Friday, March 28, 2008

Left Behind 216 links British Airways Concorde to Antichrist Aircraft

The illuminati are very clever at sleight of hand tricks. Sometimes fiction is fact and fact is

fiction in their psyops campaigns. The use of numerology by the servants of the infernal

powers is pervasisve. There is no other way to put it. In doing research on the number 216, a

code for 666, since it is 6x6x6 =216, this writer found an odd "coincidence" between the aircraft

used by the fictional antichrist figure in the Left Behind book series and the world's first

supersonic jetliner, the British Airways Concorde. This research also led to the disturbing

knowledge that a follow-on aircraft known as Son-of-Concorde is on the drawing board and

it appears to have links to Nazi created aircraft prototypes.

The reader is left to determine where fiction ends and illuminati psyops begins:


1. In the wiki site for Aircraft of the Left Behind series, two primary craft are noted :

The Condor 216 and the successor airplane The Phoenix 216. .

2. The last Concorde flight was accomplished by British Airways Concorde 216 , which is now

in a museum in the United Kingdom: It was the 6th Aircraft delivered to the Fleet. It was

delivered on June 9, 1980 or 6-9-(1+9+8+0 or 18). This would mean 6-9-18. 6 and turn the

9 upside down and add 1+8 = 9 ,then turned upside down, it is 6-6-6. The sum of 6+9+18 = 33,

the number of Freemasonry and 18 is 6+6+6. Coincidence? .

3. Concorde (or is it Condor) 216 was the last concorde to fly. It landed at exactly 13:08 hours. .

This is another way of saying it landed at 1:08pm which is 1+8 or 18 or 6+6+6.

4. Another way of saying The First hour after Noon and 8 minutes is 68 Minutes. The Year

68 AD is linked to the belief that Nero was an antichrist figure and that when the abomination

reincarnates again in our times or the future it will be Nero in a new form. Google Nero antichrist 68.

Nero committed suicide on June 9, 68 AD which is the exact delivery date of the aircraft. .

5. As further , evidence that the illuminati network is ultimately behind much of so-called

terrorism, Flight 216 of British Airways was linked to the bogus Terror alerts that were going

on frequently for a while there, all of them seeming to have British aircraft or airports as a

nexus. / It was supposed to leave exactly

at 6:36pm. 36 is associated in various ways with

and Flight 216 has not been a lucky number for many passengers.

December 1977 crash=,9171,919200,00.html .

The only Alaska Airlines crash was Flight 216 in 2000= .

The suspected suicide by an Egypt Air pilot killed himself and 216 other passengers on

Flight 990 in 1999 (turn the 9s upside down - Flight 66 , the number of the Qlippoth and 1666). .

217 is 1+6x6x6 or 1666 or 666 is Number One. Do the math...yourself. More coincidence? This

would be the number of dead including the mind-controlled pilot.


The new "Son of Concorde" is being built according to Nazi scientist designs. Will it be the

real world version of Phoenix 216? Stay tuned and fasten your seatbelts....the flight to Hell will

be turbulent. / .

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