Sunday, March 30, 2008

Zionist Canadian run American Apparel and Cosmopolitan ruin USA Values

There is something wrong in this country. You can feel it...smell it...taste and most definitely

see it. The USA is awash in sexual images. An antichrist / great whore of Babylon "culture" or

kulture has taken root. Everywhere one goes, the grocery store, the convenience store, the

billboards and the cover of nearly every magazine has female nudity and at times male nudity or

both. This always in a sexual context and designed to stimulate sexual appetities to sell products.

There is a vast and inescapable process of sexualization of EVERYTHING that constantly

barrages everyone and increasingly targets children. The music, the movies, the television, the

stores, the products and billboard, the radio and its constant attempt to stretch the envelope

with sexual or scatological innuendo - it never ends. It is by Design. Those behind the design are

Zionists. They are attempting to recreate the culture they experienced in their exile in Babylon,

where they picked up black magick and called it "Judaism".

The present article presents just one small example.



1. American Apparel is the largest clothing company in the USA . It has frequently run into

controversy for using female models that appear to be pre-teen , in very suggestive poses. A

form of K***** P*** "lite" so to speak. This is in direct contradiction to the message of Christ

that one must become as a child, or pure in spirit to enter Heaven. The evil goal here is to make

children impure , as early as possible.

Allegedly Promoting Rape: .

Alleged "exploitation" of "prepubescent models" .

The leader of American Apparel is DOV CHARNEY a "Zionist" -

A "Born Hustler" born to "Jewish Canadian parents". .

Allegedly works in his underwear and went to a 333 addressed High School and High School linked to Blackstone Group and

Skull and Bones - scroll to bottom to see administrators. . 333 is linked to the Illuminati - .


One cannot walk into a grocery store in most of the USA and not see Cosmo at the check-out

counter. It is full of "advice" to women about masturbation, how to cheat on their spouse or

boyfriend, how to engage in exotic or esoteric sexual activities and so forth. Many children that

reach the age at which they can read have to see this and it must be "o.k." since mommy is

there with them at the food store where they purchase their sustenance - if they can afford it.

Cosmopolitan magazine has had its share of controversy for doing this. The editor of Cosmo

and other similar tabloids and magazines, Bonnie Fuller has been called "the devil" and "an evil

genius". .

Bonnie Fuller was allegedly trying to hide her jewish ancestry by changing her real name to

"Fuller" - scroll down 50% .

Bonnie Fuller is a Canadian jewess from Montreal: .

She is now the leader of AMERICAN MEDIA that

was attacked mysteriously with anthrax in the time frame of the 9/11 attacks. As the previous

link indicates Roger Altman and his Evercore company have been the largest shareholders of

American Media since 1999. Altman is a now deceased . He was a "zionist" scroll down 80% .


Jewish persons make up 2% of the USA population yet control a) Hollywood Movie industry;

b) Most major news media outlets both print and TV; c) Are the powers behind the adult porno

movie industry once run by the Italian mob in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles; d)

as can be seen have a role in the sexual degeneracy in clothing and food store porno-lite; control

all of the levers of economic power in the Bush White House - Bernake , Bolten , you name it; e)

comprise the majority of the neocons that led America to a war in Iraq to protect Israel and on

and on............ To speak this is not anti-semitism, it is merely easily obtainable fact.

This article merely exposes another link that is never discussed in public. Until this country

can publicly discuss whether or not such a small group of people can or should have so much

power over EVERYTHING - one must come to the conclusion that we live under ZOG. A

Zionist Occupation Government. We are Palestinians , except unlike the Palestinians we are

brainwashed and have no idea this is happening. Will this change? The choice is yours.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

33/5 KKK linked to Statue of Liberty

Odd links with numerology appear to create the strangest bedfellows so to speak. The number

33/5 has been associated with the KKK. see: .

The Masonic goddess Columbia known as the Statue of Liberty in NYC has 335 steps. It

was built by the Freemason Bartholdi. and

Bartholdi Masonic = . Google Statue of Liberty 335

steps - for more links.

Further, an odd mathematical development is that when one multiplies :

33/5 x Pi x Phi = 33.5491444 ... as one can see the result is the masonic number 33 and even of

more interest is that it coincides with 33/5 = 33.5. Simply go to google and insert :

33/5 x Pi x Phi = . To find the result. .

Also , what is 33/5 ? If you place the number , again in google and hit search, the answer that

appears is 6.6 The number 66 is associated with the spiritual broken vessels or shards known

in the Kabbalah as the Qlippoth.


Gutzon Borglum , a member of the Imperial Koncilium of the KKK worked on the Statue of

Liberty. scroll to near bottom. . Could there be

a connection between these factors? It sure is strange that a numerical klan symbol , when

multiplied by Phi an Pi ends up with the same numbers in order. Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Washington Beltway I-495 symbolic of Freemason 15-step Ritual

A previous article by this writer has possibly exposed the I-495 Washington Beltway as a

form of Magic Circle which envelopes the Masonic-square shaped city of Washington , D.C.

see: .

Additional research has discovered the chilling fact that the design process or meaning

inherent in this symbolism reaches into many, if not most homes in the USA. The Freemasons

have no regard for the idea that "A man's home is his castle". Their goal is to bring their

architectural witchcraft and black magic right up to the Master bedroom in their Master

planned communities as part of their Master - Lucifer's - plan for world dominion.


1. The numerology of 495, as noted in the previous link a Kaprekar number is linked to

freemasonry or vice versa. 33 is the power number of the Freemasons. .

2. 495 is divided by 33 exactly 15 times. Go to and insert - 495 divided by 33 .

3. 15 is 5+5+5. The Washington Obelisk / Monument is 555 feet tall. scroll down 20%. or google 555 feet

tall Washington Monument.

4. The design of Roslyn Chapel involves 15 degree angles. scroll down 30% .

5. 15 degrees is 1/24th of a 360 degree circle. There are 24 hours in one day. Then , if the

15 degrees where traversed one per hour, it equates to the rotation of the earth on its axis for

an average day.

6. Scroll down to 40% of the previous link and you will find "15 steps of a Fellow Craft" .

7. The concept of 15 steps or stairs and the home: 15 risers due to

nine foot roofs.

15 types of wood and 15 types of handrails:

The average Flight of stairs has 15 steps: scroll down 50% .

*8. Moses built 15 stairs to correspond with the 15 ascent psalms. scroll down 50% .

*9. Solomon's Temple had 15 steps. Google Solomon Temple 15 steps - numerous references in cited books that are difficult to place in this article but can be easily viewed by going to .

*10. Number 15 and jewish religion:!_Many_Plagues.asp scroll down 15%.


"Only in this country have the stairs 15 steps" scroll down 60% .

The article which states that is based on Freemason initiation rituals in the USA. The 15 steps

are allegedly representative of Solomon's Temple. If you google just the terms 15 steps by itself

you find that virtually everything is 15 steps...sell your house, better health, get a divorce, get

rid of clutter ..... you name it. The very fabric of American culture is permeated with secret

masonic doctrines, beliefs, phrases and sayings that inculcate the culture of freemasonry into the

public mind -without anyone knowing it or having a choice. This may explain why the American

people are like sheeple in resisting the Illuminati - that is what they are bred to be and it even

extends into the privacy of the home. A stairway to 555 which is 666- has 15 steps.

The 495 freeway around masonic Washington links the 33rd degree with the 15 steps of the

Temple of Solomon which Freemasons seek to recreate, all in the mysterious Kaprekar number.

That is a mathematical FACT. Whether it is by design or by coincidence -the reader must

decide, as always.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Kabbalah 612 links Air Terror to Great Pyramid Apothem

The numerology of the Illuminati appears to be a central focus of their nefarious activities.

The reason for this is unknown. It may be like a graffitti vandal or tagger leaving his mark or

the fact that the numbers themselves may have a hidden source of power. The Kabbalah

or a primary version of it has 612 pages. This MUST have some meaning since the Kabbalah

itself is basically a book of magickal numerology. Research was conducted into the number 612

and this is what was discovered for the reader:


1. Versions of the Kabbalah are 612 pages in length. .

2. The number 612 is 216 in reverse. The number 216 is 6x6x6. A logical extrapolation could

be that The 612 page Kabbalah is a not-so-hidden code for 666.

3. The Apothem is a geometric or mathematical figure of importance in measuring the Great

Pyramid or pyramids in general. .

4. The Apothem of the Great Pyramid of Giza is 612 feet. and scroll down to see

that 216 and 612 are 'mirrors' of each other linked to the Giza Pyramid. .

5. The square root of 612 is 24.7386338 . Go to insert square root 612 -.

6. The capital of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh. It is located at latitude 24.7 N. .

7. The elevation of Riyadh is 612 meters above sea level. . Square Root of 612 for Latitude

and 612 meters for altitude. Coincidence?

8. Bizarre architecture abounds in Riyadh - and and also if one looks at

both the Kingdom Tower as a female symbol and the Faisalah Tower as a male phallic symbol,

AND one notes that they are built "in direct alignment" to each other then they must be a form

of illuminati fertility magick symbolism at work. .

9. As noted in a separate article on the number 216, the number 612 has not proven lucky for

Airline travellers. / and also a Movie , Land of the Giants ,

which had a Flight 612 .

Washington Beltway I-495 links Kaprekar Number to Eye of Horus

It is now possible to add more evidence to the belief that the secret masonic lodge running the

USA since its inception is linked to British Israelism and Zionism. One very obvious example is

the fact that The Great Seal of the United States of America has the 13 'stars' or pentagrams -

one for each of the original 13 States aligned as a six-pointed Star of David or Hexagram in full

view in the center. See: .

The Capital of the USA's association with Freemasonry has been well known for some time

now. It is extensive and there are even tours one can go on to see the sights. and .


1. I-495 is what is otherwise known to the world as the Washington Beltway or the freeway

that encircles the capital city of the USA: It is 64 miles long including an overlapping portion of

I-95. . As one can see from the depiction on

the previous link it is a circle or magic circle? Around the Masonic Square formed by Washington

District of Columbia itself.

2. The idea of a Belt or Beltway of course brings to mind the Constellation of Orion with the

well known and easily visible Orion's Belt. Freemasonry is linked to Orion's Belt or the concept of

a belt. and scroll down 80% .

3. The Circle or Beltway also connotes an Eye with the City itself being the pupil. The Eye of

Horus. The 555 foot tall Washington Monument or Obelisk is aligned with the middle star of

Orion's belt. scroll down 50% .

4. The number 495 is a Kaprekar number one of only two known to exist in three of four digits.

The other is 6174. It is interesting to note that the length of the I-495 Beltway is 64 miles which

have the same numbers beginning and end of 6174. If one adds the two numbers together one

has 6669 for an answer...another oddity. These numbers also are associated with the Great

Pyramid of Egypt which is also on the USA Great Seal. .

Is the name/number of I-495 a coincidence or an act of masonic numerology and black magick?

Some say the Beltway is in fact 66.6 miles in circumference and 495 = 4+9+5 = 18 which of

course is 6+6+6. scroll down 15% .

I-95 segement is 9 plus 5 which equals 5+5+5 or 15, the number of feet of the Obelisk.


The entire city of Washington D.C. ,encircled by I-495, is a giant version of the London Eye

ferris wheel which is 495 feet in diameter and linked to the illuminati. .

The Eye is the Eye of Horus. The city is a 3-dimensional version of the etheric eye of the masons

and other secret society denizens masquerading as a capital city. What does an eye do? It

WATCHES. The Watchers are the Nephilim or the fallen angels whom the government of the

City serves. .

Left Behind 216 links British Airways Concorde to Antichrist Aircraft

The illuminati are very clever at sleight of hand tricks. Sometimes fiction is fact and fact is

fiction in their psyops campaigns. The use of numerology by the servants of the infernal

powers is pervasisve. There is no other way to put it. In doing research on the number 216, a

code for 666, since it is 6x6x6 =216, this writer found an odd "coincidence" between the aircraft

used by the fictional antichrist figure in the Left Behind book series and the world's first

supersonic jetliner, the British Airways Concorde. This research also led to the disturbing

knowledge that a follow-on aircraft known as Son-of-Concorde is on the drawing board and

it appears to have links to Nazi created aircraft prototypes.

The reader is left to determine where fiction ends and illuminati psyops begins:


1. In the wiki site for Aircraft of the Left Behind series, two primary craft are noted :

The Condor 216 and the successor airplane The Phoenix 216. .

2. The last Concorde flight was accomplished by British Airways Concorde 216 , which is now

in a museum in the United Kingdom: It was the 6th Aircraft delivered to the Fleet. It was

delivered on June 9, 1980 or 6-9-(1+9+8+0 or 18). This would mean 6-9-18. 6 and turn the

9 upside down and add 1+8 = 9 ,then turned upside down, it is 6-6-6. The sum of 6+9+18 = 33,

the number of Freemasonry and 18 is 6+6+6. Coincidence? .

3. Concorde (or is it Condor) 216 was the last concorde to fly. It landed at exactly 13:08 hours. .

This is another way of saying it landed at 1:08pm which is 1+8 or 18 or 6+6+6.

4. Another way of saying The First hour after Noon and 8 minutes is 68 Minutes. The Year

68 AD is linked to the belief that Nero was an antichrist figure and that when the abomination

reincarnates again in our times or the future it will be Nero in a new form. Google Nero antichrist 68.

Nero committed suicide on June 9, 68 AD which is the exact delivery date of the aircraft. .

5. As further , evidence that the illuminati network is ultimately behind much of so-called

terrorism, Flight 216 of British Airways was linked to the bogus Terror alerts that were going

on frequently for a while there, all of them seeming to have British aircraft or airports as a

nexus. / It was supposed to leave exactly

at 6:36pm. 36 is associated in various ways with

and Flight 216 has not been a lucky number for many passengers.

December 1977 crash=,9171,919200,00.html .

The only Alaska Airlines crash was Flight 216 in 2000= .

The suspected suicide by an Egypt Air pilot killed himself and 216 other passengers on

Flight 990 in 1999 (turn the 9s upside down - Flight 66 , the number of the Qlippoth and 1666). .

217 is 1+6x6x6 or 1666 or 666 is Number One. Do the math...yourself. More coincidence? This

would be the number of dead including the mind-controlled pilot.


The new "Son of Concorde" is being built according to Nazi scientist designs. Will it be the

real world version of Phoenix 216? Stay tuned and fasten your seatbelts....the flight to Hell will

be turbulent. / .

Monday, March 24, 2008

Talmud 555 Cubit links North American Union to Kazakh Capital

The cubit is an ancient unit of measurement that was used in the design of many important

structures in the ancient classical world of Rome, Greece , Babylon and other empires of

antiquity. There are different units of measurement depending on the culture that haves minor

differences. The Talmudic cubit is 555 mm. This is interesting as Adolf Hitler's party number is

555 and the Washington Monument is 555 feet tall which of course is 6,660 inches.


1. Talmudic Cubit is 555 - link from Washington Monument to Great Pyramid - / "talmudist cubit of 555 mm" .

2. The jews were in captivity in Babylon. This is where the Talmud has its origins. Scroll down

80% "The Babylon Talmud , a jewish book of commentary was written near here." .

3. The Talmud has 2711 pages. . This

is counting both sides of a leaf as one page. If one counts each side as a page as in a book bought

in a store, the number becomes 5510.

4. If one extrapoltates the 5510 into lines of latitude and longitude one comes up with 55.10

N latitude. Banff , Canada is at 55.10 N Latitude. .

5. The latitude of the new capital of Kazakhstan, which is replete with new illuminati designed

structures is at latitude 51.50 N . .

6. Banff is where the secret meeting linked to the Security and Prosperity Partnership

took place with top leaders of Canada, Mexico and the USA. The purpose is to create a North

American Union based on corporate fascism. scroll to bottom .

7. Astana is a new city built on the windswept steppes of that vast Siberian hinterland. No one

could figure out why it was built where it was. .


What does this mean? For one thing... The cult of the illuminati 555 links the Royal Cubit of the

babylon Talmud to Adolf Hitler and the Washington Monument or 666. It is that simple.

Further, the illuminati are claiming Kazakhstan and its vast oil and gas reserves for world

zionism, the driving force behind the Bankster cabal that is the primary front for the elite

satanists. The North American Union is their project. The choice of Banff as the location for the

secret meeting says it all. There are many heads to the hydra serpent - but only one mind , that

of the devil himself. Do the math........numbers don't lie.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

666 Pi appearance links Goldman Sachs Headquarters to Solomon Temple

For the illuminati, little is left to mere chance. Everything from the address, to the lines of

latitude and longitude, angles, elevation and such are added into their designs and structures for

a purpose. The network exhibits a very advanced knowledge of numerology in conjunction with

Earth Ley lines or Dragon lines of psychic enegry which straddle the globe.

Currently, America is under a form of economic and political slavery by zionists of a kind and

nature never seen in history. The investment firm Goldman Sachs comprises the core leadership

on economic issues of the Bush neocon regime. From Fed chief Bernake to Treasury tyrant

Paulson and Chief of Staff Bolten....all are former initiates of the Goldman Sachs bankster cabal.

They are currently attempting to have the US taxpayer bail out the investment houses with

their subprime mortgage schemes gone sour. They will get 200 Billion USD and the taxpayer

will get the collateral of their bad investments worth ZERO.

Part of their scheme was the Mossad takedown of Eliot Spitzer , the former Governor of New

York. They could not have the bail out succeed unimpeded with him blowing the whistle on the

vast and obscene nature of the theft being perpetrated on the American taxpayer. They put

Rabbi Mukasey in to play the role of hitman. His former law firm was among the first to create a

civil and criminal subprime loan defense unit. When before have you ever heard of the feds

having an interest in an adult call girl operation in New York? ANSWER: - Never -.

However, there is more to Goldman Sachs than meets the eye. There is satanic numerology

associated with their new , just approved HQ tower in NYC. Their firm is making profits hand

over fist. Think of that when they take your home away next year after you lose your job in the

coming Great Depression of 2009.


1. 800 feet equals 244 meters. Another way to write the whole number 2440 is 244.0 - scroll

down 75%

and scroll down 70% .

2. The first place in which a sequence of three sixes or 666 appears in the mystical number Pi

is at 2440. scroll 90% down .

3. The new Goldman Sachs HQ will be 800 feet tall or 244 meters tall or 244.0 meters tall or

666 .

4. Coincidentally, the tallest building in Israel is City Gate Tower - Ramat Gan , which happens

to be 244 meters tall. Other towers of similar height are planned. / . Therefore , 666 rises over Israel too.

5. Further coincidence is the fact that heavily zionist Goldman Sachs has its tower the same

height as the tallest building in Israel, is it not? Also coincidence that the height of the Temple

Mount where satan took Jesus for the 2nd Temptation is 2,440 meters above sea level. .


Who is the largest shareholder in shares of GS or Goldman Sachs on Wall Street? Barclays.

Who runs Barclays? An in-law of the Rothschild Illuminati Dynasty , the family that leads

The global elite Black Lodge - The Servants of the Shadow...The Brotherhood of the Serpent.

Goldman Sachs - Barclays

Marsico Capital is now #1 after recent sell-offs *.

Barclays = Rothschild at - .

Regarding Marsico... it is interesting to note that his HQ is in the Westin Tabor Center in Denver

is on the 13th Floor of all places. . The address is

1672....which happens to be linked to PHI or the Golden Ratio or is a close approximation. .

167 = PHI at scroll down 50% and scroll down

50% . 1.67*

Denver is the Mile High City because it is exactly at one mile high or 5280 feet above sea level.,_Colorado .

The State Capitol Building incorporates the 5280 feet height into its design. .

5280 happens to be associated with the radius and diameter of the Earth. Scroll to bottom. / / The number is linked to the square root

of 3 , the Great Sphinx and the Annunaki. .

The Great Pyramid allegedly has a Ratio 666.6666666 that is connected to the number 5280. .

The Bankster mafia is an occult elite that have sold their souls to satan in exchange for vast

wealth. They must obediently lead mankind to the One World Government of the

Antichrist who will rebuild the temple of Solomon in an altitude of 2,440 meters

above the Earth's sea level. The Babylonian 244 meter towers reflect this goal.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

322 unites Arthur C. Clarke to Yale Skull and Bones

Arthur C. Clarke has just passed away to the great hereafter. He is best known for his work

2001 - A Space Odyssey. Like, Stanley Kubrick, he was believed to have, if not ties to, then at

least knowledge of the inner workings of the Illuminati. He was very open about the fact that he

believed that we - NASA - had discovered life on Mars. This from photos that appeared to show

ruins or structures and shapes that were artificial and not made by purely natural forces like the

wind or meteor impacts.


1. Arthur C. Clarke - Illuminati suspicions: Mr. Clarke actually was trying to build the HAL

supercomputer noted in the movie, that ran amok. Links to MI-5. .

2. Arthur C. Clarke involvement in UK nuke bomb project. .

3. Sir Arthur C. Clarke wrote 2001 - A Space Odyssey from Room 322 in a Chelsea Hotel

room. scroll down 45% .

4. The number for the infamous cult known as the Skull and Bones Society of Yale University

is 322. .

5. 332 is linked to the Roswell UFO suspected crash site location. .

6. Arthur Clarke and the 9/11 date. .


Is it possible that Sir Clarke was guided by someone or something when writing 2001? Why

would he be trying to recreate HAL , the computer that ran amok? It is possible that the same

spirit of evil in the crypt at Yale haunts room 322 at the Chelsea Hotel. The reader must decide.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

333 Dweller in the Abyss links Titanic and Lusitania to MK Ultra

The evil plan and design of the illuminati cannot be of human origin. The proof is very simple.

Assuming there is a design or plan as part of the bases for the issue - no human being could

devise a plan so intricate and long-term. Simply put , no human being has the longevity to plan

and manage matters for decades and decades. This is particularly true since most people in their

first 25 years or so are not in a position, financially or socially to have this power.

The current matter deals with an illuminati suspected family linked in some way or another to

333 choronzon numerology, the SOS signal from the Titanic, Kaprekar number link to location

of where it sank, the sinking of the Lusitania and - oddly enough, the MK ULTRA mind control

program .

This article may tend to add corroboration to the belief that the sinking of the Titanic and

Lusitania (which led to US involvement in WWI) were parts of an illuminati conspiracy.


1. 333 numerology link to sinking of Titanic. "A tour of titanic related sites in Montreal." The

Allan Building - 333 Rue de la Commune. The Allan Company's steamship Virginian picked up

the Titanic's first distress signal and wired head office in Montreal for permission to alter course

to go to the ship's rescue. The message was sent to the world thereafter from this building. .

2. The Titanic sank and went into the abyss...abysos was the ancient greek term for the ocean

depths. 333 is the number of the demon choronzon the "dweller in the abyss". .

3. The Allan Building was named for Sir Hugh Allan, a shipping magnate and one of the richest

men in the world. .

4. A Titanic lifeboat was found at latitude 30.56 N . An officer of the Leyland Line ship , The

Californian saw her go under and if his version is correct, the ship was not where the "official"

history would have it. .

5. There are two mysterious Kaprekar numbers known to mathematics at present. They are

495 and 6174. If you multiply them together you end up with the first four digits being 3056.

The number of feet around the four sides of the great pyramid of Cheops total 3056. The

numbers 495 x 6174 = 6669. .

6. Sir Hugh Allen's son took over the company and had the misfortune of having his wife and

two daughters on the Lusitania when it was allegedly torpedoed by a German U-Boat which led

to the USA entering WWI on the side of the British. .

7. There is a significant amount of evidence to believe that the Titanic was sunk by a conspiracy

and not a chunk of ice. In fact, the theory believes that it was the sister ship the Olympic that

sank and not the Titanic at all. and also .

8. Powerful men who opposed the creation of the Federal Reserve System mysteriously were on

board the Titanic and drowned. The coast was clear for the FRS and then World War I. .

9. As to the sinking of the Lusitania, the US Government prevented newspapers from running

ads paid by the German Government warning people not to sail on the Lusitania. They wanted

Americans dead to goad the public into war. and .

10. Sir Hugh Allan lived in RavensCrag , his palatial home in Montreal. .

11. It was later donated to Science and became the Allan Memorial Institute. A place to study

Psychiatry. .

12. The Allan Memorial Institute or Ravenscrag became the nesting ground for the evil mind

control experiment and testing operation known as MK ULTRA run by the CIA and others. and .


Again, the idea that the complexity of these matters and the sheer passage of time would allow

any one person or group of people to create, devise and effectuate these events is impossible.

Coincidence, that one family has these connections to these major disturbing events, as an

explanation is stretching credulity. The only other explanation is a complex plan, design or if you

will, conspiracy that must be of super-human design and management. What else can be said?

George H.W. Bush International Airport aligns with Giza Plateau Sphinx

The evil that emanates from the masonic created entity known as Texas continues to be

exposed. Much that has happened that is associated with death and misery in the past 45 years

in the USA has been associated with this geopolitical entity. President Lyndon Baines Johnson,

widely attributed to be behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and George H.W.

Bush and his son Dubya, the spitting-image of Mad Magazine's coverboy Alfred E. Neuman have

both ruined the US economy while in office and gotten the nation into endless war over their

occult-based obsession with Iraq and its ancient black magic secrets. LBJ was a freemason and

both Bush I and Bush II were Yale Skull and Bones Society members.

George H.W. Bush got into power by cutting a treasonous deal with the iranian mullahs to hold

US diplomats hostage until after the election against Jimmy Carter and George Dubya Bush got

into the White House by stealing the 2000 election from Al Gore.

Nothing but misery has fallen upon this nation when Texans kill and steal their way into the

White House. Vietnam and both Iraq wars are laid at the feet of this masonic-satanic lone

Pentagram State. Texas now accounts for more executions than all other states combined -

something unprecedented in the sordid history of the death penalty in the USA.


1. LBJ - Kennedy Assasination -freemason: .

2. October Surprise Treason alleged against Bush I .

3. Stolen 2000 and 2004 Elections by Dubya and stolen Republcian Primary in 2000 from
fellow Republican John McCain. -scroll to bottom - .

4. Dubya set texecution records. He did this while his brother did the same in Florida. Texas BY
ITSELF now is responsible for 60% of all executions in the USA. Unheard of event before - .

5. The City of Houston, one of the largest in the USA was named after the first President of
Texas, Sam Houston, a Freemason. .

6. Bush family and Skull and Bones- .


Houston International Airport has been renamed George H.W. Bush International Airport. It is

located at 29.58 N latitude. .

The Giza Plateau and Sphinx are thought by some to be a massive spaceport in ancient times

where UFOs / spaceships / flying craft etc... could land. .

"the two larger Giza pyamids were landing beacons for a spaceport built on the Sinai peninsula." scroll down 40% .

see also scroll down 90%.

The latitude for the Sphinx is 29.58 N Latitude. and also .

It should also be noted that as to space travel , the so-called Face on Mars is similar -whatever it

is- to the Sphinx. .

Further it is interesting how coincidentally, the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center happens to be

in Houston , Texas as well. .


Skull and Bones Bush and Lyndon Johnson Freemason both have facilities linked with flight

named after them in Masonic Houston. This happens to link to The Sphinx - suspected by some

to be associated with ancient astronauts that also take part in ...flight. . Coincidence?

The "Endless Column" is 29.33 meters tall. It is a "cosmic lighthouse" allegedly like the Khufu

pyramid in Giza. or google - The endless

column - . It also happens to be a coincidence that the Freemason Power number is 33 AND that

the Lyndon Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas is located at latitude 29.33 N - correct? .

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kaprekar Numbers links London Eye to 666 and Cheops Pyramid

The illuminati web that insidiously penetrates and then permeates modern society is based on

a form of numerological science. The purpose of this article is to expose another strand of the

spider .... the spider with one eye, like the one on the USA dollar bill.

Recent investigation has discovered a link between this black magic or science, that involves

so-called Kaprekar numbers. This is an algorithm which was discovered in 1949. The 3 digit

Kaprekar Number is 495. and the 4 digit

number is 6174. .

1. A huge Ferris Wheel in London, known as the London Eye is associated by some with the

illuminati. . .

2. The London Eye Ferris Wheel is 495 feet high. .

3. The great Temple of Ephesus which is discussed by St. Paul , the apostle, is 495 feet in

diameter. .

4. The number 495 is linked to Phi or the Divine Ratio and the Royal Cubit, an ancient unit of

measure. . scroll down


5. There is either a conspiracy theory , hoax or hidden-by-the-government fact that the Earth

axis has tilted to 49.5 degrees. Take your pick. .


One odd fact that no one seems to have noticed in investigating the Kaprekar number 495 and
6174 is the answer one arrives at when adding the two numbers together:

It is 6669. How odd don't you think? An illuminati eye in London is associated with a Kaprekar

mysterious number and when the two known numbers of this genre are added together a

number starting with 666 is the result. The reader must decide if this is a hoax or a hostile act

by the masonic overlords that seek to rule every aspect of our existence...if not our souls.

- The Great Pyramid of Cheops has sides that are 764 feet in length. .

764 x 4 (sides) = 3056. If one inserts - 495 x 6174 = into , the answer is

3056 130 . More Coincidence? Don't forget that the London Eye is the eye in

the pyramid, as in the masonic USA dollar. Again, this is a dark science. It takes "illumination"

to open the eye of the mind to see the evil. To stop it....forever.

Possible Burning Man link to NYC Crane Collapse Exposed

A major illuminati operation known as the Burning Man Festival takes place in September in

the Black Rock Desert of northeast Nevada. There is a theory that the vibrations or energy

unleashed during this time of large numbers of post-hippie counterculturalists causes three

dimensional disasters along the parallel which links directly to New York City.

Yet another building collapse disaster has now occurred in NYC on March 15, 2008. The

numerology is clearly there - masonic and linked by-the-numbers to the Burning Man occult

ritual. See the evidence yourself and determine if it is real or just, as always , explained away by


1. Burning Man link to NYC Building Collapses. .

2. The address of the location that was destroyed by the fall of the huge crane was 303 E. 51st

street. The Time of destruction was 2:20pm. .

3. The number 51 features in music at the Burning Man Festival in 2007. "My product is

51 times stronger than cocaine... 51 times more hallucinogenic than acid ... and 51 times more

explosive than ecstasy. It's like getting a personal visit from God." .

4. Area 51 is located in the desert of Nevada as well. The suspected illuminati rock group

Pink Floyd has lyrics indicating that "Come in number 51. Your time is up." .

5. The restaurant FUBAR was destroyed in the crane disaster. FUBAR in military slang means

F*****D Up Beyond All Repair. Which oddly enough is how the restaurant finds itself now.

One of the Veteran Camps at the Burning Man is known as FUBAR. scroll down 80% . So called Picasso Camp

also has a FUBAR, scroll down 45% .

6. One way to get to the Burning Man Festival from 33rd Parallel Phoenix , Arizona (as in the

mythical bird that dies in the flames only to be reborn - like Burning Man each year) is on

Cotton Cane Loop 303. .

7. You can even get room 303 for yourself (a number with much importance in the bizarre

occult symbol laden movie The Matrix) while you stay nearby. .

8. The 303 is linked to Uber Mason Albert Pike. .

Since zero has no value in western numerology, the 303 is '33' , the power number of Masonry.

9. The crane collapsed at about 2:20 p.m. The number 22 has many esoteric links. These

include the 22 evolutionary bodies of human beings, the Word of God and the totality of mystical

knowledge. .

The number 220 figures prominently in Burning Man. 220 Crystals - scroll down 90% .

220 Feet - .

2008 will be the 22nd Anniversary of the Burning Man Festival. .


The energies unleashed by the pagan festival are becoming uncontrollable. There is a theory

that all of this is leading to a mega-Burning Man Ritual in September of 2012 to welcome, human

sacrifice-style, the return of Kukulkan, the mayan feathered serpent deity in 12-21-2012. The

prediction for this year is that the Burning Man effigy will be 22 meters tall. In 2012 it will be

a live human being , in a drug induced trance brought on by a combination of 51 drugs. We shall

see............* Still don't believe? Go to insert 303 x 51 x 220 = . The answer

will be 339966 . Looks weird , does it not? Must be more coincidence....right?

333 Wacker Drive in Chicago is 396 feet tall. .

Another 333 address in Chicago is linked to the Rothschild Dynasty. scroll down 75%,_Illinois_Buildings .

The illuminati love triplication of numbers. . 339966.

33 is 11 tripled. 99 is 33 tripled. Of course, 66 is 22 tripled for the 22nd anniversary party.

Today's date is March 15. Another way of saying it is 3 - (3+3+3+3+3) or 333333. This is 6 '3's

63 which is 6 x 3 = 18 which is 6+6+6. This is a clarion call to action . The time is near. We must

act soon to stop the illuminati - or we will be FUBAR.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Masonic 33 divided by 666 equals USA - Canada border

The US Canada border is associated with the 49th Parallel. No one seems to be able to figure

out why this number was used for the border delineation since much of Canada and its major

cities are south of the 49th parallel. Possibly, this article may provide an explanation. The theory

proposed is that the number has to do with illuminati numerology and neo-masonic beliefs. What

the actual reason may be is , as always, left to the reader.

1. The native americans called the 49th parallel the Medicine Line because of its seeming

magical ability to stop American troops from crossing the line. .

2. The Freemason power number 33 divided by 666 is 0.0495495495 . Go to

and insert 33 divided by 666 for answer.

3. The latitude 49.54 is identical for that of Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba. .

4. The Legislature of Winnipeg is considered an Illuminati Temple. .

See also: .

5. The latitude 49.5 south appeared to be a harmonic for the testing of nuclear weapons by

the french in Antarctica. The corroboration for this is to be found in the book THE ENERGY

GRID by Bruce L. Cathie on page 240. google 49.5 latitude or .

"Essentially, Cathie arues that UFOs, nuclear facilities, and ancient monuments are places of

power, and in order to utilize this power, must be placed in precise geometric positions relative

to the earth's surface, and sometimes, to each other."

6. In Boston , the 1847 built custom house tower is 495 feet tall. It is now owned by the

well known illuminist entity Marriot. . see photo.

Marriot = illuminati - .

7. The number 495 is very bizzare. It involves the Kaprekar Transformation. .

The number 6174 leads to the same bizarre result as 495. What has not been discovered in this

analysis is that 495 repeated endlessly is the result of the masonic 33 divided by the evil 666.


The square root of 49 is 7. 7 x 7 = 49. The number 77 has extensive sinister masonic links. .


The border between the USA and CANADA is the result of masonic numerology.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

666 divided by Speed of Light = Center of India Tower

The Illuminati design oftentimes circles around permutations of masonic or evil numbers. The

number 666 is often commingled with Pi or Phi and others to form a number and then from that

point to be used as the number of steps, street address, building height, line of latitude and or

longitude in the world ley line grid.

The present matter involves the mixture of The Speed of Light whose mathematical symbol is

c and what one discovers when it is divided into 666. The answer is to be found in the ancient

land of India. Coincidence or Collusion - Chance or Conspiracy, the reader must decide.


1. 666 Divided by the Speed of Light = 2.22153687 x 10-6th power s/m .

Go to and insert 666 divided by c - .

2. The Hussainabad Clock Tower, the largest clock in India is 221 feet in height. .

3. The Center of India Tower (proposed -not built ) would be around 2,222 feet tall.

4. It is also known as the World Center for Vedic Learning - .

5. The world renowned site on skyscrapers, Emporis has the height of this massive tower

dedicated to hindu deities at 2221 feet in height. .

It is odd that the exact number of the antichrist divided by the speed of light leads to the height

in feet of this massive structure. It could of course, be coincidence, except that the Vedic hindu

yogis, astronomers and occultists discovered the speed of light hundreds if not thousands of

years before Einstein.

6. and more

vedic physics of light at - .

7. The Maharishi Yogi , the force behind the Vedic Tower is a well known figure. Scroll down

one inch. . He is behind the global TM or transcendental

meditation movement and once had Beatle George Harrison as a devotee.

8. The latitude 22.21 is linked to the axis of the earth and a pole shift predicition. .


Like the clock being related to time, the speed of light is part of the law of relativity which

also is related to time. It is time we find out what the illuminati are doing before they turn off the

lights for humanity. Speed is of the utmost importance- as time....runs out.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pythagoras Mystery Tablet and Euler Number link to Venus

The dark science of the Illuminati is based on - above all else - secrecy. Yet, their codes and

manners of working can be deciphered. It is like pulling on a piece of string , once you start , the

whole thing unravels into a large ball, not of yarn but of serpents. The present articles deals with

this writer's attempt to break the meaning of the Pythagoras mystery tablet. What can be said

up until now is that it is: 1) Comprised of the numbers 4, 5/36, 3, 1/9, 2.25, 9, 2 and 25/16.

2) The number or fraction 5/36 is linked to the planet Venus when multiplied and divided by Phi

and Pi. The irrational Euler Constant is linked to Venus as well. What this means is unknown.


a) 5/36 x Phi ( The Golden Ratio) = 0.224726943 - insert 5/36 x Phi into .

b) "A Year on Venus takes 224.7 Earth days." .

c) 5/36 divided by Phi = 0.085838054 - insert 5/36 divided by Phi into .

d) "The average surface temperature on Venus is about 858 degrees Z" .

e) The number 577 figures prominently in mayan astronomy regarding the planet Venus. and "Venus synodic circulation length

is moving between 577 to 592 days." .

f) The Euler Constant is .577 .


"Pythagoras of Samos was the first greek to realize that the morning star and the evening star

were both the planet venus." . If one is still not convinced of

a connection, the 5/36 switched to 5.36 x Phi = 8.672 while the temperature in Fahrenheit

for the surface of Venus - . scroll to bottom. is

867.2 . There are those that say the PHI or the Golden Ratio is linked to human beauty. and .

Venus is the goddess of Beauty - more coincidence? .

Monday, March 10, 2008

Reptilian Architecture Brainwashing Hides in Plain Sight-Part 2

The Illuminati have us essentially gridded for lack of a better word. They build their empire

all around us using bizarre technologies such as numerology, ley lines, codes and secret ritual.

This is what to many is called black magick. It is something so beyond the normal to most people

that it is unbelievable in scope , size and significance. It cannot be happening -- but it is.

There is strength in numbers when dealing with the sheer amount of evidence. But , as always,

the free , informed will of the reader decides his or her own truth.

The Evidence:

1. Square Root of 2 is an irrational number. Go to and insert square root 2 -.

The answer is or should be : 1.41421356 . The Empire State Building is now the tallest in NYC

The height is 1,414 feet with the TV antenna. .

2. 666 x 1.61 (The first three numbers of Phi , the golden ratio, and the number at which light

bends) = insert 666 x 1.61 = . The answer should be: 1072.26

See for background - PHI 1.61 at . Light Bend 1.61 scroll down 40% .

The Tallest building in the southern hemisphere is the New Zealand Sky Tower. It is

1072 feet tall.

3. The Frost Bank Tower in the masonic capital of Texas, Austin is 515 feet tall. .

The Golden Ratio Divided by Pi = 0.515036215 . 515 - coincidence? The Frost Bank is

the tallest building whose construction began after the 9/11 attacks and tallest in Austin.

4. The latitude of the Illuminati world empire capital of London is 51.5 degrees N. .

CONCLUSION: These are just a few of the examples available . More will be presented. Can it

really be coincidence that 666 x Phi is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere? Can it

really be coincidence that Phi divided by Pi links the tallest building in masonic Austin to London

latitudes? Yes - or .... No. The decision is up to the reader.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cubit x 666 aligns three Southernmost USA State Capitals

The illuminati mega-ritual exposure continues. Much of what is discovered is disturbing in the

extreme as the vast nature of the conspiracy is exposed. Clearly, whatever is behind it cannot

be remotely human. The precision, the timeframe, the hidden yet plainly discernible nature of

the evil in disguise is shocking. The current article indicates the likely possibility that the three

southernmost capitals of the USA, Austin, Tallahassee and Baton Rouge are in alignment with

each other AND the number of the antichrist multiplied by the Cubit, the ancient unit of

measure for the pyramids , the ark of the covenant and other ancient wonders of the world.


1. Go to and insert Cubit x 666 = .

2. The result should be: 304.4952 meters.

3. Using prior techniques of extrapolating the number into lines of latitude or longitude, one

can come up with latitude 30.44 N or S . The same can be done for Longitude E or W.

4. Baton Rouge , Louisiana is the capital of the Katrina destroyed State and sits on latitude

30.44 N - .

5. Tallahassee , Florida is the Capital of Florida it also sits on latitude 30.44 - / .

6. Austin, the Capital of the Freemason created Republic of Texas and now State of Texas,

also - big surprise ! - sits on 30.44 latitude. .


Esteemed Reader... what is your definition of coincidence? The three southermost State capitals

of the USA are in near perfect geospatial alignment along a number that is the ancient mystery

religion / sacred geometry unit of measure - the cubit, multiplied by the number of the filth

known as the antichrist. All three States lead in executions of inmates and were slave states in

the USA civil war. The Bush brothers sent hundreds to death row executions from Tallahassee

and Austin. Again, you are respectfully asked - - what is your definition of coincidence?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Multiplied Satanic and Illuminati Numbers equals The Golden Ratio

This writer has been conducting an analysis of occult numerology for some time. It was still

somewhat shocking to come up with the result that followed when eight numbers with well

known occult, masonic, illuminati and satanic connotations were multiplied together.

The answer is hinted at in the title of this article. The evidence is the following:

A. 13 - The unlucky number, probably the best known in the western world at least.

B. 23 - Linked to The Law of Fives and the Illuminati: .

C. 33 - The number of the highest degree of Freemasonry and the eerie 33rd parallel - .

D. 36 - The sum of the integers/numbers added together to reach and include 36 = 666 -- .

E. 37 - The Number 666 divided by its digits added together - and scroll down 50% to see 37 Smith Number link to 666 and a link to 37 to the
zip code 60606 of the Sears Tower in Chicago: .

F. 333 - A number with heavy and varied illuminati links: / / The demon Choronzon: has as its number 333.

G. 555 - The Nazi Party number for Adolf Hitler. The SS membership number for his #2 Martin

Bormann. There are 555 feet in the Washington D.C. masonic obelisk known as the Washington

Monument is also equal to 6,660 inches. The Monument is a metaphor for 666. / .

H. 666 - The number goes without the need for much corroboration but for purposes of accuracy

the following is provided: .


insert the following multiplication problem into

13 x 23 x 33 x 36 x 37 x 333 x 555 x 666 =

The answer pursuant to the google calculator should be:

1.61771048 x 10 to the 15th power.



most irrational of irrational numbers in that it cannot be mathematically predicted at all.

See Golden Ration or Phi : scroll down 70% .

There are eight disparate numbers being multiplied and the answer happens to be the eighth

place where Phi is divided to seek an answer. Coincidence?


It is odd that this writer has been presenting articles on the numerology of the illuminati that

uses primarily the numbers noted previously. By chance or "chance" he multiplied the eight

numbers together and comes up with the eighth place for the the division exercise of Phi, the

Golden Proportion. What does this mean? This writer does not know. Speculation continues...

what do you think it means?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

666 + Pi + Phi + e equals Tallest Building in Quebec

The illuminati-masonic-reptilian architecture of modern life and so-called civilization is built to

create an effect on the human subconscious. The desired effect is to show that the system is vast

and all powerful. It is to shrink the human dimension to nothingness and make people think , as

the fictional Borg in the Star Trek television series used to say - "Resistance is Futile... all will be

assimilated". This article provides additional albeit brief evidence to show that the use of the

most famous irrational numbers , pi , phi and e is intermingled with 666 - The Beast System as

part-and-parcel of this black magick in glass, steel and stone.

The Evidence:

1. Go to and insert: 666 + Pi + Phi + e = .

The answer should be: 673.477908 .

2. The tallest building in Montreal and all of Quebec is 1000 de la Gauchetiere, at 51 floors and

673 feet (205) meters. .

The 673 could be construed as a hidden or coded 666. This could then be construed logically as

saying 666 is "over" , figuratively as well as literally, all of Quebec and the city of Montreal.


Is this again a coincidence or a fact? The reader must determine.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Reptilian Architecture Brainwashing Hides in Plain Sight - Part 1

This writer may have discovered evidence of the use of illuminati numerology in a vast array

of buildings, locations, designs , addresses and geospatial alignments throughout the capitalist

world. Many of the discoveries are believed to be significant but simply by themselves do not

generate sufficient material for an article. Therefore, the decision was made to put varied

aspects of this phenomena together in multiple articles to provide the information in usable

format and to try to erase coincidence as an explanation.

The present matter discusses four discoveries:

1. 666 Squared x The Golden Ratio Squared = 1161 244.68 -- Go to / insert

666 squared x phi squared = -.

2. "A Russian real estate developer, Polonsky is building Moscow's first genuine modern

skyscraper, the Federation Tower... 93 stories and 1,161 feet ..." .

3. Coincidence that the height of Moscow's first genuine skyscraper happens to match the

number of the antichrist squared multiplied by the Divine Ratio squared? Reader must decide,

but at 93 stories it also happens to coincide with the Number 93 of Thelema, the cult founded by

black magician Aleister Crowley. .

4. Currently work is underway in the Al Hamra Fidrous Tower in Kuwait. It is scheduled to be

1310 feet tall. . scroll

to bottom.

5. Go to / insert 666 squared x 666 cubed = -

The answer should be 1.31030122 x 10 to the 14th power. Odd that 1.310 is similar to 1,310.

again, more coincidence?

6. Pi squared is 9.8696044 - insert Pi squared - .

The Eiffel Tower, once the world's tallest building is 986 feet tall.

7. 666 cubed x Pi cubed x Phi cubed x e cubed = 7.79325115 x 10 to the 11th power.

* e is the Euler Number and ** insert equation up to the = sign for answer if verification needed.

8. The second tallest building in San Francisco is the Bank of America Tower it is the flagship

(word that has been used) of the San Francisco financial district. The Federation Tower noted

earlier in this article has also been called a "flagship" of the Moscow financial district.

9. The Bank of America Tower in San Francisco is 779 feet tall. . google Bank of America tower 779 feet.

Why just happen to make it two more feet taller than the "lucky number" 777? No explanation.


The present article is the beginning of a series of works exposing the illuminist brainwashing

that occurs at a growing rate throughout the world. The Towers and other edifices and designs

are symbols to the subconscious that shows their control over us. That they are to big , too tall,

too all-powerful, we must submit, we must obey, we must allow them to chip us when the day

comes...........But they are wrong. They will lose. But only when the public is awake and unhived

can the process of spiritual resistance begin. That is this writer's mission. They "are legion" , but

so are we.