Monday, July 25, 2011

Default Crisis is Staged and Planned by Banksters

There is a fake battle going on right now. The left and Obama blame the Tea Party kooks for

the crisis and inability to raise the debt limit. In fact, they are both playing out a script. They are

both playing roles in a drama to create an "excuse" or "crisis" to default on the debt on purpose.

The USA owes 14.3 Trillion. The USA has 5% of the World's population. We owe more money

than the global net worth of the entire planet and the rest of the 95% of our sad species. The

debt will be NEVER BE PAID. We will never pay the debt. We will never pay the interest on the

debt. NEVER. The answer is hyperinflation which would destroy the economy. The other

answer is eternal slavery to an unpayable debt like a pakistani mud brick maker that gets more

in debt to his "employer" each passing day. The more he works...the deeper into the hole due to

payments for room and board and so forth. It is a scam. It is not workable. It is doomed to fail.

The only way out is war. Dangerous. We could lose or get hurt here in the homeland real bad.

We could cut spending to the bone and still never pay the debt and risk revolution. We could

declare National Bankruptcy and then we would be admitting we have gone bust.


We go bankrupt without saying that is what we are doing. All of the creditors will be sitting

around the table with Obama to negotiate what they are IN FACT going to get paid. If they do

not cut a deal - they do not get paid a penny. The debtor, the USA is back in the driver's seat

and no one will loan us money for decades which means we must balance the budget and live

without borrowing and within our means. No one can force us to pay. We have food and nukes.

Some countries have nukes but no food - like North Korea. Other countries have food but no

nukes - like Argentina. We have both. No one can collect. No one can seize Alaska or Hawaii as

payment. All the creditors can do is come to some deal or get nothing and then collapse since

they will not survive not getting paid. This is a way to get rid of China and the Muslim oil States.

A BRILLIANT PLAN - Bravo Obama and Tea kooks ! Your service to the banksters will be well

paid. 2-3 years from now, the USA will have a clean balance sheet. Those foolish enough to have

loaned the US Government money will be in the poorhouse. This is what is being played out now.


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