Monday, March 10, 2008

Reptilian Architecture Brainwashing Hides in Plain Sight-Part 2

The Illuminati have us essentially gridded for lack of a better word. They build their empire

all around us using bizarre technologies such as numerology, ley lines, codes and secret ritual.

This is what to many is called black magick. It is something so beyond the normal to most people

that it is unbelievable in scope , size and significance. It cannot be happening -- but it is.

There is strength in numbers when dealing with the sheer amount of evidence. But , as always,

the free , informed will of the reader decides his or her own truth.

The Evidence:

1. Square Root of 2 is an irrational number. Go to and insert square root 2 -.

The answer is or should be : 1.41421356 . The Empire State Building is now the tallest in NYC

The height is 1,414 feet with the TV antenna. .

2. 666 x 1.61 (The first three numbers of Phi , the golden ratio, and the number at which light

bends) = insert 666 x 1.61 = . The answer should be: 1072.26

See for background - PHI 1.61 at . Light Bend 1.61 scroll down 40% .

The Tallest building in the southern hemisphere is the New Zealand Sky Tower. It is

1072 feet tall.

3. The Frost Bank Tower in the masonic capital of Texas, Austin is 515 feet tall. .

The Golden Ratio Divided by Pi = 0.515036215 . 515 - coincidence? The Frost Bank is

the tallest building whose construction began after the 9/11 attacks and tallest in Austin.

4. The latitude of the Illuminati world empire capital of London is 51.5 degrees N. .

CONCLUSION: These are just a few of the examples available . More will be presented. Can it

really be coincidence that 666 x Phi is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere? Can it

really be coincidence that Phi divided by Pi links the tallest building in masonic Austin to London

latitudes? Yes - or .... No. The decision is up to the reader.