Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dean Ing Predicted Romney Huntsman LDS 2012

A new religious dictatorship is about to rise in the world. It was predicted by speculative fiction

writer Dean Ing. He wrote several novels roughly 25 to 30 years ago in which a post-apocalyptic

America is led by a Mormon / Latter Day Saints dictatorship. Professor Ing notes that the LDS

cadres are well led, well supplied, make survivalism a creed and follow the call of unified and

effective leadership. They do not drink , smoke , swear , use drugs and have many children ,

which is something that among white women globally is unusual. They are capitalist. They have

money. They are well-armed. They are based in Utah far from the soon to be flooded coasts.

The new Area 51 is in their State. When the apocalypse arrives it will fall to their control. and the Mormon Political Conquest Council of

Fifty authorized a project to secure Mormon nuclear weapons in Australia.,4,78mormon.htm .

A religious group that believes Jesus and Lucifer are brothers will gain control of alien / ET

technology from the new Area 51 in their back yard and have nukes. All they need is a false

flag armageddon - which they will be best suite to survive. See novels which highlight the

predictions of Dean Ing - and .

In 2012, the Republican ticket will have two Mormons on it. Romney and Huntsman. They will

start the war against Iran. The Russians and Chinese will be drawn in. An LDS dictatorship will

rise from the ashes. It will unveil ET technology. It will be organized and have food. It will

demand conversion to their faith. They are, after all, descendants of the tribe of Dan, .

Jon Huntsman was ambassador the Red China. He was sent there to prepare for the arrival of a

vast Chinese army wearing the blue helmets of the UN. The occupying force for those areas of

the USA that pose armed resistance to the LDS dictatorship. Be ready. The White House will

never again see a "normal" Christian as its resident again (if it ever has). Are you ready? You

better be - 'cuz , THE SAINTS ARE MARCHIN' IN and it looks like the Goosestep.

Bangkok flooded for Sins - End Times Warning 2012

The past is a predictor of the future. In the Old Testament everyone has heard of the Great

Flood and that most cultures have a story or legend of the massive destructive flood, unlike any

ever seen before or since. . The legends indicate that the

flooding was a result of massive misconduct by the human species - a collective punishment for

failure to listen to WORD OF G-D. .

Bangkok is the World Capital of Sin. .

Bangkok is now under water. The city of 12 million is basically underwater. The evil is being

washed away. Yet again, it is a harbinger of things to come. The reminder from the ancient past

is a wake up call for the punishment by fire - to begin on December 21, 2012. The Mayan End of

Times. The time when the calendar literally stops. See flood - and .

Mayan Calendar ends - .

The Illuminati prepare to assume total global control. The have little time. The pressure on all

resistance elements will be severe. Hold the line. Resist bravely. Soon, very soon, there will be,

as noted in the Book of Revelations - A NEW HEAVEN - A NEW EARTH - A NEW JERUSALEM

Have faith. Do what you can to prepare. Continue the Struggle.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Seventy Sons of God link to Ra Pyramid Angle

The number 70 appears to link the concept of the Seventy Sons of God or sons of Asherah, a

semitic pagan deity, with the maximum angle a pyramid's sides should be before the power of

the pyramid becomes negative and distorted. Whether this is coincidence or not is unknown at

present. and .

Channeling of an entity known as Ra indicates that the maximum degree angle for a pyramid

should not exceed 70 degrees. Anything more and it becomes negative energy creation and

distortion. The following article notes that the pyramid casino hotel complex in Las Vegas ,

Nevada has a 78 degree angle and is a place of negative energy. and it should be noted that the very evil exhibit

called BODIES has moved to the Luxor Pyramid. and this exhibit has

already been linked to the Illuminati. and see also the Titanic exhibit

which is ongoing in the pyramid as well. . The

sinking of the Titanic was also linked to the Illuminati. .

78 is 13 x 6. 6 x 13 could also be 613 or the number of laws in the Torah. .

See Ra teachings (veracity unknown) - .

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Illuminati Pillsbury links Herman Cain to Kofi Annan

The illuminati create caricatures. Black politicians are now in vogue. The NWO allowed Obama,

a Kenyan that is ineligible to be the President of the USA, into the White House. He was a left-

wing puppet. Now, comes Herman Cain, he bears the Mark of Cain, upside down 9-9-9 is 666.

Prior to either of them reaching or aspiring to reach the pinnacle of illuminati puppet power,

there was Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of the United Nations. He was pure illuminati bred.

Masonic links going back to his father and his father's employer Unilever. See: .

Pillsbury is Illuminati - links to Skull and Bones: and .

Pillsbury is linked to Kofi Annan:

Pillsbury is linked to Herman Cain: .

Herman Cain is member of a Fraternity whose symbol is replete with Illuminati symbols. . .

CONCLUSION: The illuminati rule the Western World. No one rises to the top without their

evil blessing and approval. The Mark of Cain. AMABO the Kenyan. Kofi Freemason Annan. The

old boss...looks a lot like the new boss- as the rock group The Who used to sing. Whistle along, it

is the marching song of NWO Fascism as it goose steps on the road to the Apocalypse.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Texecutioner Rick Perry link to alleged Zionist Cult

There are billboards in certain sad parts of the USA that show a picture of George W. Bush and

say "miss me yet"? The answer is "no" dubya... You should never have been allowed into the

White House, even to scrub the toilets used by the tourists. However, there are those that wish

to replay and relive the disaster known as the Dubya Era. Their chance for this to happen is with

the election of Governor Rick Perry of Texas. A fellow Texecutioner that followed on the heels of

Bush into the Governor's mansion in Texas.

Close links have been noted to a Zionist power player in the USA. Irwin Katsoff. He is known

as Rick Perry's Rabbi. .

Mr. Irwin Katsoff has ties to an ultra-orthodox Jewish group which some describe as a cult. This

writer is not fit to determine what is or is not a cult. This writer merely provides the information

to the reader that is publicly available. Aish HaTorah and also www.timesonline.couk/tol/life_and_style/article507241.ece .

The Baptist preacher that supports Perry and spoke out against Romney because of his faith

in the Mormonoid religion, needs to ...just maybe.... take a closer look at Rick Perry. Tell me who

you are with and I will tell you who you are. Right?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Romney Believes Jesus and Lucifer are Brothers

This is not slander. This is not libel. This is a core belief of the Mormon faith / religion / cult.

What this group really is depends, of course, on the reader. Like they say in France, one man's

fish is another man's poison. Recently, a Baptist preacher that supports the Dubya Bush clone

known as Governor Perry, another Texecutioner from TEXXXASS, said the obvious...Mormons

are not Christians. This is true. They do not believe in the crucifixion. They do not believe in the

Resurrection. Without this, Jesus is just another nice guy. With this belief, they are akin to Islam

that holds Jesus in some esteem as a minor prophet, but do not believe in the Crucifixion or

Resurrection either. Moslems are honest. They do not claim or pretend to be Christians unlike

Romney and the Mormonites.

SEE: .

Mormons believe that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers. Romeny is a mormon in good standing

and therefore that is what he believes as well. and This clearly - repeat - clearly goes

against and contradicts the CHRISTIAN BELIEF that Jesus is the only begotten Son of G-D. See .

This is just the start of numerous unusual (when compared to real Christianity) beliefs of the

Mormonic Cult. Not one in twenty American citizens would feel comfortable having a leader that

had these beliefs in the White House. If one were to expose the top 100 odd beliefs of mormon

ideology and ask Romney if he believed that and he was held to answer "yes" or "no" in a true

manner - he would never be elected to any office in this Country outside of Utah or a few next-

door States with large mormonite clusters of population. He has the Right to believe what he

wants but it is the Right of the American People to know the CORE VALUE BELIEFS of the man

that will inhabit the Masonic Temple known as THE WHITE they not?