Saturday, January 17, 2009

Law of Sea Treaty links CIA Panetta to Moonies

Recent news has indicated that President Obama will appoint Leon Panetta as his CIA chief.

Part of Mr. Panetta's background has been to push for the Senate ratification and passage of the

so called LOST or Law of Sea Treaty , which would basically give control of the world's oceans

to the corrupt, evil bureacracy known as the United Nations.

The UN is currently run by a suspected Moonie and the Reverend Sun Myung Moon has a title

bestowing upon himself the name King of the Oceans. Reverend Moon considers himself to be

the Messiah and has come to Earth to finish the failed mission of Jesus Christ. He is frequently

seen breaking crosses and members of Congress have attended his Coronation Ceremony in

Washington , D.C.

The LOST connection to Leon Panetta needs to be explored fully before he is given the power

at CIA to blackmail those Senators who still oppose the treaty. LOST along with the push for a

North American Union between Canada, The USA and Mexico, and the pressure to have the

USA sign the Kyoto Protocol of the Global Warming / Greenhouse Emissions bogus science

treaty will be the three nails on the cross wiping out what little sovereignty is left. This will pave

the way for Global Government and the rise of the Antichrist-led New World Order.

1. Leon Panetta at CIA - .

2. Law of Sea Treaty Destroys Sovereignty: "Key elements" of "World Government" and see video .

3. Leon Panetta link to Law of Sea Treaty (more than minimal to say the least) - He has " a

passion for the world's oceans."

The Panetta-led Pews Oceans Commission is dedicated to signing LOST. .

One of the founders of the Pews Trust that pays for the Commission was a member of a secret

society similar to Yale Skull and Bones that operates behind a veil of always. . See Section on "Beyond Cornell" in the previous

link indicating that Quill and Dagger members include Paul Wolfowitz , Stephen Hadley and

other neocon members of the Bush Administration. The Pew trusts fund the illuminati "British

American Project". scroll down 50% . Pew and "American

Fascism" .

"It is not an organization that can be expected to protect the liberty of the masses of the

american public" scroll

down 80%.

4. The Reverend Sun Myung Moon has extensive financial interests in the seafood business

and is described as The King of the Oceans.,0,3736876.story and also .

5. Alleged Moonie influence at the United Nations.


We are going to lose every bit of our freedom - unless we resist the evil every inch of the

way. Here is the Definition of Sovereignty. Read it while it still exists. .


Virgilio said...

To The Holy Spirit Army


I just wanted to comment regarding what you knew and said about Rev. Sun Myung Moon. First of all he is not having a connivance with the UN. He established the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) as a counterpart of what you have called Evil United Nation. He does not allow war to resolve national problems. He is a Man who always aiming for Global Peace and promotes Headwing Ideology (Godism). Before you make any comments against Him. Please try to know first His teachings "The Divine Principle." Through that you will see His purpose why He is called as King of the Ocean. But actually not just King of the Ocean but King of Kings and True Parents of Mankind (Truely the Mesiah). Seek for His teachings and you will know the truth. He is very concern not just to you and your family but throughout human kind. I'm hoping that before you reply to this comments of mine first be sure that you finish knowing all the chapters of the Divine Principle. God Bless!

Virgilio said...


Here is one of the website for you to browse to know Rev. Sun Myung Moon and His teachings.

Thank you and I hope you will look for it. God Bless!!!

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