Friday, July 29, 2011

Tea Party Default aimed at stopping Rise of China

The Tea Party is deep cover Patriot network psyop. This is typical of those "color" revolutions

that happen all over the world linked to the CIA and George Soros. The Tea Party has no leader,

no headquarters, no real structure. It is an amorphous model based on the autonomous cell,

leaderless resistance, which extreme right radicals in the Patriot movement of the USA use.

The goal is not to balance the budget. The goal is to default on the debt. Plain and Simple. They

want default. That means no more loans which means no more debt and the debt that exists is

knocked out. What is also knocked out is Red China and the less importantly, the hostile oil

States which depend on the USA consumption of oil to fill their coffers with money to then use

against the USA. If the USA economy falls. The oil economies of Iran , Saudi Arabia , Russia

and Venezuela fall as well. Cuba lives off of Venezuelan money now and it will collapse. China

will collapse into revolution when its urban masses face no jobs, no food and no hope. The USA

will survive. We have food. We have nukes. No can come and collect the debt by force - not yet.

The fascist patriot network behind this process is concerned about the sale of the USA to

Red China in secret by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - a fire sale. Her husband Bill Clinton

also known as Slick Willy, gave China the tools and technology to become a Super Power. He

committed treason. A coup attempt was squashed by violence. The Tea Party is going to force

a default to save us from slavery to Red China. The more debt- the more we cede power to them

-until we have to give them Alaska , Hawaii, Guam , Puerto Rico in payment. Until we have to

withdraw from Japan and Korea. Until we bow to the Red Mandarins as trembling lackeys.

The Tea Party will spare us from this although the cost will be steep. The Tea Party will replace

Red Slavery with the Black slavery of Fascism. A Cabal of Shadows to rule us rather than the

Maoists. Freedom of Choice. That is what you may call it. Be prepared for the rise of evil. Pray

for deliverance. Be prepared to go underground. Store food and water NOW. Get silver coins and

Mexican and Canadian currency if you are near the borders. Be prepared for martial law. Good

Luck and God Speed to all who resist the rise of the illuminati.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Default Crisis is Staged and Planned by Banksters

There is a fake battle going on right now. The left and Obama blame the Tea Party kooks for

the crisis and inability to raise the debt limit. In fact, they are both playing out a script. They are

both playing roles in a drama to create an "excuse" or "crisis" to default on the debt on purpose.

The USA owes 14.3 Trillion. The USA has 5% of the World's population. We owe more money

than the global net worth of the entire planet and the rest of the 95% of our sad species. The

debt will be NEVER BE PAID. We will never pay the debt. We will never pay the interest on the

debt. NEVER. The answer is hyperinflation which would destroy the economy. The other

answer is eternal slavery to an unpayable debt like a pakistani mud brick maker that gets more

in debt to his "employer" each passing day. The more he works...the deeper into the hole due to

payments for room and board and so forth. It is a scam. It is not workable. It is doomed to fail.

The only way out is war. Dangerous. We could lose or get hurt here in the homeland real bad.

We could cut spending to the bone and still never pay the debt and risk revolution. We could

declare National Bankruptcy and then we would be admitting we have gone bust.


We go bankrupt without saying that is what we are doing. All of the creditors will be sitting

around the table with Obama to negotiate what they are IN FACT going to get paid. If they do

not cut a deal - they do not get paid a penny. The debtor, the USA is back in the driver's seat

and no one will loan us money for decades which means we must balance the budget and live

without borrowing and within our means. No one can force us to pay. We have food and nukes.

Some countries have nukes but no food - like North Korea. Other countries have food but no

nukes - like Argentina. We have both. No one can collect. No one can seize Alaska or Hawaii as

payment. All the creditors can do is come to some deal or get nothing and then collapse since

they will not survive not getting paid. This is a way to get rid of China and the Muslim oil States.

A BRILLIANT PLAN - Bravo Obama and Tea kooks ! Your service to the banksters will be well

paid. 2-3 years from now, the USA will have a clean balance sheet. Those foolish enough to have

loaned the US Government money will be in the poorhouse. This is what is being played out now.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pi Neptune links Biker Mormon Lake Murder Suicide

It is obvious that a massive global illuminist linked blood sacrifice linked to water, ruled by

Neptune/Poseidon, in mythical beliefs, occurred on the July 22, 2011. A previous article noted

that there is a link between the numerology of 7-22, which in Europe is 22-7. This coincides with

Pi, which can be described as 22/7. July 22 also happens to be celebrated as St. Mary Magdalene

Day in the Catholic and other Christian Churches. She of course is famous as the bride of Jesus

and mother of his child or children, according to the semi-fictional DaVinci Code movie and book.

The murder of 92, now 93 people by the wingnut from Norway on the same day included the

bulk of the killing taking place on an island with youth being slaughtered in the water. The death

toll is now at 93 - a number linked with Thelema, The "religion" of Great Beast / Black magician

Aleister Crowley. See: and Thelema 93 at .

On the same fateful day, in Mormon Lake, Arizona, more deaths near water by gunfire. See: .

Water is a critical element in psychic power ritual work of many kinds both good and evil. .

See also Neptune role in death: and Neptune

just entered its ruling sign of Pisces in April of 2011. It is starting to make its presence known. .

Pisces is also the sign that rules over victims. In this case, victims associated with water or liquid

as with the Mormon Lake biker that was drunk and killed others and then himself. Drunk=drink

or liquid or water of some sort. Fire water as the Native Americans used to call it. .

Expect new developments in Naval technology and warfare whose ultimate goal is to kill people

and that OUT OF THE ETERNAL SEA HE RISES - just like the Norway killer shooting youth

like ducks in a barrel. . Expect more news

of a dramatic kind having to do with the element of water. 4/5 of the Earth is water as is water

the main component of blood. Stay tuned...more killer whales headed to shore. Good luck!.

See also: www.scoreboard-canada.htm/babylon-625pythagoras.htm and .

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pi and DaVinci Code link to Norway Mass Murder

The illuminati do everything by the numbers. They are by the book. A book that is steeped in

hyper-dimensional mathematics. Recent tragic events in Oslo, Norway and lake Utoya, Norway,

are no exception. They need more blood spilled. They are desperately trying to open a stargate

to hell. They have a time table. On July 22, 2011, horror was unleashed in Norway. .

A man with an "interest" in Freemasonry and right-wing politics , Anders Behring Breivik, is

said to have detonated a bomb in Oslo and then attacked a youth group on an island in Lake

Utoya, Norway.

7-22 is also 22-7 in Europe or 22/7 which is an ancient way of writing or describing Pi. .

July 22 is also Mary Magdalene Day - which is featured as the bride of Jesus in the DaVinci

Code, fictional or "fictional" novel and movies. .

See photo of Behring Breivik in full masonic regalia. .

The 92 dead = 9/II or a metaphor for 9/11 false flag attacks by zionists in disguise as arabs.

CONCLUSION: Leo Zagami warned us of the presence of Freemason illuminati elements in

Norway but no one listened. Now, a terrible price has been paid. .

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Execution of Mexican National 7-7-11 link to 666

Texas continues to be the human sacrifice disguised as Justice and legal "execution" Capital of

the world. Governor Rick Perry needed a human sacrifice to assist him in his bid for psychic

power to make it into the White House. A House drenched in the blood of men that must kill and

shed blood in homage to the Dark Powers to reside within its haunted walls.



(Execution of Humberto Leal Garcia)

2. It is exactly 666 days from 9/9/09. Illuminists use 999 as a disguised 666. .

3. Texas has been prime human sacrifice / so-called legal execution ground for some time. The

satanic Bush family engaged in unprecedented blood sacrifice between the brothers while one

was Governor of Texas and the other in Florida. Governor Perry was the second in command

for Dubya in Texas. He now steps into the death shoes of the dunce that ruined the economy of

the world. .

4. This is part of the 33 rd parallel human sacrifice for psychic power phenomenon which

included the death of Osama Bin Laden on Walpurgis Night which was announced on Beltane.

See: a)

b) . The 33rd parallel runs through Pakistan.

5. Obama get his occult 33rd parallel Osama sacrifice and Rick Perry responds. One of the two

will be our next President. IF Perry kills two more, he will have achieved the power of threes.

He will win a stay at The Black House. A stay there immediately begins to age the resident and

occupant of the Presidency. You have all seen it with your own said it must be "stress"

but you were ... wrong.

6. Expect Obama to respond with another high level "terrorist" kill. Expect it to happen on an

Occult holiday of one kind or another. Perry will respond in kind. Whoever kills more on the

33rd parallel - on Occult holidays - will win in November 2012. Rick Perry has set the record

for executions of any Governor in modern history if not all history in the USA.

Perry has indirect links to the CIA, Neo-Confederates and The Nazi 4t Reich. .

For additional references see - Perry or Obama? Only blood

will tell. Further, 7 x 7 x 11 = 539. The skyscraper known as 14 Wall Street is 539 feet tall. It is

topped with a pyramid. . "Instantly a standard

bearer in the downtown skyline, 14 Wall Street went on to become a widely recognised symbol

of Wall Street and American Capitalism". See further connection Secret Society Capitalism and

the illuminati. . Connection or Coincidence? You


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Noah's Ark rest spot Mt. Ararat linked to 666 Sudan

Southwestern anti-Illuminati resistance activities have resumed. It was necessary to go deep

underground to avoid a sweep by hunter-killer NWO squads that recently passed through the

Arizona-Mexico border region. Fortunately, a mole within the evil organization tipped off the

underground. None were killed - - or worse...taken alive.

Recent numerological information reveals a link between Mt. Ararat in modern Turkey, the

mythical resting place of Noah's Ark and the number 666. Investigation has revealed this odd

link or connection. It hints that actor George Clooney is involved in trying to save the messiah

child - soon to be born in South Sudan from extinction and genocide. There is a desperate race

going on since the antichrist is being born into a masonic family. Location - still unknown.

1. Noah's Ark and Mt. Ararat =


3. The Golden Ratio appears in Noah's Ark, the Bible and 666.

4. 666 inches = 16.9164 meters. Go to and insert formula to verify.

5. Washington Monument is 555 feet tall or 16916 cm in height. .

6. Mt. Ararat is 16,916 feet tall. Scroll down 30%. .

7. There is a Masonic Degree called the Royal Ark Mariner. Rudyard Kipling who wrote of the
"White man's burden" attained it in 1887. .

8. The sea must have seemed eternal to Noah as he waited for those rains to subside and the

flood waters to receded before he landed at Mt. Ararat. Mt. Ararat rose from this eternal sea

and gave Noah, the first freemason, safe haven. .


CONCLUSION: The antichrist will be a Freemason. George Clooney was born on May6, 1961

which is 16,916 in reverse. . He is trying

to stop the Genocide of Christians in South Sudan. Clooney South Sudan. The

Sudan in the 1800s had a muslim messiah. He was the son of a boatbuilder. . COINCIDENCE? Really...?