Saturday, March 29, 2008

Washington Beltway I-495 symbolic of Freemason 15-step Ritual

A previous article by this writer has possibly exposed the I-495 Washington Beltway as a

form of Magic Circle which envelopes the Masonic-square shaped city of Washington , D.C.

see: .

Additional research has discovered the chilling fact that the design process or meaning

inherent in this symbolism reaches into many, if not most homes in the USA. The Freemasons

have no regard for the idea that "A man's home is his castle". Their goal is to bring their

architectural witchcraft and black magic right up to the Master bedroom in their Master

planned communities as part of their Master - Lucifer's - plan for world dominion.


1. The numerology of 495, as noted in the previous link a Kaprekar number is linked to

freemasonry or vice versa. 33 is the power number of the Freemasons. .

2. 495 is divided by 33 exactly 15 times. Go to and insert - 495 divided by 33 .

3. 15 is 5+5+5. The Washington Obelisk / Monument is 555 feet tall. scroll down 20%. or google 555 feet

tall Washington Monument.

4. The design of Roslyn Chapel involves 15 degree angles. scroll down 30% .

5. 15 degrees is 1/24th of a 360 degree circle. There are 24 hours in one day. Then , if the

15 degrees where traversed one per hour, it equates to the rotation of the earth on its axis for

an average day.

6. Scroll down to 40% of the previous link and you will find "15 steps of a Fellow Craft" .

7. The concept of 15 steps or stairs and the home: 15 risers due to

nine foot roofs.

15 types of wood and 15 types of handrails:

The average Flight of stairs has 15 steps: scroll down 50% .

*8. Moses built 15 stairs to correspond with the 15 ascent psalms. scroll down 50% .

*9. Solomon's Temple had 15 steps. Google Solomon Temple 15 steps - numerous references in cited books that are difficult to place in this article but can be easily viewed by going to .

*10. Number 15 and jewish religion:!_Many_Plagues.asp scroll down 15%.


"Only in this country have the stairs 15 steps" scroll down 60% .

The article which states that is based on Freemason initiation rituals in the USA. The 15 steps

are allegedly representative of Solomon's Temple. If you google just the terms 15 steps by itself

you find that virtually everything is 15 steps...sell your house, better health, get a divorce, get

rid of clutter ..... you name it. The very fabric of American culture is permeated with secret

masonic doctrines, beliefs, phrases and sayings that inculcate the culture of freemasonry into the

public mind -without anyone knowing it or having a choice. This may explain why the American

people are like sheeple in resisting the Illuminati - that is what they are bred to be and it even

extends into the privacy of the home. A stairway to 555 which is 666- has 15 steps.

The 495 freeway around masonic Washington links the 33rd degree with the 15 steps of the

Temple of Solomon which Freemasons seek to recreate, all in the mysterious Kaprekar number.

That is a mathematical FACT. Whether it is by design or by coincidence -the reader must

decide, as always.

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