Sunday, July 10, 2011

Execution of Mexican National 7-7-11 link to 666

Texas continues to be the human sacrifice disguised as Justice and legal "execution" Capital of

the world. Governor Rick Perry needed a human sacrifice to assist him in his bid for psychic

power to make it into the White House. A House drenched in the blood of men that must kill and

shed blood in homage to the Dark Powers to reside within its haunted walls.



(Execution of Humberto Leal Garcia)

2. It is exactly 666 days from 9/9/09. Illuminists use 999 as a disguised 666. .

3. Texas has been prime human sacrifice / so-called legal execution ground for some time. The

satanic Bush family engaged in unprecedented blood sacrifice between the brothers while one

was Governor of Texas and the other in Florida. Governor Perry was the second in command

for Dubya in Texas. He now steps into the death shoes of the dunce that ruined the economy of

the world. .

4. This is part of the 33 rd parallel human sacrifice for psychic power phenomenon which

included the death of Osama Bin Laden on Walpurgis Night which was announced on Beltane.

See: a)

b) . The 33rd parallel runs through Pakistan.

5. Obama get his occult 33rd parallel Osama sacrifice and Rick Perry responds. One of the two

will be our next President. IF Perry kills two more, he will have achieved the power of threes.

He will win a stay at The Black House. A stay there immediately begins to age the resident and

occupant of the Presidency. You have all seen it with your own said it must be "stress"

but you were ... wrong.

6. Expect Obama to respond with another high level "terrorist" kill. Expect it to happen on an

Occult holiday of one kind or another. Perry will respond in kind. Whoever kills more on the

33rd parallel - on Occult holidays - will win in November 2012. Rick Perry has set the record

for executions of any Governor in modern history if not all history in the USA.

Perry has indirect links to the CIA, Neo-Confederates and The Nazi 4t Reich. .

For additional references see - Perry or Obama? Only blood

will tell. Further, 7 x 7 x 11 = 539. The skyscraper known as 14 Wall Street is 539 feet tall. It is

topped with a pyramid. . "Instantly a standard

bearer in the downtown skyline, 14 Wall Street went on to become a widely recognised symbol

of Wall Street and American Capitalism". See further connection Secret Society Capitalism and

the illuminati. . Connection or Coincidence? You



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