Wednesday, January 21, 2009

333 555 Cult links Chief Justice Roberts to Obama and Harry Reid

Chief Justice John Roberts , whose epilepsy was hidden when seeking confirmation , and Barry

Soetoro , also known as Barack Obama , whose Birth Certificate was hidden while seeking the US

Presidency, are Brothers. They are members of the 555 Cult or the Brotherhood of Bormann.

The illuminati stamp-of-approval is imbued heavily on both of them. They both already

engaged in the first cover-up of the new regime. The second , secret, swearing-in Ceremony that

took place in the masonic designed White House , closed to the public. No one even knows what

Bible he really swore on....the satanic bible , perhaps?

This particular article here notes the presence of the 555 numerology that surrounds Obama,

the leader of the Executive Branch of Government, Chief Justice Roberts, the leader of the

Judicial Branch of office and Harry Reid, the leader of the Legislative Branch of Government.


It is a hidden way of saying or writing 666 - the number of the beast. Proof: The Washington

Monument is 555 feet tall or 6,660 inches. / .

1. President Barack Obama and 555: His address while in the Senate was 555. .

The law firm in which he met his wife Michelle, Sidley Austin has at least two 555 addresses: .

His wife , Michelle Obama , has another connection to a 555 addressed firm. .

2. Chief Justice John Roberts previous law firm also has a 555 address. .

3. Senator Harry Reid is the leader of the Senate. His office address in Las Vegas, Nevada is of

course, 333. The other odd number in the 555 and 333 network. The other Nevada Senator has

his address at 555 and THE GOVERNOR of the State has his at a separate 555 address. Is this

normal? Can anyone really say this is a coincidence? .

4. 333 divided by 555 is .6 and 555 divided by 333 is 1.66666667. How interesting....


Chief Justice John Roberts is married to another lawyer. She is Jane Sullivan Roberts. She is

linked to Opus Dei. So is the Chief Justice. .

GUESS WHAT??? Jane Sullivan Roberts works at a law firm that also has multiple 555 address

locations. and . .

Harry Reid is a Mormon which many consider to be a cult. Opus Dei is considered a cult. Obama

is an unknown. He has gone to a muslim madrassa. He has attended Catholic school. He has

been a member of the controversial Church run by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. What he is

appears to be a religious chameleon. This 555 krewe RUNS ALL THREE BRANCHES OF THE

US GOVERNMENT. Do the math ... 555 = 666.


MissReality said...

Hey, I'm in a time crunch at the moment, but I've been reading this blog for about a year now, and I was wondering if you had any information on giants or Nephilim(Spelling might be wrong, I'm frazzled)? I don't think it would be anyting that you would put in your blog, so I don't know yet if I should start skimming through your previous articles that I might have missed.

Holy Spirit Army said...

Many believe the giants are the Nephilim and vice versa. There is a question about their being giants in size or if they had "giant" powers or intellect - superhuman in one way or another. I have written articles with these themes included,but I do not focus on them. You may also wish to see or for more articles of interest. In the scoreboard link go down to Illuminati networks exposed.

I appreciate your interest. If you wish to contact me directly since I do not communicate much online person to person, please let Ron Hicks,at the scoreboard site get contact info for you.

I have had good reason to be cautious. Take Care, :)

MissReality said...

Thanks! I always was interested in archaeological evidence that fitted literal descriptions found in ancient religious texts once thought to be metaphorical.

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