Saturday, March 15, 2008

Possible Burning Man link to NYC Crane Collapse Exposed

A major illuminati operation known as the Burning Man Festival takes place in September in

the Black Rock Desert of northeast Nevada. There is a theory that the vibrations or energy

unleashed during this time of large numbers of post-hippie counterculturalists causes three

dimensional disasters along the parallel which links directly to New York City.

Yet another building collapse disaster has now occurred in NYC on March 15, 2008. The

numerology is clearly there - masonic and linked by-the-numbers to the Burning Man occult

ritual. See the evidence yourself and determine if it is real or just, as always , explained away by


1. Burning Man link to NYC Building Collapses. .

2. The address of the location that was destroyed by the fall of the huge crane was 303 E. 51st

street. The Time of destruction was 2:20pm. .

3. The number 51 features in music at the Burning Man Festival in 2007. "My product is

51 times stronger than cocaine... 51 times more hallucinogenic than acid ... and 51 times more

explosive than ecstasy. It's like getting a personal visit from God." .

4. Area 51 is located in the desert of Nevada as well. The suspected illuminati rock group

Pink Floyd has lyrics indicating that "Come in number 51. Your time is up." .

5. The restaurant FUBAR was destroyed in the crane disaster. FUBAR in military slang means

F*****D Up Beyond All Repair. Which oddly enough is how the restaurant finds itself now.

One of the Veteran Camps at the Burning Man is known as FUBAR. scroll down 80% . So called Picasso Camp

also has a FUBAR, scroll down 45% .

6. One way to get to the Burning Man Festival from 33rd Parallel Phoenix , Arizona (as in the

mythical bird that dies in the flames only to be reborn - like Burning Man each year) is on

Cotton Cane Loop 303. .

7. You can even get room 303 for yourself (a number with much importance in the bizarre

occult symbol laden movie The Matrix) while you stay nearby. .

8. The 303 is linked to Uber Mason Albert Pike. .

Since zero has no value in western numerology, the 303 is '33' , the power number of Masonry.

9. The crane collapsed at about 2:20 p.m. The number 22 has many esoteric links. These

include the 22 evolutionary bodies of human beings, the Word of God and the totality of mystical

knowledge. .

The number 220 figures prominently in Burning Man. 220 Crystals - scroll down 90% .

220 Feet - .

2008 will be the 22nd Anniversary of the Burning Man Festival. .


The energies unleashed by the pagan festival are becoming uncontrollable. There is a theory

that all of this is leading to a mega-Burning Man Ritual in September of 2012 to welcome, human

sacrifice-style, the return of Kukulkan, the mayan feathered serpent deity in 12-21-2012. The

prediction for this year is that the Burning Man effigy will be 22 meters tall. In 2012 it will be

a live human being , in a drug induced trance brought on by a combination of 51 drugs. We shall

see............* Still don't believe? Go to insert 303 x 51 x 220 = . The answer

will be 339966 . Looks weird , does it not? Must be more coincidence....right?

333 Wacker Drive in Chicago is 396 feet tall. .

Another 333 address in Chicago is linked to the Rothschild Dynasty. scroll down 75%,_Illinois_Buildings .

The illuminati love triplication of numbers. . 339966.

33 is 11 tripled. 99 is 33 tripled. Of course, 66 is 22 tripled for the 22nd anniversary party.

Today's date is March 15. Another way of saying it is 3 - (3+3+3+3+3) or 333333. This is 6 '3's

63 which is 6 x 3 = 18 which is 6+6+6. This is a clarion call to action . The time is near. We must

act soon to stop the illuminati - or we will be FUBAR.

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sean said...

I read another article where this guy, luminous, claims that Burning Man is becoming some sort of festival where giant, extra-terrestrial praying mantises are worshipped. I can't tell if the guy is kidding, but the article is well written with beautiful pictures. Check it out: