Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pythagoras Mystery Tablet and Euler Number link to Venus

The dark science of the Illuminati is based on - above all else - secrecy. Yet, their codes and

manners of working can be deciphered. It is like pulling on a piece of string , once you start , the

whole thing unravels into a large ball, not of yarn but of serpents. The present articles deals with

this writer's attempt to break the meaning of the Pythagoras mystery tablet. What can be said

up until now is that it is: 1) Comprised of the numbers 4, 5/36, 3, 1/9, 2.25, 9, 2 and 25/16.

2) The number or fraction 5/36 is linked to the planet Venus when multiplied and divided by Phi

and Pi. The irrational Euler Constant is linked to Venus as well. What this means is unknown.


a) 5/36 x Phi ( The Golden Ratio) = 0.224726943 - insert 5/36 x Phi into www.google.com .

b) "A Year on Venus takes 224.7 Earth days." www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/astronomy/planets/venus/ .

c) 5/36 divided by Phi = 0.085838054 - insert 5/36 divided by Phi into www.google.com .

d) "The average surface temperature on Venus is about 858 degrees Z" www.molossia.org/vesperia.html .

e) The number 577 figures prominently in mayan astronomy regarding the planet Venus. www.geocities.com/Athens/Delphi/9976/mayan12.html and "Venus synodic circulation length

is moving between 577 to 592 days." www.volny.cz/paib/PAGE_F_58.htm .

f) The Euler Constant is .577 www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euler-Mascheroni_constant .


"Pythagoras of Samos was the first greek to realize that the morning star and the evening star

were both the planet venus." www.midnightkite.com/all1.html/ . If one is still not convinced of

a connection, the 5/36 switched to 5.36 x Phi = 8.672 while the temperature in Fahrenheit

for the surface of Venus - www.science-fun.motime.com/archive/2007-09 . scroll to bottom. is

867.2 . There are those that say the PHI or the Golden Ratio is linked to human beauty. www.goldennumber.net/classic/beauty.htm and www.facialbeauty.org/divineproportion.html .

Venus is the goddess of Beauty - more coincidence? www.goddess.astrology.com/venus/beauty.html .

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