Friday, March 28, 2008

Kabbalah 612 links Air Terror to Great Pyramid Apothem

The numerology of the Illuminati appears to be a central focus of their nefarious activities.

The reason for this is unknown. It may be like a graffitti vandal or tagger leaving his mark or

the fact that the numbers themselves may have a hidden source of power. The Kabbalah

or a primary version of it has 612 pages. This MUST have some meaning since the Kabbalah

itself is basically a book of magickal numerology. Research was conducted into the number 612

and this is what was discovered for the reader:


1. Versions of the Kabbalah are 612 pages in length. .

2. The number 612 is 216 in reverse. The number 216 is 6x6x6. A logical extrapolation could

be that The 612 page Kabbalah is a not-so-hidden code for 666.

3. The Apothem is a geometric or mathematical figure of importance in measuring the Great

Pyramid or pyramids in general. .

4. The Apothem of the Great Pyramid of Giza is 612 feet. and scroll down to see

that 216 and 612 are 'mirrors' of each other linked to the Giza Pyramid. .

5. The square root of 612 is 24.7386338 . Go to insert square root 612 -.

6. The capital of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh. It is located at latitude 24.7 N. .

7. The elevation of Riyadh is 612 meters above sea level. . Square Root of 612 for Latitude

and 612 meters for altitude. Coincidence?

8. Bizarre architecture abounds in Riyadh - and and also if one looks at

both the Kingdom Tower as a female symbol and the Faisalah Tower as a male phallic symbol,

AND one notes that they are built "in direct alignment" to each other then they must be a form

of illuminati fertility magick symbolism at work. .

9. As noted in a separate article on the number 216, the number 612 has not proven lucky for

Airline travellers. / and also a Movie , Land of the Giants ,

which had a Flight 612 .

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