Sunday, July 11, 2010

666 Cubits Tower rise over Sydney

Activity inside Australia has raised question about Illuminati involvement and

control over this nation. For Australia See: and .

The tallest builing in Australia is the Sydney Tower. It is 305 meters tall. or google 305 meter sydney tower.

If you go to and insert 666 Cubits , the answer is 304.4952 meters. Roughly

speaking this is 305 meters. And... who gets out with a measuring tape to see exactly what the

height is of these buildings? What this means is that the TALLEST STRUCTURE IN THE LAND

DOWN UNDER IS 666 CUBITS IN HEIGHT. Can this be coincidence? No one noticed this? The

Engineers and Architects didn't realize this? Really ???

Many consider these needle pointed towers to the sky to be reminiscent of The Tower of

Babylon and Masonic Phallic Symbols. .

What group would have the power to ensure this around the world? The Illuminati.