Friday, March 28, 2008

Washington Beltway I-495 links Kaprekar Number to Eye of Horus

It is now possible to add more evidence to the belief that the secret masonic lodge running the

USA since its inception is linked to British Israelism and Zionism. One very obvious example is

the fact that The Great Seal of the United States of America has the 13 'stars' or pentagrams -

one for each of the original 13 States aligned as a six-pointed Star of David or Hexagram in full

view in the center. See: .

The Capital of the USA's association with Freemasonry has been well known for some time

now. It is extensive and there are even tours one can go on to see the sights. and .


1. I-495 is what is otherwise known to the world as the Washington Beltway or the freeway

that encircles the capital city of the USA: It is 64 miles long including an overlapping portion of

I-95. . As one can see from the depiction on

the previous link it is a circle or magic circle? Around the Masonic Square formed by Washington

District of Columbia itself.

2. The idea of a Belt or Beltway of course brings to mind the Constellation of Orion with the

well known and easily visible Orion's Belt. Freemasonry is linked to Orion's Belt or the concept of

a belt. and scroll down 80% .

3. The Circle or Beltway also connotes an Eye with the City itself being the pupil. The Eye of

Horus. The 555 foot tall Washington Monument or Obelisk is aligned with the middle star of

Orion's belt. scroll down 50% .

4. The number 495 is a Kaprekar number one of only two known to exist in three of four digits.

The other is 6174. It is interesting to note that the length of the I-495 Beltway is 64 miles which

have the same numbers beginning and end of 6174. If one adds the two numbers together one

has 6669 for an answer...another oddity. These numbers also are associated with the Great

Pyramid of Egypt which is also on the USA Great Seal. .

Is the name/number of I-495 a coincidence or an act of masonic numerology and black magick?

Some say the Beltway is in fact 66.6 miles in circumference and 495 = 4+9+5 = 18 which of

course is 6+6+6. scroll down 15% .

I-95 segement is 9 plus 5 which equals 5+5+5 or 15, the number of feet of the Obelisk.


The entire city of Washington D.C. ,encircled by I-495, is a giant version of the London Eye

ferris wheel which is 495 feet in diameter and linked to the illuminati. .

The Eye is the Eye of Horus. The city is a 3-dimensional version of the etheric eye of the masons

and other secret society denizens masquerading as a capital city. What does an eye do? It

WATCHES. The Watchers are the Nephilim or the fallen angels whom the government of the

City serves. .

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