Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kaprekar Numbers links London Eye to 666 and Cheops Pyramid

The illuminati web that insidiously penetrates and then permeates modern society is based on

a form of numerological science. The purpose of this article is to expose another strand of the

spider .... the spider with one eye, like the one on the USA dollar bill.

Recent investigation has discovered a link between this black magic or science, that involves

so-called Kaprekar numbers. This is an algorithm which was discovered in 1949. The 3 digit

Kaprekar Number is 495. and the 4 digit

number is 6174. .

1. A huge Ferris Wheel in London, known as the London Eye is associated by some with the

illuminati. . .

2. The London Eye Ferris Wheel is 495 feet high. .

3. The great Temple of Ephesus which is discussed by St. Paul , the apostle, is 495 feet in

diameter. .

4. The number 495 is linked to Phi or the Divine Ratio and the Royal Cubit, an ancient unit of

measure. . scroll down


5. There is either a conspiracy theory , hoax or hidden-by-the-government fact that the Earth

axis has tilted to 49.5 degrees. Take your pick. .


One odd fact that no one seems to have noticed in investigating the Kaprekar number 495 and
6174 is the answer one arrives at when adding the two numbers together:

It is 6669. How odd don't you think? An illuminati eye in London is associated with a Kaprekar

mysterious number and when the two known numbers of this genre are added together a

number starting with 666 is the result. The reader must decide if this is a hoax or a hostile act

by the masonic overlords that seek to rule every aspect of our existence...if not our souls.

- The Great Pyramid of Cheops has sides that are 764 feet in length. .

764 x 4 (sides) = 3056. If one inserts - 495 x 6174 = into , the answer is

3056 130 . More Coincidence? Don't forget that the London Eye is the eye in

the pyramid, as in the masonic USA dollar. Again, this is a dark science. It takes "illumination"

to open the eye of the mind to see the evil. To stop it....forever.

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