Saturday, March 1, 2008

Reptilian Architecture Brainwashing Hides in Plain Sight - Part 1

This writer may have discovered evidence of the use of illuminati numerology in a vast array

of buildings, locations, designs , addresses and geospatial alignments throughout the capitalist

world. Many of the discoveries are believed to be significant but simply by themselves do not

generate sufficient material for an article. Therefore, the decision was made to put varied

aspects of this phenomena together in multiple articles to provide the information in usable

format and to try to erase coincidence as an explanation.

The present matter discusses four discoveries:

1. 666 Squared x The Golden Ratio Squared = 1161 244.68 -- Go to / insert

666 squared x phi squared = -.

2. "A Russian real estate developer, Polonsky is building Moscow's first genuine modern

skyscraper, the Federation Tower... 93 stories and 1,161 feet ..." .

3. Coincidence that the height of Moscow's first genuine skyscraper happens to match the

number of the antichrist squared multiplied by the Divine Ratio squared? Reader must decide,

but at 93 stories it also happens to coincide with the Number 93 of Thelema, the cult founded by

black magician Aleister Crowley. .

4. Currently work is underway in the Al Hamra Fidrous Tower in Kuwait. It is scheduled to be

1310 feet tall. . scroll

to bottom.

5. Go to / insert 666 squared x 666 cubed = -

The answer should be 1.31030122 x 10 to the 14th power. Odd that 1.310 is similar to 1,310.

again, more coincidence?

6. Pi squared is 9.8696044 - insert Pi squared - .

The Eiffel Tower, once the world's tallest building is 986 feet tall.

7. 666 cubed x Pi cubed x Phi cubed x e cubed = 7.79325115 x 10 to the 11th power.

* e is the Euler Number and ** insert equation up to the = sign for answer if verification needed.

8. The second tallest building in San Francisco is the Bank of America Tower it is the flagship

(word that has been used) of the San Francisco financial district. The Federation Tower noted

earlier in this article has also been called a "flagship" of the Moscow financial district.

9. The Bank of America Tower in San Francisco is 779 feet tall. . google Bank of America tower 779 feet.

Why just happen to make it two more feet taller than the "lucky number" 777? No explanation.


The present article is the beginning of a series of works exposing the illuminist brainwashing

that occurs at a growing rate throughout the world. The Towers and other edifices and designs

are symbols to the subconscious that shows their control over us. That they are to big , too tall,

too all-powerful, we must submit, we must obey, we must allow them to chip us when the day

comes...........But they are wrong. They will lose. But only when the public is awake and unhived

can the process of spiritual resistance begin. That is this writer's mission. They "are legion" , but

so are we.


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