Thursday, March 20, 2008

666 Pi appearance links Goldman Sachs Headquarters to Solomon Temple

For the illuminati, little is left to mere chance. Everything from the address, to the lines of

latitude and longitude, angles, elevation and such are added into their designs and structures for

a purpose. The network exhibits a very advanced knowledge of numerology in conjunction with

Earth Ley lines or Dragon lines of psychic enegry which straddle the globe.

Currently, America is under a form of economic and political slavery by zionists of a kind and

nature never seen in history. The investment firm Goldman Sachs comprises the core leadership

on economic issues of the Bush neocon regime. From Fed chief Bernake to Treasury tyrant

Paulson and Chief of Staff Bolten....all are former initiates of the Goldman Sachs bankster cabal.

They are currently attempting to have the US taxpayer bail out the investment houses with

their subprime mortgage schemes gone sour. They will get 200 Billion USD and the taxpayer

will get the collateral of their bad investments worth ZERO.

Part of their scheme was the Mossad takedown of Eliot Spitzer , the former Governor of New

York. They could not have the bail out succeed unimpeded with him blowing the whistle on the

vast and obscene nature of the theft being perpetrated on the American taxpayer. They put

Rabbi Mukasey in to play the role of hitman. His former law firm was among the first to create a

civil and criminal subprime loan defense unit. When before have you ever heard of the feds

having an interest in an adult call girl operation in New York? ANSWER: - Never -.

However, there is more to Goldman Sachs than meets the eye. There is satanic numerology

associated with their new , just approved HQ tower in NYC. Their firm is making profits hand

over fist. Think of that when they take your home away next year after you lose your job in the

coming Great Depression of 2009.


1. 800 feet equals 244 meters. Another way to write the whole number 2440 is 244.0 - scroll

down 75%

and scroll down 70% .

2. The first place in which a sequence of three sixes or 666 appears in the mystical number Pi

is at 2440. scroll 90% down .

3. The new Goldman Sachs HQ will be 800 feet tall or 244 meters tall or 244.0 meters tall or

666 .

4. Coincidentally, the tallest building in Israel is City Gate Tower - Ramat Gan , which happens

to be 244 meters tall. Other towers of similar height are planned. / . Therefore , 666 rises over Israel too.

5. Further coincidence is the fact that heavily zionist Goldman Sachs has its tower the same

height as the tallest building in Israel, is it not? Also coincidence that the height of the Temple

Mount where satan took Jesus for the 2nd Temptation is 2,440 meters above sea level. .


Who is the largest shareholder in shares of GS or Goldman Sachs on Wall Street? Barclays.

Who runs Barclays? An in-law of the Rothschild Illuminati Dynasty , the family that leads

The global elite Black Lodge - The Servants of the Shadow...The Brotherhood of the Serpent.

Goldman Sachs - Barclays

Marsico Capital is now #1 after recent sell-offs *.

Barclays = Rothschild at - .

Regarding Marsico... it is interesting to note that his HQ is in the Westin Tabor Center in Denver

is on the 13th Floor of all places. . The address is

1672....which happens to be linked to PHI or the Golden Ratio or is a close approximation. .

167 = PHI at scroll down 50% and scroll down

50% . 1.67*

Denver is the Mile High City because it is exactly at one mile high or 5280 feet above sea level.,_Colorado .

The State Capitol Building incorporates the 5280 feet height into its design. .

5280 happens to be associated with the radius and diameter of the Earth. Scroll to bottom. / / The number is linked to the square root

of 3 , the Great Sphinx and the Annunaki. .

The Great Pyramid allegedly has a Ratio 666.6666666 that is connected to the number 5280. .

The Bankster mafia is an occult elite that have sold their souls to satan in exchange for vast

wealth. They must obediently lead mankind to the One World Government of the

Antichrist who will rebuild the temple of Solomon in an altitude of 2,440 meters

above the Earth's sea level. The Babylonian 244 meter towers reflect this goal.

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