Thursday, March 13, 2008

Masonic 33 divided by 666 equals USA - Canada border

The US Canada border is associated with the 49th Parallel. No one seems to be able to figure

out why this number was used for the border delineation since much of Canada and its major

cities are south of the 49th parallel. Possibly, this article may provide an explanation. The theory

proposed is that the number has to do with illuminati numerology and neo-masonic beliefs. What

the actual reason may be is , as always, left to the reader.

1. The native americans called the 49th parallel the Medicine Line because of its seeming

magical ability to stop American troops from crossing the line. .

2. The Freemason power number 33 divided by 666 is 0.0495495495 . Go to

and insert 33 divided by 666 for answer.

3. The latitude 49.54 is identical for that of Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba. .

4. The Legislature of Winnipeg is considered an Illuminati Temple. .

See also: .

5. The latitude 49.5 south appeared to be a harmonic for the testing of nuclear weapons by

the french in Antarctica. The corroboration for this is to be found in the book THE ENERGY

GRID by Bruce L. Cathie on page 240. google 49.5 latitude or .

"Essentially, Cathie arues that UFOs, nuclear facilities, and ancient monuments are places of

power, and in order to utilize this power, must be placed in precise geometric positions relative

to the earth's surface, and sometimes, to each other."

6. In Boston , the 1847 built custom house tower is 495 feet tall. It is now owned by the

well known illuminist entity Marriot. . see photo.

Marriot = illuminati - .

7. The number 495 is very bizzare. It involves the Kaprekar Transformation. .

The number 6174 leads to the same bizarre result as 495. What has not been discovered in this

analysis is that 495 repeated endlessly is the result of the masonic 33 divided by the evil 666.


The square root of 49 is 7. 7 x 7 = 49. The number 77 has extensive sinister masonic links. .


The border between the USA and CANADA is the result of masonic numerology.

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