Sunday, March 16, 2008

George H.W. Bush International Airport aligns with Giza Plateau Sphinx

The evil that emanates from the masonic created entity known as Texas continues to be

exposed. Much that has happened that is associated with death and misery in the past 45 years

in the USA has been associated with this geopolitical entity. President Lyndon Baines Johnson,

widely attributed to be behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and George H.W.

Bush and his son Dubya, the spitting-image of Mad Magazine's coverboy Alfred E. Neuman have

both ruined the US economy while in office and gotten the nation into endless war over their

occult-based obsession with Iraq and its ancient black magic secrets. LBJ was a freemason and

both Bush I and Bush II were Yale Skull and Bones Society members.

George H.W. Bush got into power by cutting a treasonous deal with the iranian mullahs to hold

US diplomats hostage until after the election against Jimmy Carter and George Dubya Bush got

into the White House by stealing the 2000 election from Al Gore.

Nothing but misery has fallen upon this nation when Texans kill and steal their way into the

White House. Vietnam and both Iraq wars are laid at the feet of this masonic-satanic lone

Pentagram State. Texas now accounts for more executions than all other states combined -

something unprecedented in the sordid history of the death penalty in the USA.


1. LBJ - Kennedy Assasination -freemason: .

2. October Surprise Treason alleged against Bush I .

3. Stolen 2000 and 2004 Elections by Dubya and stolen Republcian Primary in 2000 from
fellow Republican John McCain. -scroll to bottom - .

4. Dubya set texecution records. He did this while his brother did the same in Florida. Texas BY
ITSELF now is responsible for 60% of all executions in the USA. Unheard of event before - .

5. The City of Houston, one of the largest in the USA was named after the first President of
Texas, Sam Houston, a Freemason. .

6. Bush family and Skull and Bones- .


Houston International Airport has been renamed George H.W. Bush International Airport. It is

located at 29.58 N latitude. .

The Giza Plateau and Sphinx are thought by some to be a massive spaceport in ancient times

where UFOs / spaceships / flying craft etc... could land. .

"the two larger Giza pyamids were landing beacons for a spaceport built on the Sinai peninsula." scroll down 40% .

see also scroll down 90%.

The latitude for the Sphinx is 29.58 N Latitude. and also .

It should also be noted that as to space travel , the so-called Face on Mars is similar -whatever it

is- to the Sphinx. .

Further it is interesting how coincidentally, the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center happens to be

in Houston , Texas as well. .


Skull and Bones Bush and Lyndon Johnson Freemason both have facilities linked with flight

named after them in Masonic Houston. This happens to link to The Sphinx - suspected by some

to be associated with ancient astronauts that also take part in ...flight. . Coincidence?

The "Endless Column" is 29.33 meters tall. It is a "cosmic lighthouse" allegedly like the Khufu

pyramid in Giza. or google - The endless

column - . It also happens to be a coincidence that the Freemason Power number is 33 AND that

the Lyndon Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas is located at latitude 29.33 N - correct? .


wow said...

great job since you know whats happen wake the people up around you these are some nasty times we are livin in everything that you
think you know are you is the truth
the signs have always been around us let me put this way in order for this thing to happen they know they have to chip everyone so the
economy thing is just another peice
of the puzzle this is all old news
dont post on the internet wake the people up around you remeber no man may buy are sell unless he are she has the mark so now can you understand how the game works
so remeber all these things you
you say well only mean nothing if
you dont wake the people up around you peace

wow said...

this is a fight this was goin on even when jesus was livin if you
look at the histroy on the wall
when they are showing egypit
you well realise we just finding
out what they already knew in order
for them to one world order ready
the world they have to make us think that we are always in danger
by everyone so as you can see this
been nothing more than plan to take
ovwr the world by who the devil because the bible says we tangle not against flesh in blood but rulers of wicketness in high places
so that should sum it all up just check out the state of the world from the 90s up to 09 even as early
as 1700s so peace