Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pentagon Memorial links Choronzon 333 to Euler

For those who believe that the attacks of 9/11 were not linked to the Occult, the evidence that

they were continues to grow. Coincidence, as a simple mathematical exercise, becomes ever

weaker an "explanation". This article provides additional numerical evidence that adds to

previous material on other articles by this writer.


1. The numerology of the Euler Constant .577 is replete throughout the Pentagon. There is also

a connection to the London attacks of 7-7-5 and the tallest building in Mecca 775 Feet tall. Euler

wrote a book on the phases of the moon which was 775 pages long and the crescent moon is the

symbol of Islam, based in Mecca , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. .


2. The plane struck the Pentagon at 9:37 a.m. EST.

3. See photos of Pentagon 9/11 Memorial: / / .

WHAT IS 9:37?

4. 9 x 37 = 333. This number is associated with the demon Choronzon. It has been used

extensively by the Illuminati. / and scroll down

20% .

5. What is 9? 3x3x3 as in the previous 333. Also 3x3 or the 33rd Degree of Freemasonry .

The NINE is also linked to a group of Superhuman beings of an unknown nature: Scroll to near

bottom - .

6 What is 37? A number linked to 666. 37 x 18 is 666. 37 x (6+6+6) = 666. It is the largest

prime number divisible into 666. .


7. The Euler Constant is .577 . It is an infinite irrational number like PHI or Pi. From midnight

until 9:00a.m. there are 60 minutes to the hour. Multiplied by 9 hours it is 540 minutes. If you

add 37 to 540 , You have -coincidentally- 577 Minutes. The numbers of the Euler Constant

noted previously as having a link to the Pentagon and London attacks.

8. The number of dead in the attack is said to be 184. 18 x 4 = 72. There are 72 degrees in a

Pentagram. There are 540 degrees in the interior angles of a Pentagram.

72 Degrees and Pentagram: .

1+8+3 = 13. The number of the witches coven. More coincidences?

9. The number sequence 577 appears four times in the first 1,000 digits of Pi. .

First place at 454 : 2 x 227 is 454. Pi is also known as 22/7 - .

Second place at 612: The number 612 is associated with Mecca, The Kabbalah and the Apothem

of the Great Pyramid of Giza. . There

are allegedly 612 formulas in a Bible based code. .

Third place at 837: The number 837 is 3x3x3x31. . This

could be 333 x 31 or the 13 in reverse. Another way is 2 x 37 x 2 x 2 or 23722. If one reverses

this one gets 22732. Again we have 22/7 and the number 32. Further, the number 8 x the

number 37 is the same as the number 37 x the number 8. The number 378 has extensive links

to Mayan architecture. .

More coincidence?

Fourth place at 993: 3 x 331 = 993. Again the 333 and the 31. Reversed at 1333 or the 13th of

the witches and the Freemason 33. Coincidentally, 9 x 93 = 837 or the previous number noting

the 3rd place where 577 appears as sequence in pi. The number 9 is implicit in the 9/11 attacks

and Flight 93 crashed into the field in Pennsylvania. The crescent like memorial for Flight 93

is reminscent of the crescent moon , again, note Euler's 775 page book on the phases of the

moon and The Flight 93 memorial is "oriented towards Mecca" .


The only group in the western world that utilizes mecca / muslim symbolism is the Shriners.

They are freemasons. Could this be a clue as to who or what is behind the attacks? Scroll down

90% . Shriners and crescent moon .

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