Sunday, July 25, 2010

Inception Room Numerology links DiCaprio to Alcyone

In this writer's opinion , the best new movie in some time is INCEPTION , starting Leonardo

DiCaprio. The movie is about dreams or literally that life "is but a dream". This writer will not

give away the plot but will note that a segment of the movie takes place in hotel rooms with the

numbers 528 and 491. There is script or dialogue stating that 491 is just below 528. This makes

no sense. In any actual hotel , rather than a dream hotel , Room 428 should be below room 528.

This writer decided to research the numerology behind the room numbers and discovered that

the answer may lie in some of his own previous articles. Leonardo.... are you reading this?

1. The Number 528:

This number is the so-called Solfeggio Frequency. It is the frequency of "Transformation and

Miracles" and it is also

linked to the Knight Templar idol Baphomet. . See further: and .

2. The Number 491 is linked or code for 666. How? U.S. Route 666 is 194 miles long or 491 in

reverse AND when U.S. Route 666 was renumbered it was given 491 as its new "name". .

3. The previously released TITANIC movie , also starring Leonardo DiCaprio , exposed him as

the new Grandmaster of the Prior of Sion. It was 194 minutes long which is the same as the

number of miles in the Devil's Highway , now renumbered to 491. .

4. In the movie INCEPTION , 491 is "below" 528. This makes sense since 666 is linked to

Hell or the under or below world and 528 is linked to Heaven the upper world. The Solfeggio

frequencies are used to "Practice Heaven" .

5. In "Illuminati Cipher" the number 194 is linked to points within a circle and the Great

Central Sun. . The Great Central Sun of the

Freemasons is the star Alcyone. Scroll to near bottom. .

6. In ancient greek mythology Alcyone , like the movie INCEPTION , is linked to Dreams. .


It is odd that the movie Inception begins with DiCaprio washed up on the shore like Ceyx the

husband of Alcyone. The masonic connection is obvious. This further adds to the suspicion in

many minds that Leonardo DiCaprio is the GrandMaster of the Priory of Sion . He is telling us

that but a dream .... in a matrix controlled by the Illuminati.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

666 Cubits Tower rise over Sydney

Activity inside Australia has raised question about Illuminati involvement and

control over this nation. For Australia See: and .

The tallest builing in Australia is the Sydney Tower. It is 305 meters tall. or google 305 meter sydney tower.

If you go to and insert 666 Cubits , the answer is 304.4952 meters. Roughly

speaking this is 305 meters. And... who gets out with a measuring tape to see exactly what the

height is of these buildings? What this means is that the TALLEST STRUCTURE IN THE LAND

DOWN UNDER IS 666 CUBITS IN HEIGHT. Can this be coincidence? No one noticed this? The

Engineers and Architects didn't realize this? Really ???

Many consider these needle pointed towers to the sky to be reminiscent of The Tower of

Babylon and Masonic Phallic Symbols. .

What group would have the power to ensure this around the world? The Illuminati.