Wednesday, March 12, 2008

666 divided by Speed of Light = Center of India Tower

The Illuminati design oftentimes circles around permutations of masonic or evil numbers. The

number 666 is often commingled with Pi or Phi and others to form a number and then from that

point to be used as the number of steps, street address, building height, line of latitude and or

longitude in the world ley line grid.

The present matter involves the mixture of The Speed of Light whose mathematical symbol is

c and what one discovers when it is divided into 666. The answer is to be found in the ancient

land of India. Coincidence or Collusion - Chance or Conspiracy, the reader must decide.


1. 666 Divided by the Speed of Light = 2.22153687 x 10-6th power s/m .

Go to and insert 666 divided by c - .

2. The Hussainabad Clock Tower, the largest clock in India is 221 feet in height. .

3. The Center of India Tower (proposed -not built ) would be around 2,222 feet tall.

4. It is also known as the World Center for Vedic Learning - .

5. The world renowned site on skyscrapers, Emporis has the height of this massive tower

dedicated to hindu deities at 2221 feet in height. .

It is odd that the exact number of the antichrist divided by the speed of light leads to the height

in feet of this massive structure. It could of course, be coincidence, except that the Vedic hindu

yogis, astronomers and occultists discovered the speed of light hundreds if not thousands of

years before Einstein.

6. and more

vedic physics of light at - .

7. The Maharishi Yogi , the force behind the Vedic Tower is a well known figure. Scroll down

one inch. . He is behind the global TM or transcendental

meditation movement and once had Beatle George Harrison as a devotee.

8. The latitude 22.21 is linked to the axis of the earth and a pole shift predicition. .


Like the clock being related to time, the speed of light is part of the law of relativity which

also is related to time. It is time we find out what the illuminati are doing before they turn off the

lights for humanity. Speed is of the utmost importance- as time....runs out.

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