great Pyramid. "The Torch of Life was born 108 days after the

Rising of Sirius over the Giza Plateau..." see previous link , scroll down 30%. More coincidence?

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