Thursday, December 31, 2009

Airline Disaster Flight Numbers linked to 666

The modern day illuminati-controlled mass media is punctuated sporadically with "breaking

news" of an airline disaster or crash. This writer did an analysis of the number 666 in math

Bases other than ten. The results showed that all 3-digit permutations of 666 in bases other

than 10 matched nearly 100% to Flight crashes or disasters or bizarre incidents.

With the sheer volume of aircraft flying, this could be explained by random number sequence,

chance or large number theory. This writer does not dispute that. This writer does concede that.

This writer merely will show the reader the near 100% statistical correlation between number

666 in bases other than 10 and then , as always , the reader must decide the meaning, if any,

contained therein.


1. The number 666 - a Positive integer - analysis link: .

2. 820 , 556 , 476 , 358 , 253 , 210 , 186 , 131 are the three-digit numbers noted on the link

which form the equivalent of 666 in mathematical bases other than ten. In base 10 , the decimal

system , the number we know as 666 is 666. That is the system of numbers used in daily life.

(For those who may not be clear on the mathematics)...

3. Flight 820 -

4. Flight 556 -

5. Flight 476-

6. Flight 358- another Flight 358 crash at

7. Flight 253-

8. Flight 210-

9. Flight 131- Illuminati Fiction Flight:

10. Flight 186- Illuminati Fiction Flight:


The next Illuminati inspired Airline "Terrorism" incident or plane crash will be either Flight

186 or less likely reality-imitates-art Flight 131. You read it here first. Both numbers will

come up in tragedy within 666 days of this posting. You read that first here as well.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

United Nations Plaza located at 666th Root of Pi

Another curiosity just discovered is the address for the famous or infamous UN Building in

New York City. Many believe that the United Nations is the proto-fascist precursor to a World

Government ruled ultimately by the horror known as the antichrist. The reign of evil will not

come through chaos and anarchy but through government...the linchpin of Civilization itself.

See Background articles on UN and the Occult: and .

1. The 666th Root of Pi as noted in the google calculator is: 1.00172029

2. The Zip Code of The United Nations Plaza is 10017

Go to , insert 666th root of pi - for answer.

Go to , insert United Nations 10017 - for verification .


Another odd coincidence or evidence of an extensive matrix-like network at work? Something

hidden in plain sight , reeking of an evil you can feel...but never quite define or quantify - until

now. Can all of these connections be simply happenstance or evidence that the very "reality"

that we exist in is a numerological prison controlled by the Illuminati? You ... must decide.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Northwest Flight 253 Shoe Bomber linked to 666

Yes...I know... not again. But sadly , facts are facts. The Illuminati are meth-heads or heroin

addicts when it comes to Numerology. Whether it is due to their perverse sense of evil humor or

whether the numbers themselves have power, they cannot stop doing everything-by-the

numbers. The new "shoe bomber" case is another illuminati hoax. They need to whip up a fury

or fervor every couple of months about "terrorism" and "Al-Qaeda" to keep the growing Fascist

Octopus of Government growing , while the sheeple tremble in fear.

1. The New Improved Shoe Bomber "Factual" Information on the Mass Media:

2. Flight 253. The Number 253 = 666 in Base 17 see: .

3. Father warned US Embassy about son previously but still allowed on Plane. This is similar

to the woman that attacked the Pope at Christmas Mass this year also tried to attack him last

year but was still allowed into St. Peter's Basilica , close enough to be near the Pope. If it was

the Pope and not a double. These kind of "Security lapses" are nonsense. These are planned or

staged events. They roil the public mind. Every time we collectively start forgetting about the

Big Lie called "The War on Terror", they have to stage events to get everyone back as they say

in U.S. Prisons , "On Program".

4. He was seated in seat 19A. .

19 Hijackers on 9/11. The number 19 again. A code in the Koran ostensibly based on the number

19. The letter A is the first letter of the alphabet. or Letter 1. 191. Oddly, the terrorists

classmates nickname for him was Alfa (as in Alpha , the letter A , the first letter of the alphabet).,2933,581193,00.html .

5. Further , the number 191 has a bizarre connection to 666 in that U.S. Route 666 has now

been renumbered Route 191. and .


The dutchman that subdued the hijacker on the Northwest Flight said he had a glazed or

incoherent look on his face. Was this terrorism or synthetic "terrorism" by a mind-controlled

illuminati stooge? You , reader , must decide.

Communist Manifesto links Pi and 666

The most murderous ideology ever imagined was formed on the concept of helping the poor,

downtrodden masses of workers achieve a better life. Communism was created by a zionist

named Karl Mordecai. He changed his name to Karl Marx. He published his most famous work,

the Communist Manifesto on February 21, 1848. There is an interesting numerology to this

date. It may help prove the theory or add credence to the theory that the true inspiration for

the works of Karl Marx was Satan. .

The 21st of February is the 52nd day of the Year. In an Ordinary Year , there are 313 days

left in the year. . In a Leap Year there are 314 days

left in the year.

The number 313 is associated with 666: "...the sum of two consecutive palindromic primes:

666 = 313 + 353." .

The number 314 is associated with Pi: .

666 is the sum of the squares of the first seven prime numbers. This includes the number 52. .


Karl Marx left this world to join his infernal master in the ever-burning lake of fire on Pi day.

March 14 or 3-14. and .

February 21 is also the Roman/Pagan all souls day. . The date February 21 is also linked to mind

control and ritual abuse. .

Friday, December 25, 2009

Ohio Execution links to 666 Mcdonalds Numerology

The idea that the Death Penalty in the USA , if not elsewhere , is a form of human sacrifice

contains to gain credence due to increasing evidence of an illuminati numerology at work.

The recent execution in Ohio was no exception. It appears that the years-long lasting death

ritual known as an execution or Capital Punishment in the USA is an elaborate , macabre

energy gathering technology. The numbers of the dates , times and other numerical links always

seem to have an evil or unlucky number to them.

1. Single drug use for execution in Ohio was an experiment. .

2. Execution took place on December 8, 2009. .

3. 2009 was an Ordinary , not Leap , Year. Therefore, December 8 was the 342 nd Day of the

Year. .

4. 342 = 666 in base 7 .

5. The single drug used was sodium penthotal. The drug is manufactured by Abbott

Laboratories. .

6. The head of Abbott Labs at the time of the execution is Miles D. White. .

7. He serves as a Director of McDonalds: Since April 13 , 2009. .


McDonalds serves dead meat. Four legged animal meat. It also has a link to making two legged

human beings - dead meat. It fits. Think of this while munching on a Big Mac. Maybe that is

what Kenneth Biros had for his last meal.

Monday, December 7, 2009

2012 Movie Exposed as Illuminati Propaganda

This writer went to see the new 2012 movie , showing presently in USA movie theatres ,

yesterday. *** If you read further , please be warned that parts of the movie , plot and ending

will be discussed ***. You may wish to see the film before reading this.

To begin with, the movie is worth seeing. The special effects and so forth are certainly very

entertaining. This article in no way calls for a boycott. In fact , the opposite. It is the most naked

slavish and bootlicking piece of pro- Illuminati propaganda you can go to see in recent memory.

It is something along the lines of the Nazi propaganda movies or Birth of a Nation that made

the neo-masonic KKK out to be heroic figures.

The plot begins with an Indian scientist discovering that Solar flares are causing massive

amounts of neutrinos to settle in the Earth's core , heating it and making the crust or mantle

liquefy and thus become unstable. This leads to massive ground movements , tsunamis and

ultimately Polar shift. The new North Pole is in Wisconsin. The Himalayas go under water and

Africa rises by thousands of feet. All of this happens according to the mayan end times calendar

currently slated for 2012.

Illuminati Propaganda Exposures:

1. The heads of State of certain nations get together to plan for their survival and that of the

human race by building arks in the himalayan region of Tibet. Red China is a key player in this

effort. Their occupation of Tibet is "good". It provides the only way to save mankind. Tibetans

are portrayed as ignorant peasants that cannot read or write. The one that can weld and agrees

to serve the Chinese survives. The rest are relocated forcibly from their village. This is "good"

because it is "necessary" to save the human race. The Tibetans and their way of life are thus, an

impediment to human survival , that but for the Chinese Communist Party , would become


2. The head of the Louvre Museum is murdered when he tries to expose the truth. This is also

shown to be "good" because if the truth were known , the arks would never be built and our

species would be destroyed with no hope of survival. To be an Enemy of the State is to also be ,

as said in the movie , "An enemy of Mankind". A list of the many who had been murdered in

trying to expose a gigantic global conspiracy and lie is in fact acceptable , because the Truth is

the enemy , those who lie , plot and scheme to save themselves at the expense of others are

doing the right thing.

3. Anyone who believes in Christ is a fool and ends up destroyed. The ficitonal President of the

USA prays and dies. The huge statue of Christ on top of the mountain besides , Rio de Janeiro,

Brazil crumbles. Brazil, the largest Roman Catholic country in the world goes underwater.

Of all the monuments that one could show being destroyed on Earth and in Europe, in particular,

the Vatican is shown falling to dust with the Cardinals praying inside. No Jewish or Muslim

Holy sites are seen being destroyed. A russian pilot who miraculously survives a landing on a

glacier in the Tibetan plateau , makes the sign of the Cross and immediately the plane slides off

into a vast chasm and explodes on the bottom. Any reference to Christianity is met by utter

destruction and death. The G-D of this faith , clearly , in the movie , has no power to save those

who believe in him.

4. Tibetan Buddhism is destroyed utterly by the giant Tsunami waves that sweep much of the

world. The lone monk at the mountaintop dies ringing a massive gong. This is reminiscent of the

gong show. GONE show. The only monk that lives is the one whose brother works for the Red

Chinese occupiers as a welder. His attempt to save his family almost causes one of the arks to

sink. The Point Being: Tibetans are treacherous and dangerous people. Nothing related to China

is seen being destroyed. No Chinese are seen dying.

5. The enemies of China are destroyed. Japan goes underwater. It is an ancient and hated

enemy of the Chinese. The Indian scientist that literally saves the human species dies when a

massive wave hits India. There was no rescue attempt as promised for him or his family. India

a competitor with China in Asia is no more.

6. The President of Italy does not make it to the arks. He decides to stay home and trust in

prayer. Presumably , Catholic prayer. He dies. The 2 of 8 world leaders who show any belief in

God or Jesus - die. The others all survive.

7. The ultra-rich are allowed to buy tickets on the arks. The movie makes this acceptable

because private enterprise money ( Capitalism) was necessary to pay for the vast project in the

highest mountains of the world.

8. People are also shown to have been given tickets for a berth on the arks due to their being

chosen for genetic characteristics. This clearly and loudly IMPLIES that mass genetic testing

had to be conducted across the world in secret to make this selection process work. The actors

that are shown when this is stated are all white. The message here is that the vast effort by the

USA and other governments to collect DNA samples is "good" and for a "noble purpose" of

finding only the "best" of the human population to survive the 2012 earth changes. What the

selected traits are that these people are chosen for is never said.

9. It is almost as if the People's Republic of China Propaganda commissars wrote the script for

the movie. Their enemies, India , Japan , the hated USA and the Tibetans whose occupation

causes the maoists so much grief - are all destroyed. The Catholic Church whom they suppress

and whose stated goal is to "strangle the baby in the manger" are all seen eradicated. The

chinese are see as a can-do nation that saves the rest of mankind that depends on them for

their survival.

10. The movie was created by a Zionist. Dark children die. The Indian , Tibetan and Japanese

children all perish. What are clearly zionist children (see the movie and look at the two twin

"russian" boys) all survive. Only Zionist and or White European children are seen (to this

writer's imperfect recollection) as surviving the end times. "Survival of the Fittest" and , of

course , the offspring of the Zionists are "the fittest". See the movie yourself before you accuse

this writer of prejudice or anti-this or anti-that. The Saudi Royal Family and the Queen of

England and her little dogs survive. The Indian scientist , whose country was a piece of property

owned by the ancestors of that Queen cannot be saved - even though he personally saves the

human species. Her dogs are more important than the wogs. This is the message.

11. The Government is exposed as conducting a massive surveillance program on citizens. This

is seen as "necessary" because if word were to leak - the arks would sink. Thus , a total , all

pervasive snooping system is "necessary" . Privacy is not a right. It is not a privilege or a toy.

It is a danger to the survival of the species. Only what the elite do should remain secret and

private, it is -trust them- all for good reason.

12. The movie ends with the arks headed for the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa.

The map of Africa , as seen from outer space , clearly resembles a human skull. See the movie

to verify this. Drakensberg means Mountain of the Dragons. The remnants of mankind chart

their course to a Brave New World and refuge symbolized by a human skull and a dragon.


In the Bible , G-D , drafts a Covenant with the survivors of the Great Flood , that never again

will he destroy the world by water. This movie turns G-D into a liar or , there is no God at all.

The truth is Marxism. Without Marxism there would be no People's Republic of China and no

future for the Human species or most of life on Earth itself. Humanity can only be saved by

science and a ruthless governance apparatus that , like mother, "always knows best". The

Illuminati Capitalist class is also "good" because without the money derived from their obscene

profits , the survival machinery for mankind could not be paid for. The Elite , if fact , according

to this movie DESERVE TO SURVIVE. What did you expect life to be--- fair? Think of the big ,

really big picture. The Illuminati satanists ... are ... yes... really the good guys after all. Those,

who follow Christ's admonition to "seek the Truth and it shall set you free" are enemies of

humanity and killing them is good policy. Lies create safety. The Truth creates disaster.

The movie 2012 is absolutely fascinating. It deserves an Oscar for Brainwashing Sheeple. It is

a must see for those involved in the struggle. See it with an Unhived Mind , not with Eyes Wide


Sunday, November 29, 2009

V for Vendetta and 2012 link to Ft. Hood Holocaust

Not surprisingly , for those who keep up with today's tragic events, the Illuminati were behind

the massacre of soldiers by a brainwashed MK-Ultra muslim assassin at Ft. Hood on November

5 , 2009. You say - "Prove it". I say - read the following and see if you can look in the mirror and

with a straight face still say "coincidences".

1. 13 Dead and 31 injured. The unlucky number forward and backward.

2. The attack began at 1:30 p.m which is -coincidentally - 1330 hours military time. In fact, the

exact time the attack happened was 13:31 hours GMT. "At approximately 1330 hours today" . The attack was clearly ongoing at full blast at 1331 hours.

3. Ft. Hood , Texas is -coincidentally - located at - you guessed it! 31.13 Latitude N. .

Now , please stop there and think. Can this be a "joke" , can this be "real" , but above all , can

this be coincidence? But there is yet more.

4. The Mayan calendar lists the Start of the current age as the Year 1331 B.C. The current age

ends on 12-21-2012 . " The cycle of 13 Baktuns begins in the year 1331 B.C. ..."

5. 1331 is the 4th row in Pascal's Triangle which has been linked to 666. scroll down 30%.

6. November 5 , in an ordinary year , is the 309th day of the year. 309 is 3 x 103. If we take

the zero out of 309 (zero has no value in numerology) we have 39 which is 3 x 13 or the unlucky

number tripled. 313 is a palindromic number. It is the same forward or backwards. When added

to another palindromic number 353 , it adds up to 666. In the occult , the number 9 is a cover

for 6. Thus , 999 is a metaphor for 666. If we make 309 into 306 , then we have the number

that in ancient Sumer was the symbol for the upside down pentagram. Take out the zero and

you have 36 - a number closely associated with 666. Verification: and also and .

7. However , the date November 5 is much more than that. It is the day in which the Guy

Fawkes Gunpowder plot is celebrated in Great Britain. He tried to blow up Parliament. He

was further memorialized in the hit movie V for Vendetta. This movie has been linked to the

Illuminati. and also illuminati links at and .

8. The killer at Fort Hood also went to Virginia Tech. There are suspicions that this college is

near a secret underground mind control facility. and .

9. Numerological connection to Mayan Apocalypse 2012:

By looking at a date/time online calculator , this writer was able to determine that if one does not

count November 5 , 2009 and December 21 , 2012 , but does count all the days in between , it

amounts to a total of 163 weeks. This could also be said to be 1141 Days. .

10. The Number 163 is allegedly the "coolest" number and is linked to Barack Obama , 666

and President George H.W. Bush. .

11. If you add 613 days to November 5 , 2009 the date is July 11 , 2011. Or 7-11-11 or 11-7-11

The Bombay India Train blasts took place on July 11 or 7-11 04 11-7. The number 613 is linked

to Zionism , since that is the number of laws in the Torah. If you add 616 to the November 5

date , you have July 14 or Bastille Day. Some say 616 is the real number of the Beast.

12. The Date of 11-7-11 turned into 11711 has an exact placement in the first ten thousand

digits of the Golden Ratio. .

The other way the date can be written is 71111. This number sequence falls within the first

10,000 digits of the square root of 2 - an irrational number.

If you add 666 days to November 5 , 2009 you end up with September 2, 2011. The 245th day

of the year (in Ordinary years). . This is the alleged

number of steps in the Temple of the Sun , in Teotihuacan , Mexico City , where vast human

sacrifice occured to appease reptilian deities under the aztecs. There is also a link to the Euler

Constant of .577 since 5 x 7 x 7 = 245 . .

13. The numbers behind the Square root of 2 figure in the 9/11 attacks. .


On the day of the V for Vendetta Gunpowder Plot , a mind-controlled killer unleashes death

by remote control. This happens at latitude 31.13. The time is 1331 hours. The dead are 13 and

the wounded are 31. This is all verifiable. Then there is the connection to Virginia Tech and the

multifaceted accompanied numerology that you have seen and can replicate. Can you still look

yourself in the mirror and parrot "it's just a coincidence"? Or have you finally seen the light?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

666 Pascal Triangle link Michael Jordan to Gatorade

Odd connections seem to arise out of nowhere when dealing with illuminati numerology. Things

can be ascribed to coincidence...but sometimes it just seem too coincidental to be that. This brief

article describes one such relatively minor development. The reader must determine its value or

whether it is just happenstance.

1. Michael Jordan , the now retired superstar of basketball wore the Number 23 in the NBA.

The number 23 has been linked to the illuminati. and .

2. Gatorade has a commercial relationship with Michael Jordan. .

3. Gatorade is owned by Pepsi. .

4. There are those who believe that Pepsi is an Illuminati company. and also .

5. Pascal's Triangle has been linked to 666 : and also .

6. The central line in the triangle or two dimensional pyramid is 14641. Gatorade made a

multi-colored mosaic of Michael Jordan and his number 23 uniform with 14641 bottles of


and . or google 14641

bottles at .


Again , this is the mystery of the illuminati numerology. Can this number of bottles really be a

grand coincidence? If not , then what does it mean? Who thinks up such things and why?

This is for the reader to determine.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Coolest Number links Obama to George H W Bush

It is amazing that the "coincidences" linked to the numerology behind Illuminati control of our

society seem to have no end. Our Presidents , lately at least , all have weird connections. Obama

is linked to Voodoo. George Dubya Bush to Skull and Bones. His father , George H.W. Bush is

also linked to Skull and Bones. Bill Clinton was a DeMolay youth Freemason and so on.

Previous evidence has linked Obama to being a suspected by some Proto-antichrist : also and or .

Previous evidence has linked George H.W. Bush to being a suspected by some Proto-antichrist: or and

Skull and Bones Bush at .

The Number 163 is one of the most unusual numbers there are. It has been called "The

Coolest Number" by some: and also .


Obama has extensive links to the Number 163 - This number has links to 666: and also .

President George H.W. Bush was born on June 12. This could also be said to be 6-12. If you

reverse 6-12 , you get 216 which is 6 x 6 x 6. .


It just so happens that June 12 or 612 or 216 reversed is the 163 rd Day of an Ordinary Year. .

Obama was born on the 216th day of the year ... more coincidence? Or actual evidence of the

role that 6 x 6 x 6 plays in the lives of these suspected Illuminati that rule our lives? . You Decide.......

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pi and 666 link Obama to Imaginary Quadratic Field

There are many that believe that the 9/11 false flag attacks were a neo-masonic mega-ritual.

The purpose may have been to open a wormhole or stargate. The purpose may have been

massive bloodletting , fear and pain be released to feed 4th dimensional reptilialian entities. That

is unknown to this writer. Additional evidence continues to surface bit by bit from the illuminati

netherworld of evil.

1. Pi - 3 leads to a string of 3 sixes in a row or 666 at various locations. The exact number is

not known since Pi appears , so far , to be infinite. .

2. The seventh location where this occurs is at number 10163 - .

3. The Zip Code 10163 is right in the heart of NYC. Simply enter the number - 10163.

The approximate center of this zip code is 78 Chambers Street. Near the Brooklyn Bridge. .

4. When you google mapquest for the zip code, you notice that the main freeway that cuts

throught the island of Manhattan is numbered 495.,zipcode,10163.cfm / .

5. 495 is a Kaprekar Number that has been linked to the Illuminati. .

6. 10163 inches equals 258.1402 meters. simply go to and insert 10163

inches for the answer. It just so happens that the square root of 666 begins with 25.8 , a fractal

of 258. See: .

7. 101 x 63 = 6363 which happens to be an apocalyptic power an evil number mathematically

speaking. .

8. If you reverse the number 10163 you have 36101 which is a zip code for Montgomery ,

Alabama.,-AL_36101.html .

9. Montgomery , Alabama was the first Capital of the Confederate States of America. Its

location has been linked to the Teotihuacan , Aztec human sacrifice complex near Mexico City. .

10. 361 is 19 squared or 19 x 19. The reverse of this number as in the NYC zip code linked to

pi and 666 is 163. "The number 163 is very important in number theory, since d = 163 is the

largest number such that the IMAGINARY QUADRATIC FIELD has class number..." and "163 , the Monster and Number Theory" also for those who wish to see what the Monster is - and

The number 163 is an approximation for both Pi and e (The Euler Constant) .


Scroll down 60% and you will find information that allegedly links Barack Obama to the

number 163 and 666. .

More evidence that the election of Barack Obama to the masonic White House was a vast

Hyper-dimensional event...or just coincidence? You must decide. The next election is in 2012.

Time is short....The feathered serpent is about to return.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Teotihuacan Unit links Solar Matrix to Confederacy

There is a volume of evidence that indicates that the southern USA slavery States known as

Confederacy of the Confederate States of America had links to the Occult and Freemasonry.

See: and .

Freemasons worship the Sun:

The Aztecs formed the Capital of their empire at Teotihuacan. Modern day, Mexico City.

They had slaves. They worshipped the Sun. and also .

The First Confederate Capital was Montgomery , Alabama. The longitude of Montgomery

is 86.4 W. .

The Temple of the Sun in Teotihuacan is 864 so-called Teotihuacan Units. .


The Confederate Capital was only briefly in Montgomery. It then moved to Richmond ,

Virginia. It was sort of a brand or baptism. The Confederacy was born there. Then moved on.

The Klan founded by Uber-Freemason Albert Pike, has been described as "Neo-Aztec". .

Could it be that the location chosen for the Birth of the Confederacy was based on illuminati

numerology? The reader must decide. However, one more bit of evidence must be considered.

Our system of numbering days , weeks , feet , yards is based on what has been called the

Anglo-Babylonian system. .

864 feet just "coincidentally" happens to be 10368 inches. The number 10368 happens to

coincide directly with the Solar Matrix (again The Sun or a Solar connection) and also .

216 is the number of the antichrist in the semifictional Left Behind Series. Why? Because it is

the total of 6 x 6 x 6. 216 divided directly into 864 a total of 4 times exactly. The numbers 666

and 864 figure prominently in the concept of The New Jerusalem. .

The concept of The New Jerusalem was important for Albert Pike: .

Again...Coincidence? You decide.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tallest Church in the world linked to 666 in Base 11

The Illuminati love Chicago. It is the home of 666 Obama and 666 Hillary Clinton. See : and .

It has the Sears Tower (now Willis Tower) in zip code 60606. It's O'Hare Airport is at 666 feet

elevation and even the name of the State is weird Illinois = Illuminois or Illuminati. On and On.

Chicago also boasts the tallest Church or Temple of sorts , in the world. The Chicago Temple.

See: . It is 556 feet tall. See also (there is a reference to 558 feet tall but most

references cite the height at 556). The firm that made the Gothic Church, Holabird and Root

also built , years ago the Chicago Masonic Temple which for a while was the tallest building in

the world. It burnt to the ground decades ago. and .

In Base 11 , the number 666 is expressed as 556. . How can it

just be , that the tallest Church in the world in 60606 linked Chicago , just happens to be 556

feet tall? Still in doubt? Coincidence? The reader must decide.

Al Qaeda Thoth 363 Birthday link to Left Behind 216

Everyone forgets these days or is not allowed to remember that the terrorist organization

known as Al Qaeda was created , funded and trained by the three letter Intelligence Agency

foremost in the USA. That is forgotten. That is gradually being erased from the brainwashed

minds of the sheeple in America and elsewhere.

Previous writings by this writer have shown a link between the so-called "Birthday" of AQ

and the ancient egyptian moon god - Thoth. .

The gist of the previous article is that December 29 , the "birthday" happens to be the 363rd

day of the year. The number 363 happens to be asssociated with Thoth , the god of the moon

among many things , the crescent moon being symbolic of Islam. Thoth is also the god of magic

and for purposes of the present article - time...

The way in which we measure time is based on what has been called the Anglo-Babylonian

measurement system. The day does not have 24 has been divided into that. All of

these measurements we use today stem from the black magick Babylon-the-fallen culture. That

is fact. .

The Left Behind , semi-fictional series about the END TIMES , feature an antichrist that used

the number 216 to mimick 666. This because 6 x 6 x 6 = 216. See: .

Again, Thoth is the god of TIME. Also , the deity that rules over measurements - in particular

for this matter, how we MEASURE TIME. SEE: scroll down 40% and .

This writer awoke the other morning at 3:36 a.m. He began to wonder why at this time. Then

it dawned on him. This is actually the 36th minute of the 3rd hour of the day or 363. The Thoth

number. IT JUST SO HAPPENS THAT 3:36 a.m. is the 216th minute of the day or

as you know 6 minutes x 6 minutes times 6 minutes.

AL QAEDA was born on December 29 , the 363rd day of the year. Day 666. Coincidence or

Illuminati conspiracy? The reader must decide.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beltway Sniper Execution Date link to Pi exposed

The Illuminati are fond of blood rituals based on a numerological science or technology that is

at present , beyond our understanding. It is believed that there must be real psychic power or

energy created or released as a result of this since it makes no sense to do this otherwise. This

article hopes to expose yet another bit of evidence to bolster this hypothesis.

The execution date in Virginia for John Allen Muhammed, the so-called Beltway Sniper has

been set for November 10, 2009. A link with this date an Pi , the irrational , infinite , mystical

number has been noted. Pi deals with the Circle. The Washington D.C. Beltway is a circle linked

to a Kaprekar number.


1. and also

"(1) The Beltway Sniper fired exactly 13 shots, the pattern of which formed a ritual pentagram

on the ground " .


2. .


3. November 10 Execution Date. This date happens

to be the 314th day of the Year in an Ordinary , not Leap , Year. 2009 is an Ordinary Year. See: .

4. The most common abbreviation or symbol for Pi is 3.14 , which coincides with the day of

the year in which the Beltway Sniper is set to die. and .

"another favourite day to observe pi is November 10 (The 314th day of the year)..." .

Coincidence or blood ritual? The reader must decide.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Winchester Ruger Remington Nato link to 666 guns

The West was won with blood , bullets and brutality. Nothing exemplifies this more than the

gun culture of AMERIKKKA. Without a few devilishly clever individuals making efficient rifles,

pistols and other firearms, American society as we know it would never have existed. The

natives were numerous and fighting on their own soil against invaders that had supply lines that

were very thin...and very long. But , the rifle changed all that.

The Winchester name is synonymous with firearms. The 30.30 Rifle is legendary as a powerful

killing machine. See: .

The widow of the Winchester fortune believed she had to keep adding rooms to her San Jose,

California mansion to fend off the souls of the men her family's Winchester rifles and guns had

killed. .

In base 6 , the number for 666 is 3030. .

Ruger , another famous firearm brand has as its symbol a Phoenix Rising From the Ashes. .

The Ruger 556 is a military style assault rifle. In Base 11 , 666 is 556. . . The Standard NATO ammunition is also 5.56 x 45 mm in size. .

Then there is the Remington .223 cartridge. .

We all know , of course , that "666 is a 223 gonal number" .

PopStar Madonna Birthday Numerology link to 666

Madonna , the popstar sensation , took the music world by storm years ago with her album

"like a virgin". Since then she has done everything to blaspheme Jesus Christ and his mother ,

known as the Virgin Mary to Christians and Catholics. She is in essence , behavior , philosophy

and spiritual energy , not like a virgin at all but more like a mini-Great Whore of Babylon.

See Background for Madonna / Female Antichrist - GWBabylon:

1. and also and .

2. Madonna was born on August 16 or 8 - 16. This could also be reversed as done in Europe,

and we would have 16-8. We therefore have the numbers 816 and 168. .

3. The number 816 is the sum of the proper divisors of 666. .

4. The number 168 is linked to 666 because in Buddhism "the total number of hells is 168." .

5. The 168 number and disaster at .

6. The 168th day of the Year in a Leap Year is June 16. This is 6-16 or 616. The number 616

is considered by some to be the "real" number of the beast, not 666. and 616 = 666 at .


Madonna is a retrograde , qlippothic soul born into this world to add "glamour" and "sexiness"

to evil. To make a mockery of that which many consider holy. The numbers do not lie. The

illuminati seem bound to follow a numerical process or code. The key is to decipher it. Then ,

armed with knowledge , to expose and defeat them.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hiroshima Bomb drop time link to Kaprekar number

The Illuminati plan their ritual murders and blood sacrifices according to a highly advanced

numerology based technology. This writer has deciphered what appears to be another example

that like many of their evil deeds - hides in plain sight.

1. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings were vast illuminist human sacrifices: / /

2. The Bomb was dropped on orders of 33rd Degree Freemason President Harry Truman. It

was dropped at 8:15 a.m.

3. The Kaprekar number 495 has previously been discovered to be linked to Illuminati

phenomenon. and also .

4. 8:15 a.m. happens to coincide and be the 495th Minute of the Day. 8 hours times 60 minutes

equals 480 minutes. Add another 15 minutes and you have 495 minutes. Do the math. It is



The dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima was timed - to the minute - to be a perfect

Illuminist human sacrifice. The orders came from Washington D.C. , which is surrounded by the

I-495 Beltway , making a circle around the masonic capital of AMERIKKKA. scroll down 30% .

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Euler Constant linked to California Haunted Mansion

The evidence that there is a numerological link to much of the unusual psychic , spiritual and

illuminati associated manifestations continues to grow. It is becoming increasingly logically

untenable to rely on "coincidence" as an explanation. This brief article highlights a minor , albeit ,

telling example of this theory.

1. The Euler Constant is explained in the following mathematical related links : / .

2. The Euler Constant is 2.7182 - .

3. The Forster Mansion in San Juan Capistrano , California is used for major Halloween

parties. It is said to be a "real " Haunted House. .

4. The latititude of San Juan Capistrano is replete with obvious numerological symbolism.,+CA .

33.306 = The 33 of Freemasonry. The 333 of Choronzon. The 306 which symbolizes the upside

down Pentagram in Sumerian symbolism. .

5. The longitude of San Juan Capistrano is 117 which is a number associated with 666. .


Isn't it odd that the confluence of the numbers at a given location also coincides with the place

being "haunted" for "real"? Again ... more proof or just myth. The reader must decide.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sweat Lodge Deaths linked to MLK RFK JFK Plots

The strange coincidences that surround many of today's tragic events and disasters continue to

unfold. Recently, 3 people died and many suffered injuries as a result of a so-called sweat lodge

ceremony in Angel Valley , Arizona. This location is very close to the Sedona , Arizona vortex of

mystical energy. It is possible it was an accident. It is possible it was an Illuminat ritual human

sacrifice. That is still unknown. However, odd numerical connections link this tragedy with

the Reverend Jesse Jackson and the MLK and JFK assassinations. Coincidence or conspiracy?

The reader must determine.


1. Three deaths so far, New Age event staged by James Arthur Ray.

2. James Arthur Ray is a self-help "guru" that is involved in the book The Secret and the

so-called World Wealth Society. . .

3. James A. Ray was born on November 22 or also 11-22. .

4. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the Illuminati on November 22, or 11-22. .

5. The sweat lodge disaster happened on October 8, 2009.,2933,567240,00.html .

6. Jesse Jackson was born on October 8. .

7. Jesse Jackson was present and allegedly cradled in his arms Martin Luther King when he

was shot and killed. James Arthur Ray was present during the sweat lodge disaster and James

Earl Ray allegedly / officially assassinated MLK. .

James Earl Ray and MLK : .

James Arthur Ray and THE SECRET or the Law of Attraction: .

8. Sedona , Arizona is surrounded by psychic energy vortexes.

9. Memphis , Tennesse , where MLK was killed is considered to be an Illuminati City: .

10. RFK , the assassinated brother of JFK, died in Los Angeles. The City of the Angels. The

death lodge incident happened in Angel Valley.

11. James Ray International is located at 2386 Faraday Avenue in Carlsbad , California.

The number 2386 is an apocalyptic number, mathematically speaking. It carries a string of

three 6's or 666. .

12. Carlsbad , California is located on the masonic 33rd parallel. .

13. The 33rd Parallel has been associated with human sacrifice rituals. .

14. RFK was assassinated at the Ambassador Hotel located at latitude 34.05 N. .

15. Angel Valley , Arizona is in direct alignment with the Ambassador Hotel , it is located at

34.049 N latitude. . One could

not get a more direct lineup if one tried.

16. The Ambassador Hotel was located at 3400 Wilshire Boulevard, the same as the latitude .

It came under the control of entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr. .

17. Sammy Davis, Jr. was allegedly associated with the Church of Satan. .


"The word Devil is used 34 times in the Bible-1 time in the Old Testament and 33 times in the

New Testament"... . The Freemasons sponsor

Race car number 34 in the NASCAR series. see photo of car: . .

Conspiracy or chance or coincidence...The Illuminati hide in the shadows, but sometimes they

slip, it is no SECRET.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nineveh Constant links 666 to Bernard Madoff scam

In the jewish tradition or lore, the Number 18 is considered lucky. This is well known and

longstanding in that tradition. SEE: and also .

The number stands for Chai or Life as noted in the previous links.

In the jewish tradition or lore, the Number 126 is also considered lucky. It is a multiple of 18.

7 x 18 = 126. . .

But... There is a link between the number 126 and 666. "The numerical value of the hebrew

word APILE or Darkness is 126" and .

It is believed by some that "the anti-Christ, described as 'one who devises evil against YHWH'

is said to come forth from what appears certainly to be Nineveh". .

The Nineveh Constant is "... a number that was found in the ancient library of King

Assurbanipal, an Assyrian / Sumerian King, in the Capitol of Assyria, also known as Nineveh".

If you multiply 18 x 126 the answer is 2268. The number 2268 is linked to the Nineveh

Constant. .

Half of 2268 is 1134 which upside down spells hell .


Palm Beach is a mecca for rich or uber-rich zionists. This is where Bernie "Mossad" Madoff

found most of his "investors". .

Palm Beach County is the wealthiest county in Florida. It is 2268 square miles in size. .

The good luck number 18 is 6+6+6. The wealthiest zionist ever , King Solomon was associated

with number 666. . Therefore, the good

luck of zionism is not the number 18 or 126 or such... it is 666. Do the math. The numbers tell a

story. Can you read the writing on the wall?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NAFTA NAU Treaty linked to Beast Number 666

Many have suspected that the NAFTA treaty or formally, The North American Free Trade

Agreement , signed between the USA , Canada and Mexico was an illuminati program aimed at

building regional power blocs out of former nation states. The regional power blocs would finally

become one united World Government. Many further believe that this One World Government

would then become a tool for mankind's physical and spiritual enslavement under the rule of the

horror known as The Antichrist. See following link for extensive number of background articles. .

1. One previous note of interest is that the NAFTA treaty is 555 pages long: .

2. The masonic obelisk known as the Washington Monument is 555 feet tall and Adolf Hitler's

party number was 555. .

3. The NAFTA treaty was signed into law on December 8, 1993. December 8 in ordinary years

happens to be the 342 day of the year. .

4. "Coincidentally" , in The Cuzco Declaration , establishing a globalist South American alleged

"Community of Nations" , complete with a Parliament, was signed on this day in 2004. . .

5. The number 342 is interesting. It is the smallest number that forms a string of 3 sixes or

666 in any base (Base 7). / .


The Beast system is being created right before our eyes. One block here...another brick there.

Can you see it? The Temple of Evil is being built while we mindlessly watch soap operas and

sports on our televisions. The edifice is rising. Will we have the will to topple it or will we bow

on our knees when under its global shadow? The choice is yours.....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Transformers movie linked to Tower of Babel

This writer believes that much of the movies , television shows and advertising coming out of

the illuminist cesspool known as HOLLYWOOD contains hidden messages and codes. The

purpose behind it is a form of sophisticated brainwashing of the minds of the masses - clueless

as they chew the popcorn/cud- like sheeple are trained to do.

Many movies contain clues that can be discovered and the answer or meaning is usually not to

difficult to ascertain. The movie Transformers , based on toys made by HASBRO , is not an

exception to the rule. In this movie , the hero tries to sell a pair of eyeglasses on ebay. The

number of the item is 21153. SEE: .

In the movie, giant autobots or autonomous robots are searching for the eyeglasses because

their crystal lenses contain the location information for a cube that unleashes enormous energy.

The robots are TOWERING in their size. See also: or google Transformers ebay item

The Tower of Babel is 694 feet tall according to the Third Apocalypse of Baruch. This can be

also measured as 463 cubits. . See also and .

The Nephilim or in English, THE FALLEN, are linked to the Tower of Babel. and . .


The name of the second Transformers movie is TRANSFORMERS: Revenge of the Fallen. . Can this all be

again a coincidence - The Tower of Babel and Towering Autobots. Ebay item 21153 and 694

feet being the height of the Tower of Babel which is 211.53 meters? . Then the choice of the title for the second movie, Revenge

of the Fallen - i.e.; the Nephilim? To call this happenstance is to strain or break the chain of

credulity. Then why do this? Why insert these numbers and their meanings in "kids" movies?

You must decide why... but think clearly, there is little room for error and to fall is fatal.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

256 Voodoo gods created modern Computer Era

There are a series of odd coincidences that have to do with zip codes. One of them of course is

the well known Sears (now Willis) Tower being in zip code 60606. While conducting research

into the number 256 , the number used in computer programming and the number of shades of

grey recognizable by the human eye, this writer discovered another odd link.

See Background: a) Sears Tower 666 - ; b) "256 paths of Elegua and these correspond to the 256 Oduin of the Ifa

Corpus. (Interestingly the human eye can distinguish between 256 shades of grey" -scroll down to Elegua section.

1. 256 x 256 = 65536

2. 65536 happens to be the number of charts available in Geomancy. scroll down halfway - .

3. The number 256 features prominently in Computer Programming. September 13 in

Ordinary years or the 12th in a Leap year is called Computer Programmers day. Computers

are based on the binary mathematical system. This is a base 2 system in which all numbers are

zero or one. The base 2 system comes from and has long been widely applied in sub-saharan

Africa. "Partly inspired by the geomantic technique, Gottfried Leibniz , a German mathematician

developed the binary code theory, which later was the base for Boolean algebra and modern

computers." scroll down 90% .

4. Leibniz may have been a Rosicrucian : "By the end of the seventeenth century many

prominent men (among them the german philosopher Leibniz) were identified with the

Rosicrucians." Scroll down 50% .

5. See: "Cosmic Geomancy: A Rosicrucian Viewpoint .

6. The Binary system thought of by Leibniz led to the first computers and it comes from the

bongo drum beating heart of jungle-filled Africa. Then , the language of the Computer world is

associated around the number 256, which happens to be the number of gods in the Voodoo or

Ifa pantheon. Can this be coincidence?

7. Then we get to Zip Code 65536 , which happens to be for Lebanon, Missouri. This town had

a resort built around its famous supernatural Magnetic Water. There also happens to be exactly

65536 "different charts in Western geomancy" .

8. As noted in the previous wiki link, the 65536 number is used by Motorola. That company is

allegedly building the implantable 666 chip. .

9. The symbol of Motorola is Bat Wings... a symbol associated with the powers of darkness. .

10. Lebanon , Missouri and Magnetic Water at zip code 65536 = .

11. Feng Shui is a form of geomancy. In Chinese it means WIND and WATER. .

Again, the connection cannot be coincidence by any stretch of logic or mathematical reasoning.


The modern computer era is based on the Voudon religion of west Africa. It is based in fact on

magick and sorcery. The dawning Age of 666 would not be possible without this geomancy ,

binary system and 256 heathen gods. These are the deities the modern world worships. Hidden

in plain sight. Typical of Illuminati strategy. Leibniz was a member of the Illuminati. /
and -caution with this link - and he had a
lifelong interest in Alchemy - .

Read your screen and weep ... or scream.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kaprekar 6174 and 142857 link Exodus to Pollux

A hidden code or message has been discovered that connects various unusual numbers to the

biblical Exodus of jews from Egypt to the Promised land and the star Pollux. While coincidence is

a possibility and a shield for the illuminati to hide behind, it seems remote under these facts.

There appears to be an astrological component to the biblical passage or Commandment that

forbids the worship of "false gods" and the Constellation Gemini and its brightest star -Pollux.

See the facts and decide for yourself:

1. Kaprekar Number 6174:
"It is the name of a numerical puzzle guaranteed to spark wonder and amazement..." .

2. 142857 is the smallest cyclical number and was used by the ancient Hebrews for the

calculation of Pi. .

3. If you divide 142857 by 6174 , the answer in the google calculator is = 23.138484

The first four digits are 23.13 (obviously) for the answer.

4. Pollux is the brightest star in the constellation Gemini. It is associated with the number

23.13. See: . scroll down nearly 50%.

This article discusses the alignment of fixed stars near the ecliptic and a propensity for violence

and or being a serial killer. Pollux 23.13 degrees Cancer.

5. The Biblical Passage 23:13 is associated with the biblical prohibition and sanction against

worshipping or even using the name of false gods. .

6. There are those that deny that the Exodus ever took place in fact. They note the complete

absence of archaeological evidence or records. The following article describes the life of Moses

as a Solar Myth and links the constellation Gemini to the Ten Commandments and the worship

of false gods as noted in the israelite worship of the golden calf. Scroll down to Gemin section.


Moses Sithole was the worst serial killer in South African history .

The biblical Moses has been said to be a "mass murderer" ... Moses killed 3000 Israelites that

worshipped the golden calf." .

See also: and .


It is difficult to believe that The number 23.13 links Pollux and Serial Killers to an Old

Testament passage about not mentioning the name of false gods and then on to Gemini being

linked to the passages about the golden calf and the killing of its worshippers en masse as a

coincidence , is it not? It is unfortunate that we do not have a birth astrology chart for Moses.

Would Pollux be at 23.13 degrees of the ecliptic in Cancer???

Sunday, September 20, 2009

USA is Riding the 256 Byte Barack Lightning Horse

The modern era is based on the computer. Very little gets done these days without one. The

existence of computers makes modern war possible as well as providing opportunities to connect

to the world never dreamed of before. The number 256 figures prominently in this scenario.

As the reader will see, the number 256 has other more sinister meanings and is linked to Voodoo

and hindu magickal practices. The number also coincides with a numerology for Barak Obama

that denotes Lightning. Coincidence or ancient conspiracy is left up to the reader to decide.

1. Computers and the number 256:

The concept of a 256 degree circle figures prominently in programming.

The 256th day of the year is called Computer Programmers Day. 2 to the power of 8 = 256.

"a byte can have 256 possible values" . Official Holiday in Russia - .

2. The 256th day of the Year is September 13 (September 12 on Leap Years). This then gives

a number of 9-13 or simply 913. This number has been associated with President Barack Obama

by some numerologists. "Strong's Greek word # 913 is BARAK which means lightning" The

name of Muhammed's first horse was BURAQ. .

4. The voodo priests call a person possessed by one of their Loas or deities to be a HORSE.

They believe Fidel Castro is now THE HORSE for their entities to dictate power to the island. .

Barack Hussein Obama is then the horse for lightning or the lightning horse. The only voodoo

god that lives in the sky and is responsible for lightning is their war god Chango. Barack is his

earthly vehicle or surrogate. .

or google Shango or Chango Lightning Horse. What are the odds that President Obama would

have a name that embodies both lightning and a horse, both symbolic of Shango? It is hard to

label this coincidence when he has long been openly associated with Voodoo. .

5. There are "the 256 deities of the Ifa pantheon of Voodoo or Voudon" .

6. A 256 degree circle would have 64 degree "right" angles: See "Alternative Units" .

7. There are 64 Yogini statues in a rare open air Hindu temple in India. The Yogini (female) or

Yogi (male) are emblematic of practicioners of a form of Yoga that seeks to embue its users with

supernatural powers. "built on a circular ground plan quite unlike all other temples that are

square or complex versions of it." See Photo= .


If you put it together you have: A 256 degree circle. Each degree on the circle is dedicated to

one of the Voodo's 256 loas. The 256 degree circle used in computer programming would have

64 degree right angles. There is a hindu temple that is circular - a rarity for them - and has 64

yogini or female deity statues placed around it - representing the right angles of the 256 degree

circle. The 256 day of the year is linked to Computer Programming and the number 913 which

happens to equate to Barack , which is the greek word for lightning. The greek god that fired

thunderbolts was Zeus. He lived in the heavens. Buraq is the name of Muhammed's horse. The

voodoo deity Shango or Xango or Chango rides a white horse , lives in the sky and like Zeus ,

hurls thunderbolts. This is proof that President Obama is a "horse" for pagan deities.

He is the LIGHTNING HORSE of Trojan origin , that has made its way into the White House

gates. See Lightning Horse depiction: .

Woe be unto us... unless we turn to the light of the Holy Spirit and embrace it , before it is too too


Saturday, September 19, 2009

13 Circles Fruit of Life links Pi to Mayan 2012

The messages keep getting stronger. They keep getting clearer. The wheat shall be separated

from the chaff on December 21, 2012. Whatever it is that is will hit with Hurricane

force and leave only the Pure-in-Spirit standing in its wake.

1. The Number 2951 figures prominently in calculations of the Magnetic Pole Shift thought by

some to occur on 2012. This combines both egyptian and mayan numerology. It can be seen on

pages 132 and 133 of the book , The Orion Prophecy: Will The World Be Destroyed in 2012 by

Patrick Geryl . See detailed information on how to survive 2012 at .

2. Further research showed that 2951 has as factors , the unlucky 13 and 227 which can be a

metaphor of Pi. , 13 at and Pi 22/7 at .

3. This writer then thought that 13 and Pi having to do with circles , what could come up when

looking at 13 Circles. The answer is THE FRUIT OF LIFE , which forms a Star of David , also

known as a Hexagram. .

4. "The Fruit of Life , is the Holy of Holies of Sacred Geometry" .


A NEW FORM OF ENERGY COMES OUR WAY... that is true but will it be for good or evil?

That is the question over 6 Billion of us will find out....soon.....very soon. .

RockStar Energy Drink links Satan to Family Values

One curiosity that recently came to this writer's attention was the link between the popular

RockStar Energy Drink and Conservative Radio Personality Michael Savage , who transmits his

show from San Francisco , California. This was odd because RockStar Energy drink is a company

started by his son and which does its bottling and such in Las Vegas - Sin City.

While at the Mall , here in the Illuminati-Occupation Zone in the Southwest USA, this writer

stepped into a Hot Topix clothing store. It has ghoulish and at times satanic and nearly always

occult-laden clothing items for todays purposely misguided "Urban Youth". While there he saw

a billboard or advertisement that displayed the upcoming MAYHEM FESTIVAL sponsored by

none other than RockStar Energy Drink. This writer decided to investigate ... this is what he

found. It should be noted that none of the forthcoming information should indicate that anything

illegal, immoral, improper is being done by either RockStar Energy Drink , Michael Savage or

anyone else mentioned in this writing. It just seemed very odd that a Conservative, family

values-oriented radio host would or could have a blood link to a company that promotes

music that is covertly or overtly or questionably Occult - Supernatural - AntiChristian and

possibly Satanic in nature. This connection needed to be brought to THE LIGHT by the HOLY

SPIRIT. You be the judge if this is just business - or something else.


1. "Dr. Michael Savage is a multimedia icon in the conservative movement..."

2. "Savage created the phrase "Compassionate Conservative" in 1994..." .

3. "America's angriest , most vicious conservative radio host..." .


4. Alleged connection to Savage Family (formerly Weiner was his last name) . *!*! This writer is NOT calling for a Boycott of the drink or anything

5. More info on the alleged connection and photos. The reader is responsible for verifying all

factual or "factual" information in any article cited in this article. Writer not responsible for nor

avowing accuracy of citations. . It

should be noted that Dr. Savage speaks out against Fascism or what he views as such on his

radio show.

6. It should be noted that Dr. Savage has no direct connection or official connection to

RockStar and that RockStar had disavowed a connection to him and donated money to LGBT

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender causes. Allegedly his son is the CEO and Dr. Savage's wife

sits or sat on the Board. This does not mean Dr. Savage is in control or that there is a hidden

connection , illegality or impropriety. They are ,however, his wife and son. The core of THE

FAMILY and the basis of so-called FAMILY VALUES. Correct???

MAYHEM FESTIVAL (allegedly promoted by RockStar Energy Drink)

7. Slayer and Marily Manson headlined the recently ended 2009 tour. Also at the top of the

pile was Cannibal Corpse and Behemoth.



a) Slayer - read lyrics of their song THE ANTICHRIST: and there is much more: / /

b) Marilyn Manson - "Hopefully, I'll be remembered as the person who brought an end to

Christianity..." scroll down 50% .

c) Cannibal Corpse - 666 information and more on this band:

d) "only a band as talented, unique, and hard-working as Behemoth can pull these diametric

sounds into an originally unholy singularity that engulfs the listener in a pure aural hell." .
See drawing -


e) Twilight vampire store clothes.

f) Harry Potter stuff -

g) Hot Topic sponsored one of the 3 stages in which the THIRTEEN bands played. The show

opened on the Hot Topic stage with "death metal band White Chapel." .

h) "WhiteChapel bring to the extreme death metal table plenty of aggression and evil." .

The Whitechapel district of London is where Jack The Ripper did his killings...

This is where your kids buy their clothes at the Mall. This is the music they hear. This is clear-as-

a-bell promotion of Family Values... Mafia "family" values. The values of evil - death -The Devil.


He is considered by some to be the "lone voice of decency and traditional family values in the

media..." and "Mr. Savage is a conservative populist, who

believes in small government, low taxes and family values." scroll down 60% .


It is a question... only a question... please don't shoot the messenger.

How can Michael Savage - Weiner promote Conservative , Traditional , American FAMILY

VALUES on his radio network while his family promotes the music and lyrics of the bands that

perform at the RockStar Energy drink Mayhem Concerts? If you sponsor something you are

indirectly promoting it. That is fact. That is why many major companies will drop stars or

athletes from advertising their product if they get in trouble. There is a connection between one

and the other. No sponsor = No concerts. No venue to promote the cacophony orchestras of hell.

The millions of conservative (and other) listeners of the Michael Savage Radio Program , might

be interested in an explanation. To wit, Dr. Savage has no connection to RockStar. His family

members have their own mind and right to pursue their own personal interests. No one is

accused by this writer to be doing anything improper , illegal or immoral. It merely can be said

that when this writer saw this connection - he was shocked and perplexed. There seems to be

a contradiction of terms between mutually hostile values. Beyond that nothing more is said.